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  • Mohamad Hafez Shares His Story at Assembly

    Syrian architect and artist Mohamad Hafez opened his Assembly presentation on February 17 by dividing the Hopkins community into those who hold blue passports, and those who have red passports.
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  • "Truth is Stranger than Fiction." Or is it?

    Sanaea Bhagwagar '17, Editor-in-Chief
    Truth and facts are not relative. They are absolute. Opinions may be subjective, but the truth isn’t.
  • March Madness is here!

    March: It's Madness

    JR Stauff ’19 and Connor Pignatello ’19
    After 68 of the best college basketball teams in the world clash, only one winner will prevail. And it is up to you to predict that winner.
  • Caitlin Gilroy '18 enjoys a book in a free period. Many Hopkins students enjoy reading for pleasure in their free time. Breaks offer the perfect opportunity for busy students to read for fun.

    Spring Into Break With a Book

    Katherine Takoudes '20 and Anna Zimolo '20
    March Break: An acclaimed two weeks to catch up on sleep, relaxation and even a little bit of homework. But what’s a better way to unwind than to take in the fresh spring air while reading a captivating book?
  • The Goat mascot poses with Hopkins students.

    The Chronicles of the Goat Mascot

    Jeffrey Gu ’18 Editor-at-large and Sarah Roberts ’20
    The prominence of the goat has defned human history for centuries. “How is this?” You might ask, “Aren’t those silly, bleating animals just for viral ‘Taylor Swift’ videos?” To those unpatriotic individuals, I say, “Hircus caprarum rex!” Goat is king!
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The Question of the Month
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  • What do you do on a snow day?

    • Sleep
    • Homework
    • Go sledding and make a snowman
    • Watch Netflix
    • Make hot cocoa
    • All of the above
  • What do you do on a snow day?

    • Sleep (20.0%, 13 Responses, 65 Total)
    • Homework (12.31%, 8 Responses, 65 Total)
    • Go sledding and make a snowman (13.85%, 9 Responses, 65 Total)
    • Watch Netflix (12.31%, 8 Responses, 65 Total)
    • Make hot cocoa (1.54%, 1 Responses, 65 Total)
    • All of the above (40.0%, 26 Responses, 65 Total)

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  • The Meh List

    1. Campaign stickers from old elections
    2. In-class essays
    3. Special schedules
    4. Overused memes

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  • Compare and Contrast

    St. Patrick's Day vs Neil Patrick Harris

    St. Patrick's Day:
    Biggest Fans: The Irish
    Famous For: Parties and Parades
    Always Says: For the Luck of the Irish!

    Neil Patrick Harris:
    Biggest Fans: Broadway Geeks
    Famous For: How I Met Your Mother
    Always Says: Legen- wait for it- dary

    Winner: St. Patrick's Day

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  • Word of the Issue: Paralogize

    (verb) to draw conclusions that do not follow logically from a given set of assumptions.

    Origin: from Medieval Latin paralogizare, from Greek parologizesthai meaning to reason falsely.

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  • Season's End: Winter Sports Wrap-up!

    Boys Basketball: 2-18
    Girls Basketball: 5-15
    Boys Fencing: 5-9
    Girls Fencing: 9-4-1
    Boys Squash: 13-5
    Girls Squash: 11-7
    Boys Swimming and Diving: 8-4
    Girls Swimming and Diving: 9-4
    Wrestling: 14-6
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