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  • The Hopkins mascot dresses up for Thanksgiving.

    A Twist on Turkey: Different Cultures Celebrate Thanksgiving

    Layla Kenkare ’25 and Asher Joseph ’25
    Thanksgiving is a holiday that has become synonymous with family, feasting, and gratitude, but people across different cultures have created new ways to incorporate their own heritage into the festivities. The Razor explored how members of the Hopkins community celebrate Thanksgiving within their own cultures.
  • Hopkins competes with long-time rival Hamden Hall on the football field.

    An Ongoing Battle: Hilltoppers vs. Hornets

    Vivian Wang ‘23 and Megan Davis’23
    Along the walls of the Walter Camp Athletic Center’s gym, a dozen colorful flags display the names and emblems of the other FAA schools that Hopkins competes against in various sports. One of the flags hanging in the athletic hub belongs to Hamden Hall Country Day School, Hopkins’s long-standing athletic and academic rival. The Razor asked members of the Hopkins community about their thoughts on Hopkins’ relationship with the Hamden private school and its impact on athletics, team morale, and the overall attitude on campus.
  • Hanna celebrates Thanksgiving with with her host parents.

    Writings from Rennes: La Nouvelle Normalité

    Hanna Jennings ’24
    As I currently sit on my bed staring at a blank Google Doc, I am fully at a loss for how to start this article.
  • You Had Me at the First Line: College Essay Hooks

    As early decision and early action colleges begin to release decisions, The Razor asked the Class of 2023 to share the first sentence of their personal statement, a 650-word essay that gets sent to all the schools they apply to through the Common App. Here are some of their actual college essay hooks:
  • Dr. Jean Bennett during her visit to Hopkins in 2020.

    Alumni Interviews: A Chat with Dr. Jean Bennett ’72

    Asher Joseph ’25
    As scientists continue to expand the boundaries of technology, gene modification has become an increasingly common solution to diseases and medical conditions. Dr. Jean Bennett ’72 is a molecular geneticist who studies ophthalmological gene therapy at the University of Pennsylvania, where the impact of her work extends outside of the lab.
  • J-Schoolers Ask, Seniors Answer!

    The Class of 2023 offered their wisdom to the Classes of 2027 and 2028:
  • Jennings and her host parents walking on the beach in Corozon after a crêpe dinner.

    Writings from Rennes: “Ça Ne Va Pas”

    Hanna Jennings ’24
    This semester, Hanna is studying abroad in Rennes, France with School Year Abroad (SYA). While there, she will be writing about her experiences for The Razor.
  • Alvaro Cerqueira

    Alvaro Cerqueira

  • Beth Cutler

    Beth Cutler

  • Isabelle Wendt

    Isabelle Wendt

  • Jason Nevis

  • Kevin Molinelli

    Kevin Molinelli

  • Sarah Cussler

    Sarah Cussler

  • Sergio Lopez

    Sergio Lopez

  • Matt Glendinning

    Matt Glendinning

    The Razor welcomes new faculty and staff to Hopkins. Here are some personal introductions and tidbits. Be sure to give them a warm welcome!
  • Calarco Canines

    Mira Krichavsky ’24
    As end-of-year stress ramps up, so does Calarco Canines, Hopkins’ therapy dog program.
  • Yuki Ma ’22 and Jiyun Jiang ’22 teach about monsters from Chinese folklore through translated texts, drawings, and clay sculptures.

    Seniors Share Passions with Hopkins Community

    On May 24, more than fifty seniors gathered in Upper Heath to share the senior projects they had pursued during the last quarter of the
    school year. Members of the Hopkins community stopped by during their lunch waves and after school to take in the diverse array of projects.
  • Construction of the library, then the “Learning Center,” circa 1970.

    The History Behind Hopkins Buildings

    Vivian Wang ’23
    One of the most defining aspects of Hopkins is the campus: Distinguished brick buildings sit scattered atop the hill, surrounded by trees and expansive athletic fields.
  • Lily Panagos ’23 and Mia Smith ’23 ask Ezra Fearon ’24 to prom.

    The Promposal: A Diverse Tradition of Love

    Hanna Jennings ’24, Anika Madan ’24
    Prom is characterized by extravagant outfits, extensive photoshoots, and the possibility of dancing. Before Hopkins Senior Schoolers participate in this rite of passage, however, many find themselves involved in a promposal.
  • Female STEM teachers have inspired female students to take science-related courses and get more involved in the field.

    Diversity Board Interviews Women in the Science Department

    Megan Davis ’23 Features Editor
    This term, Hopkins Diversity Board (DivBo) members Harini Thiruvengadam ’23, Nia Lampley ’24, and Ishani Vallabhajosyula ’24 interviewed several of the female teachers in the science department to gain insight into what it is like to be a woman in a male-dominated field. By conducting these interviews, DivBo hopes to spread awareness, empower women in STEM fields, and help readers get to know their science teachers a bit better.
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