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  • Captain Paige Devoe ’19 looks to her teammates for a pass.

    Paige DeVoe: Powerful Polo Player

    Abby Regan ’22
    Girls Varsity Water Polo Captain Paige DeVoe ’19 has been a powerful contributor to the Hopkins Water Polo team since her junior year.
  • The Hopkins Girls Track and Field Team at the 2019 Penn Relays. From left to right: Lizabeth Bamg-
boye ’20, Maliya Ellis ’19, Julia Tellides ’20, Ranease Brown ’21, Kaila Spearman ’21, Jasmine Simmons ’21

    Tenacious Track Teams Compete at Penn Relays

    Teddy Glover ’21
    Since 1895, top caliber high school, college, and club runners from all over the country have flocked to the University of Pennsylvania in late April to compete in the Penn Relays, the oldest and largest track and field competition in the United States.
  • The horse Improbable races at a Triple Crown event.

    The Best Bets of the 2019 Triple Crown

    Maeve Stauff ’21
    Over the course of five weeks, top-tier three-year-old Thoroughbred racehorses compete in three different races at three different tracks for one of the most celebrated achievements in sports: the Triple Crown.
  • Captain Zubin Kenkare ’19 strokes his way to victory.

    Zubin Kenkare: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

    Veronica Yarovinsky ’20
    “No member of a Crew is praised for the rugged individuality of his rowing.”
  • Varsity Golf Captains: Max Wile ’19, Cyrus Chemery ’21 “This year we have a fairly young but promising group of players, and I think that with hard work, we can establish a good position for ourselves among the schools that we compete with. Only two of our players are above sophomore year but we have many talented individuals only just joining the team who will have the opportunity prove their mettle in the coming season.” -Chemery

    A Preview of Spring Sports on The Hill

  • Hopkins 2019 Lacrosse Captains pictured from left to right: Alex Hughes ’19. Audrey Braun ’19, Olivia Capasso ’19. and Matt Stevenson ’19.

    Athletes of the Issue: The Leaders of Boys Lacrosse

    Cameron Murray ’22
    Matthew Stevenson ’19 and Alex Hughes ’19 have been committed members of Boys Lacrosse for years, the former since ninth grade and the latter since seventh.
  • Hopkins 2019 Lacrosse Captains pictured from left to right: Alex Hughes ’19. Audrey Braun ’19, Olivia Capasso ’19. and Matt Stevenson ’19.

    Athletes of the Issue: The Leaders of Girls Lacrosse

    Alex Yuen ’21
    Varsity Girls Lacrosse captains Audrey Braun ’19 and Olivia Capasso ’19 have been playing lacrosse together for the past four years.
  • Razor Seniors

    Congratulations to the Razor Seniors on their final issue!
  • Captain Abby Mills posts up under the hoop during a home game against Rye Country Day School.

    Athletes of the Issue: Abby Mills: Star Shooter

    Anu Vashist ’21 Assistant Sports Editor
    Girls Varsity Basketball Captain Abby Mills ’19 has managed to single-handedly lead her team this season, as her coach, Casey Blake, explained: “Abby plays an important role on this team- as a captain and as a player.”
  • Sabre squad leader Walter Erenhouse scores a touch against North Haven HS during Hopkins’ first home meet.

    Athletes of the Issue: Walter Erenhouse: Furious Fencer

    Kallie Schmeisser ’22
    Walter Erenhouse ’19 has been a skilled and passionate power behind Boys Varsity Fencing for two-and-a-half years.
  • Boys Varsity Basketball stands in solidarity with their teammates on the sidelines at a home game.

    Team Love is in the Air This Valentine’s Day

    Teddy Glover ’21 Assistant Sports Editor
    The Boys Varsity Squash team is currently having a fantastic season, boasting an impressive 9-2 record.
  • The Razor Staff Predicts the Super Bowl Outcome

    Op-ed: Patriots 70-Rams 0
  • Thoughts on The Hill: The Super Bowl

    Maeve Stauff ’21
    Many members of the Hopkins community take part in the cultural phenomenon that is the Super Bowl. The rivalry between Patriots and non-Patriots fans, the music, and the commercials have all become embedded in the Hopkins culture. Razor Sports asked the Hopkins community about their experience with the game:
  • Caitlyn Chow ’19 at the 2018 Bud Erich Swim Meet.

    Athletes of the Issue: Caitlyn Chow: Aquatic Adversary

    Juan Lopez ’22
    Caitlyn Chow ’19 has been a powerful force within the Hopkins Girls Swim Team for four years.
  • Owen Sherman ’19 prepares for his wrestling match.

    Athletes of the Issue: Owen Sherman: Winning Wrestler

    Nick Hughes ’22 Alex Hughes ’19 Sports Editor
    Owen Sherman ’19 is one of the Boys Varsity Wrestling captains this year.
  • Boys Varsity Wrestling Captains: Owen Sherman ’19 and Doug Guilford ’19 
“The wrestling team is poised to do some damage this year. We have big guys like Tyler “Meatball” Cipriano and literal hunk Brandon Smith, so we’re competitive at all weight classes for the first time in many years. We
also coerced a lot of talented new freshman into joining the team. If we put our minds to it, we can kickoff a dynasty that will last awhile.” -Theo Tellides ’19

    Winter Sports Preview: The Season Ahead

  • Girls' Soccer

    Fall Sports on The Hill

  • Michael Christie '19 kicks into the finish line at the Brunswick FAA meet.

    Michael Christie: Rapid Runner

    Margaret Mushi '19 and Audrey Braun '19, Sports Editor
    Michael Christie ’19 has been a powerhouse presence on the Boys Cross Country team for six years.
  • Naomi Tomlin ’19 stops a shot from a Holy Child player in front of her own goal.

    Naomi Tomlin: Great Goalie

    Sapphira Ching '20
    Naomi Tomlin ’19 has been playing field hockey since seventh grade.
  • A DTD athlete at practice. Visit for more photos.

    Dominate the Day: Jordan Sebastian's Legacy

    Anushree Vashist ’21, Assistant Sports Editor
    Dominate the Day is a nonproft foundation established in honor of Hopkins alumnus and faculty member Jordan Sebastian ’11, who passed away last October.
  • O’Brien defending the goal in a game against Hamden Hall Country Day School.

    Athletes of the Issue: Aislinn O’Brien: Killer Keeper

    Anu Vashist ’21 Assistant Sports Editor
    Aislinn O’Brien ’18 is one of the co-captains of the Girls Lacrosse Team this spring. O’Brien played lacrosse for a local team in fourth grade, but unsatisfied with her skill, she quit shortly after. At Hopkins, O’Brien decided to try lacrosse in the Junior School
  • Rizzuti stands at shortstop in a game against Greens Farms Academy.

    Athletes of the Issue: Jake Rizzuti: Outstanding Outfielder

    Ethan Pritchard ’19
    Jake Rizzuti ’18 first set foot on a baseball diamond in kindergarten.
  • Christian Pulisic of the USMNT holds his head in disbelief after a shocking loss to Trinidad and Tobago.

    Russia 2018: The World Cup Without the United States

    Teddy Glover '21 Assistant Sports Editor
    As the world waits with bated breath for the 2018 World Cup, many Americans will be left with a sense of disappointment as they watch the most viewed sporting event on Earth begin, without the presence of the United States Men’s National Team.
  • Varsity Golf photo courtesy of Hopkins Golf Team.  All other photos courtesy of Peter Mahakian.

    Spring Sports Wrap-Up

  • Sherk ’18 defends the Hopkins goal against Brunswick at home.

    Athletes of the Issue: Chris Sherk: Gifted Goalie

    Alex Hughes ’19 Sports Editor
    Chris Sherk ’18, a Co-Captain of Hopkins Boys Varsity Lacrosse, has been a prominent force in the program’s defense for the past six years. “Although he only started playing lacrosse in seventh grade, he’s one of the best goalies [Hopkins] has ever seen,” said attackman Quinn Schneider ’18.
  • El-Fishawy ’ 18 at the Hopkins home Cross Country meet last fall.

    Athletes of the Issue: Grace El-Fishawy: Terrific Track Star

    Anu Vashist ’21 Assistant Sports Editor
    Girls Track and Field Co-Captain Grace El-Fishawy ’18 has been on the team since seventh grade; however, her love of running began much earlier.
  • Map of Red Sox vs. Yankees fans across Connecticut and beyond.

    Picking Sides: The Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry

    Teddy Glover ’21 Assistant Sports Editor
    Regarded as the greatest rivalry in sports by many, the historic competition between the Red Sox and the Yankees boiled over yet again on April 11, culminating in yet another brawl.
  • Spring Sports By the Numbers

    1) This year the Girls Varsity Water Polo team is the biggest in Hopkins’ history. How many people are on the team?
  • The Effects of Psychology on Physical Performance

    Kristina Yarovinski ’18 News Editor Emeritus
    The stands are packed with cheering crowds, eager to watch the athletes compete. At this point, it is too late for the athletes to train harder, eat healthier, or sleep more. Their physical preparation is done, leaving their mind as their most powerful tool.
  • Karyn Bartosic ’18 makes a save against Williston.

    Athletes of the Issue: Karyn Bartosic: Glorious Goalie

    Julia Kosinski ’21
    Water polo captain Karyn Bartosic ’18 began her Hopkins career in 2013.
  •  Phil Schmitt ’18 competes in a home match last season.

    Athletes of the Issue: Phil Schmitt: Terrific Tennis Player

    Teddy Glover ’21
    Phil Schmitt ’18, co-captain of this year’s Varsity Boys Tennis Team, has long inspired others on and off the tennis court through his skill and outgoing demeanor. At the age of five, Schmitt’s grandfather pushed him towards tennis-- putting this year’s co-captain on the path to where he is today.
  • Paraiso (right) poses with brother Cole.

    Off The Hill, Into The Mountains

    Spencer Lockhart ’18 Assistant Sports Editor
    While many Hopkins students this past winter were focused on perfecting their shots on the basketball courts, their swings in squash, or maybe even their breaststroke or diving form, there were a few Hilltoppers who took their athletic pursuits off of The Hill and onto much snowier, larger ones.
  • Karyn Bartosic ’18 makes a save against Williston.

    Athletes of the Issue: Karyn Bartosic: Glorious Goalie

    Julia Kosinski ’21
    Water polo captain Karyn Bartosic ’18 began her Hopkins career in 2013.
  • Phil Schmitt ’18 competes in a home match last season.

    Athletes of the Issue: Phil Schmitt: Terrific Tennis Player

    Teddy Glover ’21
    Phil Schmitt ’18, co-captain of this year’s Varsity Boys Tennis Team, has long inspired others on and off the tennis court through his skill and outgoing demeanor.
  • The Hopkins Fan Club proudly cheers at a home basketball game against Greens Farms Academy.

    Athletes at Hopkins Refect on Experiences

    Sophie Sonnenfeld '21
    In The Hopkins Handbook, the Athletic Policy states: “By the time our students graduate, we want them to have gained an appreciation for the value of physical activity, which would enable them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.” 
  • IMBL: The Other Side of the Hopkins Basketball

    This year, IMBL (Intramural Basketball League) has seen a spike in players, particularly those with a background in the
    sport. As a league idolized by the student body, but exclusive only to Senior School participation, it’s no surprise that it
    boasts such a large number of participants. Here’s why some players gravitated towards IMBL over formal basketball:
  • Captain Libby Gardner ’18 hits the slopes with older brother Colby Gardner.

    Libby Gardner: Super Skier

    Eliza Barker ’21
    Hopkins Ski Team captain Libby Gardner ’18 has dedicated her time to the team since its founding.
  • Captain Neal Sarin ’18 swims the breaststroke in a meet

against Kingswood-Oxford.

    Neal Sarin: Speedy Swimmer

    Evan Gerritz ’20
    Neal Sarin ’18 is one of the captains of Hopkins Boys Varsity Swim Team this year, but his success wasn’t always a guarantee.
  • Korean athletes march under the Korean Unifcation Flag at the 2000 Olympic Games in
Sydney, Australia. This fag will appear again this year in the 2018 Olympic Games.

    North and South Korea Send Unifed Team to 2018 Olympics

    Audrey Braun ’19 Sports Editor, Noah Schmeisser ’19 Assistant Sports Editor, Vivian Wen ’20
    The Olympic Games are a symbol of globalism. The fve Olympic rings--each representing a different continent--are intertwined, suggesting the sense of unity that the Olympics are meant to inspire. 
  • Fall Sports Recap

  • Speer setting up for a serve during a home game against Saint Luke’s

    Gigi Speer: Voracious Volleyballer

    Sapphy Ching '20
    Gigi Speer ’18, captain of the 2017 Varsity Volleyball Team, has dedicated her time to volleyball since pre-season of her freshman year. Speer “took Hopkins by storm,” according to co-captain Sam Dies ’18.
  • Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise fists during the National Anthem at the 1968 Olympics.

    Pro Players Protest for Racial Equality

    Alex Hughes ’19, Sports Editor and Spencer Lockhart ’18, Assistant Sports Editor
    At the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, Tommie Smith and John Carlos famously raised their right fists during the playing of the United States National Anthem, a gesture synonymous with protest and the Black Power movement.
  • Lockhart stands with the team for the National Anthem before a home game against Morristown Beard

    Spencer Lockhart: Scintillating Safety

    Rita Roberts '20
    Spencer Lockhart ’18 has been playing football since fourth grade. Many young athletes start out playing soccer or Little League baseball as children, but Lockhart jumped right into tackle football.
  • Winter Sports Described in Ten Words

    We asked a few winter athletes to explain their sports in ten words.  Can you figure out what sports they’re trying to describe?
  • “Though we lost three seniors, we have a lot of new, young talent this year, so I think we’ll continue to build off the success of the past two seasons.”  -Gyan Maria ’18

    Winter Sports Preview

    Winter captains look forward to the season. Note that quoted athletes are not always pictured.
  • Captain Jonah Norwitt pushes towards the finish in Hopkins’ home meet

    Jonah Norwitt: Remarkable Runner

    JR Stauff ’19 Assistant Sports Editor
    Jonah Norwitt ’18, a captain of the 2017 boys cross country team, has been running at Hopkins since 9th grade and a three-season runner since his sophomore year. Norwitt gained experience as both a runner and a leader, and this experience helped him achieve a rare feat of Hopkins runners, being captain for all three running seasons as a senior.

  • “It’s Fantasy SZN”: When Dream Teams Come True

    Spencer Lockhart ’18 Assistant Sports Editor
    Every Autumn, sports fans rejoice as football returns to the national spotlight. Whether it’s at the high school, collegiate, or professional level, the game of football captures the attention of millions of people, both domestically and abroad, each year. In recent years, Fantasy Football, a sort of game within the game, has become almost as big of a staple in the lives of football fans each Fall as the game itself.
  • Goalkeeper Jess D’Errico makes a save during Hopkins’ win over rival Hamden Hall

    Jess D’Errico: Gucci Goalkeeper

    Noah Schmeisser ’19 Assistant Sports Editor
    Jess D’Errico ’17, the starting goalkeeper and a captain of this year’s girls varsity soccer team, has been playing soccer since she was a child. “I started playing when I was five years old, [and] I’ve been playing goalie since I was ten,” D’Errico said.
Josh Brant: Brant was thrilled with his selection, saying “It is a great honor being selected for the All-Star Faculty kickball game. I believe my years of experience as a soccer goalkeeper will serve me well and I am confident we will dominate whatever team stands in our way.”

    Kenny vs Pete: Who Will Win?

    Connor Pignatello ’19
    Connor Pignatello ’19 asked Kenny and Pete from the Cage to pick their ideal faculty/staff kickball teams. Vote for who you think will win on the Online Razor or with the Snapcode on Page 7!
  • Fall Sports Preview: Words From the Captains

  • All-New England water polo player Brian Seiter ’19 competed in the water polo Junior Olympics in Irvine, California this summer with his club team.

    Hopkins Athletes Conquer Summer

    Noah Schmeisser ’19 Sports Assistant Editor
    The world of sports was busy this summer, and Hopkins athletes were no exception. Hilltoppers have been hard at work as they prepare to represent Hopkins this year.
  • Champion Softball Coach Cindy Chase: Out on a High Note

    2017 Razor Staff
    Cindy Chase graduated once from Hopkins - in 1975 - and is doing so again this June after over three and a half decades in the Athletics Department. 
  • End of an Era: Class of 2017's Athletic Impact on The Hill

    Spencer Lockhart '18, Assistant Sports Editor
    Beyond wins, records, and statistics, a player or group’s impact on a sport or school is often measured by the culture they create and the way they affect their teammates. 
  • Lydia McGrath '17 looks to pass in a game

    Lydia McGrath: Lethal Lacrosse Player

    Noah Schmeisser '19, Assistant Sports Editor, Vivian Wen '20
    Lydia McGrath ’17, a captain of this year’s Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team, has been playing lacrosse since middle school. 
  • Martin Tipton '17 waits to race at Berkshire

    Martin Tipton: Rapid Rower

    Theo Tellides '19, News Editor
    Martin Tipton ’17, captain of Boys Varsity Crew, has been rowing since ninth grade. 
  • Spring Sports Wrap-Up

    The Sports Staff
  • Glass '17 takes the ball in a game against Hotchkiss

    Chloé Glass: Perfect Polo Player

    Noah Schmeisser '19, Assistant Sports Editor
    Chloé Glass '17, a captain of Hopkins Girls Water Polo, has been playing since ninth grade.
  • Come see Boys Lacrosse, under new Head Coach Scott Bartush, in action on May 10 at 4:30 in the pit.

    New Sheriff in Town: Coach Scott Bartush

    Audrey Braun '19 and Alex Hughes '19, Sports Editors
    This spring season, the Hopkins Boys Lacrosse program is undergoing many major changes as players welcome new Head Coach Scott Bartush.
  • Conklin '17 wins a match against the Gunnery

    Peter Conklin: Tremendous Tennis Player

    JR Stauff '19, Assistant Sports Editor
    Peter Conklin '17, one of the four captains of Hopkins Varsity Tennis, has been playing the sport at Hop since seventh grade.
  • Two men observe the 2016 Kentucky Derby while wearing their Derby-themed hats

    Running for the Roses: 143 Years of Racing

    Spencer Lockhart '18, Assistant Sports Editor
    On May 17, 1875, fifteen thoroughbred horses competed in what was the first-ever Kentucky Derby
  • Gwyneth Maloy ’17 swims freestyle in a meet

    Gwyneth Maloy: Super Swimmer

    Lauren Seto '19
    Gwyneth Maloy ’17 has been a member of the Hopkins Swim Team since seventh grade. According to Chuck Elrick, the Hopkins Varsity Swim coach, “[Maloy ’17] has a big heart to begin with, but also great determination and work ethic to do her best.
  • March Madness is here!

    March: It's Madness

    JR Stauff ’19 and Connor Pignatello ’19
    After 68 of the best college basketball teams in the world clash, only one winner will prevail. And it is up to you to predict that winner.
  • The Boys Baseball Team celebrates a home run at a game in 2016.

    Ready To Knock It Out of the Park

    Ryan Meury ’17, Assistant Sports Editor
    Ladies and gentleman, the spring sports season at Hopkins is upon us. Two teams at Hopkins are especially excited to embark on another journey to success this year: baseball and softball.
  • Sam Hecht ’17 prepares for a match

    Sam Hecht: Winning Wrestler

    Vivian Wen ’20
    Sam Hecht ’17 first stepped onto the wrestling mat in ninth grade.
  • March: It’s Madness

    JR Stauff ’19 and Connor Pignatello ’19
    After 68 of the best college basketball teams in the world clash, only one winner will prevail. And it is up to you to predict that winner. 
  • Ready To Knock It Out of the Park

    Ryan Meury ’17, Assistant Sports Editor
    Ladies and gentleman, the spring sports season at Hopkins is upon us. Two teams at Hopkins are especially excited to embark on another journey to success this year: baseball and softball. Let’s take a look at what each team is excited about for the upcoming season.
  • Anna Walewski ’17 runs in an indoor track meet earlier in the season.

photo credit: Peter Mahakian

    Anna Walewski: Tenacious Track Star

    Jack Dove '19 and Ethan Pritchard '19
    Anna Walewski ’16 has been running ever since eighth grade at Roger Ludlowe Middle School in Fairfield. Walewski has run year-round for the entirety of her four years at Hopkins, competing on the Cross-Country Team in the fall, Indoor Track in the winter, and Outdoor Track during the spring season.
  • The Hopkins Swim Team poses in front of Elrick’s 600 Wins banner.

photo credit: Peter Mahakian

    Coach Chuck Elrick Leads Hop to #600

    Audrey Braun '19, Sports Assistant Editor and Noah Schmeisser '19
    On January 14, 2017, longtime Swim and Dive Coach Chuck Elrick achieved his 600th win when both the Boys and Girls teams defeated The Hotchkiss School.
  • Doug Wardlaw ’17 gets hyped before the Hamden Hall game.

photo credit: Peter Mahakian

    Doug Wardlaw: Humble Hooper

    Robinson Brown '19 and Spencer Lockhart '18
    Doug Wardlaw ’17 has spent his last seven winters roaming the paint and protecting the rim on the basketball court.
  • All photos courtesy of Peter Mahakian

    Fall Sports Wrap-up

  • Aaron Kogan '17 fencing against Fairfield.

    Ferocious Fencer: Aaron Kogan

    Vivian Wen '20
    Aaron Kogan ’17, captain of Boys Varsity Fencing, began fencing six years ago and has competed as a Hilltopper since seventh grade. 
  • Smiles for IMBL!

    Fun Numbers With Sports

  • Chun '17 plays in a match against King.

    Superstar Squasher: Allison Chun

    Ryan Meury '17 Assistant Sports Editor
    Allison Chun ’17 first picked up a squash racket eight years ago.
  • Caroline Stanley '17 plays hard in a home game against Holy Child.

    Caroline Stanley: Field Hockey Fiend

    Jeffrey Gu '18, Editor-At-Large
    Caroline Stanley, one of three current Girls Varsity Field Hockey captains, has been playing for the Hilltoppers since 8th grade. 
  • Homecoming Skits on The Hill

    Ally Batter '17, Sports Editor
    Each year, the Fall athletes hone their acting prowess, refresh their Michael Jackson moves, and work on their comedic skills as they come together with fellow teammates in an effort to create a production  worthy of a potential Oscar, Emmy, or at the very least, a Teen Choice Award to display in Assembly in the week leading up to Homecoming.
  • Hopkins Predicts the Super Bowl

    Ryan Meury '17, Assistant Sports Editor
    Meury interviewed students and faculty on The Hill about their predictions for the Super Bowl.
  • Hopkins Takes Homecoming: October 29

  • Jake Moscarelli '17 carries the ball down the field.

    Jake Moscarelli: Football Fanatic

    Graham Dowd '17, Assistant Sports Editor
    At a very young age, Jake Moscarelli ’17 started playing backyard football games with his dad. Since then, football has been an integral part of Moscarelli’s life, and when he arrived at Hopkins he didn’t plan on stopping.  
  • McGrath at bat during the FAA quarterfinals. (Peter Mahakian)

    Billy McGrath: Brilliant Baseballer

    Spencer Lockhart ’18
    Billy McGrath ’16, one of three captains of this year’s Varsity Baseball team, has spent the four most recent seasons of his career playing for the Hilltoppers.
  • Bartimer during her match against Gunnery and GFA last year. (Peter Mahakian)

    Julia Bartimer: Top Tennis Player

    Audrey Braun '19, Assistant Sports Editor
    Julia Bartimer, captain of Girls Varsity Tennis, has been playing the sport for as long as she can remember. 
  • Yin hits during a game last year against Choate. (photo: Peter Mahakian)

    Claire Yin: Terrific Third Baseman

    Graham Dowd '17
    Claire Yin ’16 first began playing softball in elementary school, but took a hiatus from softball in middle school.  It wasn’t until ninth grade when Yin made her return to the softball field.
  • Patton defends during the FAA Semifinals against St. Luke's. (photo: Peter Mahakian)

    Mitchell Patton: Dominating Defender

    Audrey Braun '19
    Mitchell Patton ’16, current captain of Boys Varsity Lacrosse, has been playing lacrosse at Hopkins since his freshman year. 
  • The UConn Women’s Basketball Team poses with their NCAA trophy. (

    The Hidden Dominance of CT Sports

    Alexandra Batter '17, Sports Editor
    At first, the average individual doesn't think of Connecticut as synonymous with sports.  Why would he?  Connecticut lacks a major league team in the MLB, NFL, NHL, or NBA.  Even our only women's professional team, the Connecticut Sun, is a basement dweller in the standings. Yet if that same individual looks beyond the professional arena, he will find a state brimming with collegiate teams dominating their respective sports.
  • Banks and MacMullen pose for a picture during pre-season practice. (photo: Jono Zarrilli)

    Emma Banks and Avery MacMullen: Linked Laxers

    Sam Steinberg '17, Sports Editor
    Emma Banks ’16 and Avery MacMullen ’16, the captains of Varsity Girls Lacrosse, began playing lacrosse for Hopkins in seventh grade, and have played together on the Hopkins team since, Banks as a midfielder and MacMullen as an attacker.
  • Rosiello prepares to hit a backhand in practice during his sophomore season. He has played on the team all four years and is now a captain. (@hopboystennis on Instagram)

    Thomas Rosiello: Tenacious Tenniser

    Graham Dowd '17
    At the young age of seven, Thomas Rosiello ’16 picked up a tennis racquet for the first time. Rosiello began to take tennis seriously when he started middle school, after he and fellow Hopkins senior Billy McGrath ’16 won the Aspatuck Junior 13 and Under Doubles Tournament. 
  • (

    Opening Day Day: A Hopkins Tradition

    Jono Zarrilli '16, Managing Sports Editor
    The birds are chirping, the plants are flowering, and the days are lengthening…spring has sprung, and Opening Day is here! 
  • Gwyneth Maloy ’17, left, and Earley ’17, right, pose during a meet versus Andover. (photo: Peter Mahakian)

    The Earley Report

    Saloni Jain '19
    Erin Earley ’17  is a member of the National Junior team for USA swimming. It is all about balance when it comes to Earley’s competitive swimming here on The Hill. 
  • (

    Basketball in March: It’s Madness

    Each year, 64 of the best teams in college basketball come together to take part in March Madness. A platform for high-seed dominance and Cinderella stories, the tournament is filled with great games and school spirit, culminating in the exhilarating Final Four in Houston, Texas. The tournament begins March 15.
  • Fleurizard puts up a shot in a January 29 win against Hamden Hall. (photo: Peter Mahakian)

    Edens Fleurizard: Sharp Shooter

    Ryan Meury '17
    After playing his first year of competitive basketball in eighth grade, Edens “Fleugame” Fleurizard ’16 has come a long way. Fleurizard began to take serious interest in basketball after he played on a Shehan Center basketball team in middle school that finished with an astounding record of 67-3. He made the Hopkins Boys Varsity Basketball team as a freshman and has been a major key to the team’s success since.
  • Generoso swims butterfly in the Bud Erich Championship last year. (photo submitted by Rica Generoso)

    Rica Generoso: Sensational Swimmer

    Alexandra Blitzer '18, Editor At-Large
    Rica Generoso ’16, water polo captain and two-year swim captain, is racing towards the final finish line: the last swim season of her Hopkins career. 
  • Serena Williams poses with one of her 21 Grand Slam Trophies. (photo:

    Serena Williams: Sportswoman of the Year

    Claire Abate '18 and Sam Steinberg '17, Sports Editor
    In December, Sports Illustrated named tennis star Serena Williams “Sports Person of the Year.”  Williams was the first solo female athlete to earn this accolade since distance runner Mary Decker in 1983.
  • Girls Soccer

    Fall Sports Wrap-Up

    Fall Season Team Records. All photos taken by Peter Mahakian.
  • Katie Malison '16 has been showing off her skills on the court from the time she was a young child. (photo submitted by Katie Malison)

    Katie Malison: Sharp Shooter

    Karyn Bartosic '18
    Katie Malison ’16 began playing basketball when she was five and started competitive play in third grade. Now a senior, she is a captain of Girls Varsity Basketball. Malison said, “I’m excited and optimistic for the season! We love to play together.”
  • Since his elementary school days, Miles Lourenco '16 has commonly been seen with a sword in his hand. (photo submitted by Miles Lourenco)

    Miles Lourenco: Fantastic Fencer

    Ray Wang '18
    Miles Lourenco ’16 has begun his fourth and final season of fencing at Hopkins. Lourenco’s talent and skill have been recognized since his freshman year: he earned twelfth place in Individual States. In his sophomore year, he placed fifth, receiving his first medal. However, Lourenco’s passion for the sport of fencing began in his childhood. Lourenco said, “I have been fencing competitively only since ninth grade but I’ve fenced for fun since I was around five.”
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