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  • Katherine Takoudes ’20, Simon Asnes ’20, Alex Schuster ’20, and Tomas Gordon ’20 fundraise outside Romeo and Caesar’s.

    An Intangible Good: The Importance of the Connecticut Food Bank Fundraiser

    Burton Lyng-Olsen '20, Campus Contributer
    As the days get shorter and the first snow falls, the Hopkins community enters a brief period of weekly working frenzy. During the weekends, however, many students won’t be found at home studying, but instead outside in the cold partaking in the annual Connecticut Food Bank Fundraiser campaign.
  • Katherine Takoudes ’20 and Chris Takoudes ’22 eat vasilopita to celebrate the New Year.

    In the Mood for Some Holiday Food

    Lily Meyers '20, Assistant Features Editor
    Holiday food traditions can be a way to connect with family and friends, enjoy some of the extra free time during break, and, of course, eat some good food.
  • The College Essay Blues

    Today is the start of Winter Break. While many of you are about to enjoy your winter holidays, I know seniors are about to enter a world of pain.
  • A Fearless Hopkins Experience

    Katie Broun '19, Managing Editor
    There was an Eleanor Roosevelt quote that I found recently that resonated with me. 
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The Question of the Month
Live Poll

  • What is the best part about winter on The Hill?

    • Lots of snow days
    • Winter scenery
    • Fundraising
    • Hot chocolate from the cafe
    • Waffle sales
    • Winter break
  • What is the best part about winter on The Hill?

    • Lots of snow days (0%, 0 Responses, 5 Total)
    • Winter scenery (40.0%, 2 Responses, 5 Total)
    • Fundraising (0%, 0 Responses, 5 Total)
    • Hot chocolate from the cafe (0%, 0 Responses, 5 Total)
    • Waffle sales (20.0%, 1 Responses, 5 Total)
    • Winter break (40.0%, 2 Responses, 5 Total)

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  • Winter Wins

    1. Snow Days
    2. Five Golden Rings
    3. Yule
    4. Three weeks on, two weeks off
    5. Skiing
    6. Turtlenecks
    7. Gingerbread houses

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  • Songs of the Season

    1. “All I Want for Christmas is You” - Mariah Carey
    2. “Music to My Eyes” - Bradley Cooper
    4. “Under the Mistletoe” - Justin Bieber
    5. A Star is Born Soundtrack

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  • The Meh List

    1. Snow delay schedules
    2. Getting LOPped
    3. Dangerous Forest Lot conditions
    4. Exams after break
    5. Awaiting college results

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  • Hopkins Fanclub Announcements

    Some upcoming games include:

    January 7 - Boys Varsity Squash vs Darien at 4 pm
    January 9 - Boys Varsity Squash vs Brunswick at 3:30 pm
    January 12 - Boys Varsity Basketball vs GFA at 4 pm
    January 28 - Girls Varsity Basketball vs Hamden Hall at 4 pm
    January 28 - Boys Varsity Basketball vs Hamden Hall at 6 pm
    January 30- Varsity Wrestling vs Hotchkiss at 3 pm

    Be on the lookout afer Winter Break for emails from Hopkins Fan Club about what to wear!

    Photo: Hopkins Fanclub Head Aaron Kleeman ’19 got “legitimately rowdy” with the student section at the Varsity Volleyball FAA Championship Game. Did you?
  • In Memory of Seniors Who Lost Their Privileges

    First they LOP’ed the truants,
    and I did not speak out because I did not cut class.

    Then they LOP’ed the traffic violators,
    and I did not speak out because I did not park in faculty spots.

    Then they LOP’ed the tardy students,
    and I did not speak out because I arrived on time.

    Then they LOP’ed me,
    and there was no one left to speak for me.

    - Theodore Tellides ’19
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