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  • Korean athletes march under the Korean Unifcation Flag at the 2000 Olympic Games in
Sydney, Australia. This fag will appear again this year in the 2018 Olympic Games.

    North and South Korea Send Unifed Team to 2018 Olympics

    Audrey Braun ’19 Sports Editor, Noah Schmeisser ’19 Assistant Sports Editor, Vivian Wen ’20
    The Olympic Games are a symbol of globalism. The fve Olympic rings--each representing a different continent--are intertwined, suggesting the sense of unity that the Olympics are meant to inspire. 
  • The Unboxing of Hopkins Students

    Individuals find comfort in routine.
  • Simon Bazelon ’21 refects on US politics.

    The War on Democracy: The Impact of Gerrymandering

    Simon Bazelon ’21
    I’m too young to vote, but I follow politics, and I can see that there is a war belong waged in this country.
  • Writing Right: The Writing Studio Opens

    Jeff Gu '18, Features Editor
    Does the prospect of free writing baffle your senses? Have you been plagued by pop reading quizzes or DBQs? Do you ever feel bogged down by analytical essays, lab reports, or the occasional research paper? If so, then the new Hopkins Writing Studio may be just the place for you!
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    1. "One Foot," by Walk the Moon
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    Q: What did the light bulb say to the other light bulb?
    A: I love you a Watt!
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