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  • In Memory of Jordan Sebastian

    Jordan Sebastian ’11 was a cherished member of the Hopkins community. After completing his degree at the University of Rhode Island, Jordan returned to The Hill to coach several sports and advise in the Junior School. As Dr. Bynum wrote of Jordan’s importance to Hopkins, “He loved this school and we loved him back - and we always will.” 
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  • The Hopkins community attends the opening day of Juncture to meet artist Susan Clinard. Art instructor Peter Ziou and his visual art class sketch their own renditions of the pieces. Juncture is the first art show of the 2017-2018 Hopkins school year, and the first show under Arts Department Chair Robert Smith.

    Clinard Displays Juncture at Hopkins

    Emilia Cottignoli ’18 Arts Editor and Lily Meyers ’20 Assistant Arts Editor
    From October 8 to 22, New Haven artist Susan Clinard displayed her work in the Keator Gallery in her exhibit Juncture. Juncture is an exhibition of sculpture, ranging from small carved figurines to life-sized human depictions. Clinard describes her own work as “pretty diverse [in] not only the medium but also the subject matter and execution.”
Josh Brant: Brant was thrilled with his selection, saying “It is a great honor being selected for the All-Star Faculty kickball game. I believe my years of experience as a soccer goalkeeper will serve me well and I am confident we will dominate whatever team stands in our way.”

    Kenny vs Pete: Who Will Win?

    Connor Pignatello ’19
    Connor Pignatello ’19 asked Kenny and Pete from the Cage to pick their ideal faculty/staff kickball teams. Vote for who you think will win on the Online Razor or with the Snapcode on Page 7!
  • The Republican Elephant and the Democratic Donkey are often pitted against each other, just as different opinions butt heads on The Hill.

    Partisan Politics Permeate The Hill

    Zander Blitzer '18, Features Editor
    The 2016 Presidential Election certainly shocked the world-- with a woman supported by a major party and a candidate with very little political experience, either outcome would have been revolutionary.
  • The Edge: An Opportunity for Student Voices

    In the past month, Hopkins students have been consistently asked to give input on their workload, especially with regards to the revised homework policy. 
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  • Kenny vs Pete: Who Will Win?

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  • Corrections: Vol. LXVII, No. 1

    In the Voices section, we mistakenly published a picture of an Edward Hopkins who is not the founder of our school. School archivist and History teacher Thom Peters wrote us the following:
    "Imagine my delight (and chagrin) when I opened the pages of the most recent issue of the Razor and discovered an image of our benefactor, Edward Hopkins! As the Archivist, I have long sought such an image, but have been unable to find one.
    Then imagine my disappointment (and relief) when I discovered that your image is in fact of a different individual named Edward Hopkins who lived more than a hundred years after our benefactor. Our benefactor did not have any known children, so if there is any relation to the one depicted, it is an indirect one."
    On page 2, in the interview with Dr. Bynum we stated that the administration had 80% of the faculty's approval for the new homework policy when they actually had 88% . 

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  • Fall Favorites

    1. Pumpkin spice
    2. Candy corn
    3. Sweater weather 
    4. Pumpkin Bowl 
    5. Apple picking . 
    6. Leaf Piles 

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  • Jokes of the Issue

    Question: What is the cutest season?
    Answer: Awwtum.

     What is the ratio of a pumpkin’s circumference to its diameter?
    Answer: Pumpkin Pi 
  • Songs of the Issue

    1. “Rockstar”- Post Malone featuring 21 Savage
    2. “Thunder”- Imagine Dragons
    3. “Feel It Still”-Portugal, the Man 

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  • The Meh List

    1. Helping rake leaves
    2. Ticks
    3. Freezing in the morning, hot in the afternoon
    4. Interims 
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