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  • Ingrid Slattery ’23, recipient of the 2021 Julia B. Thomas History Prize.

    Hopkins Teachers and Students Offer Research Paper Advice

    Zoe Sommer ’23 Features Editor
    Following the end of Thanksgiving break, most Hopkins students have started their dive into the History Department’s research paper process.
  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions last year, 5 Golden Rings was sent out via video instead of the traditional all-school Assembly.

    Hopkins Traditions and Holiday Festivities Come Back at Full Force

    Jane Cowie ’24 Campus Correspondent
    It’s that time of year again, when the winter walking safety tips are sent out and the holidays are fast approaching. Hopkins students are looking forward to the upcoming holiday festivities in December, especially following last year’s hybrid schedule.
  • A graph plotting students’ agreement with the statement “I am getting enough sleep,” where 5 = strongly agree and 1 = strongly disagree.

    Students Reflect on Workload Prior to a Break From School

    Mira Krichavsky ’24 Campus Correspondent
    As the holiday season hits the Hill, so does a rush of assessments and deadlines in the weeks before students’ time off. When students were asked about their mental state before these vacations, many reported that their spikes in workload were overwhelming.
  • Lucas Alfaro ’22 at the YAWP podium.

    Students Thrive in New Writer’s Program

    Swarna Navaratnam-Tomayko ’24 Campus Correspondent Vivian Wang ’23 Lead Features Editor
    Summer means the chance to finally relax and enjoy the warm weather, but for some Hopkins students it also is the perfect time to experiment with character backstories for their novel or to finish drafting the last act of their production script.
  • A Newbie's Guide to the Cafe

    Aanya Panyadahundi ’23 Features Editor
    Serving students in previous years, the Cafe was a space for them to grab a snack and hang out during the school day.
  • From left to right: Ava Cho ’22, Joanna Lu ’22, and Brandon Faunce ’22 performing at an all-school Assembly.

    Hopkins Rejoices Over the Return to Live Musical Performances

    Megan Davis ’23 Features Editor
    For the past eighteen months, the Covid-19 pandemic forced Hopkins musicians to figure out how to maintain their skills and their love for performing when gathering in large groups was prohibited. As the school loosens its Covid-related safety measures, it is also introducing the return of in-person concerts.
  • HAAPI club heads, Rachael Huang ‘23, Julia Fok ‘23, and Amanda Wang ‘23 promote their cause at the Activies Fair.

    New Clubs Enrich Student Life

    Vivian Wang’23 Lead Features Editor
    Each year, Hopkins students take the initiative to start their own clubs in support of the diverse interests of the student body. Hopkins welcomed the addition of 33 new activities this year, each representing various fields of interest, ranging from sustainable fashion and environmentalism to Tetris tournaments and E-Sports competitions.
  • New students gather on the Quad for orientation.

    Senior Advice to Underclassmen

    Zoe Sommer’23 Features Editor
    This fall, Hopkins welcomed over 100 new students to campus. To help new students, The Razor reached out to the Class of 2022, asking them to share advice about navigating life on The Hill. Here’s what the seniors had to say about the Hopkins experience.
  • Susan Watson

    Welcome to The Hill!

    The Razor welcomes new faculty and staff to Hopkins. Here are some personal introductions and tidbits. Be sure to give them a warm welcome!
  • Orly Baum ’22 visits her friend Abby Regan’22 at Ashley’s Ice Cream.

    Hopkins Students Prepare for an Action-Packed Summer

    Aanya Panyadahundi ’23, Vivian Wang ’23 Co-Lead Features Editors
    Last year, Covid-19 forced millions across the nation to reconsider their plans for the summer season as quarantine shut down the country. With the school year coming to an end and vaccination rates on the rise, Hopkins students share their plans and expectations for this coming summer.
  • Grace Rhatigan ’21 displays thrifted clothing on her public Instagram page, @thriftwgrace.

    Small Businesses Thrive in the Wake of Quarantine

    Megan Davis ’23 Assistant Features Editor
    In the many months spent at home throughout the past year, several members of the Hopkins community have tuned into their entrepreneurial instincts, starting their own small businesses and online shops, selling clothes, jewelry, and more.
  • The Sustainability Committee broadcasts a documentary in Upper Heath.

    SusCo’s Recent Initiatives to Make Hopkins Greener

    Zoe Sommer ’23 Assistant Features Editor
    This April, the Sustainability Committee (SusCo) introduced a new way to celebrate Earth Day at Hopkins: Climate Week. During Climate Week, which took place from April 12-23, SusCo generated a series of sustainability-related challenges for the Hopkins community.
  • Hopkins students at 2019’s International Women’s Day Assembly.

    Exploring Women’s History and Representation at Hopkins

    Vivian Wang ’23 Lead Features Editor Zoe Sommer ’23 Assistant Features Editor
    To honor the thirty-sixth anniversary of Women’s History Month, dedicated to commemorating and celebrating contributions made by women throughout history, The Razor examined the history of women and gender equity at Hopkins.
  • A map of Hopkins and a Scavenger Hunt clue located on the first floor of Baldwin, where the Hunt began, on March Madness Day.

    Student Council Pilots New Scavenger Hunt

    Aanya Panyadahundi ’23 Lead Features Editor
    In March, Hopkins held its first Campus Scavenger Hunt as a part of the new March Madness Day.
  • Pre-pandemic, Hopkins regularly offered language and cultural immersion trips around the globe. In August 2019, Bennitt led students on a trip to Guatemala.

    Students “Zoom” to the Dominican Republic

    Megan Davis ’23 Assistant Features Editor
    During the first week of March break, Hopkins students connected over Zoom with students and community members from Batey Libertad, a small area in the northwestern Valverde Province of the Dominican Republic.
  • Aspire to Inspire: Why Hop Teachers Chose Teaching

    Amir Mcferran ’23 Campus Correspondent
    At a certain point in life, something influences or impacts every single person to pursue a particular career. What was that experience for you? Was it your upbringing? A person, place or moment? Hopkins’ teachers share what sparked their desire to teach.
  • A bar graph depicts the distribution of Hopkins students’ transportation methods to and from campus. (Graphic A)

    Hopkins’ Emissions Statistics: Admit what You Emit

    Sophie Sonnenfield ’21 Lead Features Editor
    A new heating system for Baldwin, a pledge to offset carbon emissions, and the installation of solar panels are some of the solutions the Sustainability Committee has pitched to administrators during 2020.
  • Members of the senior class eat lunch in the Weissman room as they adjust to Covid-19 rules that prohibit talking while eating inside.

    Pandemic Poll: Best Campus Hangouts

    Covid-19 mitigation policies alter where students can hang out on campus. The Razor polled students on the best places to spend their free time, Covid-19 style.
  • Bodhi Chiravuri ’26 uses Procreate to create his toilet design for the NASA Lunar Loo Challenge.

    Bodhan Chiravuri Designs Toilets For Astronaunts

    Aisha Nabali ’23 Campus Correspondent
    There are several privileges and commodities we take for granted on Earth, and being able to use the bathroom is one of them.
  • Peter Ziou’s painting“Memories of the Southwest.”

    Chatting With Art Teacher Legend, Peter Ziou

    Amalia Tuchmann ’23 Campus Correspondent
    Peter Ziou is nothing short of a celebrity on Hopkins campus.
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