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  • Triple Trio poses for a picture at Spam Jam in June. Emma
DeNaples ‘19 is pictured front row, right.

    Artist of the Issue: Emma DeNaples ’19

    Ella Zuse ’21
    Emma DeNaples ’19 is an artist in many different senses on the Hopkins campus. DeNaples plays trombone in the Jazz Rock Ensemble, is the co-head of Triple Trio, and serves as editor of Daystar, a literary and arts magazine.
  • The cast of As You Like It choreographs the finale of the show.

    As You Like(d) It

    Zach Williamson ’22
    On May 2, 3, and 4, the Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) performed the spring show Shakespeare’s As You Like It, directed by Hope Hartup and Assistant Director Graley Turner.
  • Director of Instrumental Music Robert Smith con-
ducts the Hopkins Orchestra.

    Hopkins Orchestra and Concert Choir Perform in Spring Concert

    Lily Meyers ’20
    On Tuesday, April 30, Hopkins Concert Choir, Treble Choir, and Orchestra performed their spring concert at Church of the Redeemer in New Haven. Through the concert, Hopkins musicians aimed to show the progress they have made this year in the Hopkins Arts Department as well as throughout their time at Hopkins.
  • Into the Woods was the final Hopkins musical for fourteen seniors, thirteen of whom are pictured here.

    A Magical Show: Into the Woods Comes to Life on Stage

    Ella Zuse ’21
    From February 28 to March 3, the Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) performed the winter musical Into the Woods, directed and produced by Michael Calderone and Erika Schroth.
  • Tomlin’s piece titled “Head in the Clouds.”

    Artist of the Issue: Naomi Tomlin ’19

    Leah Miller ’20 Assistant Arts Editor
    Naomi Tomlin ’19 has always found herself gravitating toward the pen and the page.
  • Gabby Gerstenfeld displays her Still-Life Series of Close-up
Fruits in the Keator Gallery.

    Faculty Showcase Their Talents in The Gallery

    Katherine Takoudes ’20 Arts Editor
    Last month, the Hopkins Keator Gallery opened a new exhibit showcasing the hidden talents of staff and faculty members on The Hill.
  • Hopkins vocalists in the Regional Mixed Choir pose for
a photo before their concert.

    Hopkins Attends CMEA Regionals

    Katie Broun ’19 Managing Editor
    On January 11 and 12, 21 Hopkins musicians traveled to Platt High School in Meriden for the Connecticut Music Educators Association (CMEA) Southern Regional Festival.
  • Jazz/Rock is all smiles at the Berklee College of Music.

    Jazz/Rock Ensemble Performs at Berklee Festival

    Katherine Takoudes ’20 Arts Editor Zach Williamson ’22
    On Saturday, January 26, the Hopkins Jazz/Rock Ensemble traveled to Boston, Massachusetts for the annual Berklee College of Music High School Jazz Festival.
  • Peter Graham ’20 and Griffin Congdon ’20
caught in character during rehearsal.

    The Sixth Show: Hilarious One-Acts Dazzle

    Abby Regan ’22
    On February 7 and 8, Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) began The Sixth Show: An Evening of Comedy One Acts, directed by Hope Hartup.
  • The cast and crew of Anon(ymous) smiles during a cast dinner.

    Anon(ymous) Comes to Life at Hopkins

    Leah Miller ’20 Assistant Arts Editor
    Amidst one of the more academically strenuous times of the school year, the Hopkins Drama Association once again took on the stage for a gripping theatrical piece from November 29 -December 1 with their production of Anon(ymous), directed by Hope Hartup.
  • Artist of the Issue: Ian Dailis ’20

    Orly Baum ’22
    Ian Dailis ’20, finds inspiration in taking intricate photos of his surroundings.
  • Concert Choir fills Battell Chapel with “Glow” from the 2018 Music of Winter Concert

    Battell Chapel Hosts Hopkins Music Ensembles

    Eleanor Doolittle’20 Arts Editor
    On Tuesday, December 4, Battell Chapel, Yale’s elaborate place of worship, was flled with melodious music from Hopkins’ annual Music of Winter concert.
  • Gisella Castagna ’22 sketches a greyhound in a raincoat during the gallery opening of Tabula Rasa.

    Tabula Rasa: An Interactive Gallery Experience

    Saira Munshani’20 Voices Editor
    The concept of “tabula rasa” has been developed and considered all over the world, and it now makes its mark on Hopkins as the theme for the community art show this November to January in the Keator Gallery.
  • Zachary Blake ’19 performs a duet with Alex Zhang ’19 at the First Day Assembly.

    Artist of the Issue: Zach Blake ’19

    Eleanor Doolittle ’20 Arts Editor
    Zachary Blake ’19 is an avid cellist whose passion and dedication to his instrument have reaped great success.
  • Spirens sing in socks at the first ever Can Jam in 2015.

    New A Cappella Concert

    Katherine Takoudes ’20 Arts Editor
    On Friday, November 11, Hopkins’ three a cappella groups - Spirens, Harmonaires, and Triple Trio - will gather in Upper Heath to perform in Can Jam, a concert to benefit the Connecticut Food Bank.
  • The cast of Daniel Rocket hangs out in between rehearsals.

    The Cast of Daniel Rocket Flies to the Stage

    Leah Miller ’20 Assistant Arts Editor
    October 11-13 marked the kickoff of the Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) season with the fall production of The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket.
  • Student Productions' Much Ado About Nothing is being performed in the Thompson Amphitheater on September 6 and 7.

    Students Perform Much Ado About Nothing

    Katherine Takoudes '20, Arts Editor
    Student Productions kicked off the 2018-2019 theater season with their adaptation of the classic Shakespeare play, Much Ado About Nothing, on September 6 and 7.
  • Soloist and Concert Choir President Emeritus Kieran Anderson ’18 and Tour Choir members perform ”Cornerstone” in their annual Spring concert at Church of the Redeemer.

    Concert Choir Tours Spain & Portugal

    Eleanor Doolittle ’20 Arts Editor
    This summer, Hopkins Concert Choir departs for a European tour of Spain and Portugal, visiting Lisbon, Madrid, Lagos, Seville, Toledo, and Granada.
  • The Harmonaires perform at the Celebrate Hopkins! Auction in May.

    A Capella Groups End Year With Spam Jam

    Leah Miller ’20 Assistant Arts Editor
    Within the graduation tent on the evening of Thursday, June 7, Hopkins a capella will rock the stage with their annual Spam Jam celebration.
  • Artist of the Issue: Skyler Sugar

    Aaron Gruen ’21
    At Hopkins, students are given a wide array of art classes to choose from, ranging from Orchestra to Web Design.
  • Sophomore Casey Goldberg ’20 chalks “Easter-Wings” by George Herbert outside of the Kneisel Squash Center.

    Chalk Poetry Envelops the Hopkins Campus

    Saira Munshani ’20 Voices Editor
    As a tribute to National Poetry Month this past April, English 10 students have brought poems from inside the classroom to pathways on The Hill.
  • Chantel Malin ’18, Bella Feder ’18, Julia Silbert ’18, Kyle Burton ’18, (L-R) and Owen Rahr ’18 (not pictured) are the menbers of the Fine Arts III class who created the Class of 2018 Banner, which was revealed to the entire Hopkins Community on Prize Day.

    Senior Artists Create Annual Class Banner

    Katherine Takoudes ’20 Arts Editor
    Every year, graduating artists in Fine Arts III complete one final project: to design and paint their class banner, to be unfurled to the Hopkins Community at Prize Day.
  • Artist of the Issue: Kieran Anderson ’18

    Katherine Takoudes ’20 Arts Editor
    For Kieran Anderson ’18, music has always been a part of his life.
  • Hopkins Jazz Rock Ensemble showcases their work in Upper Heath during their Spring Concert.

    Hopkins Musicians Make Melodies in May

    Eleanor Doolittle ’20 Arts Editor
    During the past few months, students in both the orchestra and concert choir were busy preparing for the annual Spring Music Concert.
  • Once in a Lifetime premiered  in Townshend Auditorium on April 26 and closed on April 28. It was the last HDA show of the season.

    Once in a Lifetime Hits the Stage

    Leah Miller ’20 Assistant Arts Editor
    The Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) was back at it again with their triumphant spring production of Once in a Lifetime, on April 26 to 28.
  • Mark Xu ’18 soloing at Carnegie Hall in 2015 as the winner of the American Protégé International Concerto Competition.

    Artist of the Issue: Mark Xu ’18

    Emilia Cottignoli ’18 Arts Editor
     A decorated performer with twelve years of experience at hand, Mark Xu ’18 exudes success in his musical career.
  • Eric Mueller Celebrates 40+ Years of Art

    Katie Broun ’19 Arts Editor
    Last month, the Hopkins Keator Gallery opened a new exhibit showcasing the work of Hopkins longtime art teacher Eric Mueller.
  • Fourteen seniors performed in their final musical at Hopkins.

    Hopkins Drama Association Killed Heathers: The Musical

    Leah Miller ’20 Katherine Takoudes ’20 Assistant Arts Editor
    The Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) wrapped up another successful spring musical, Heathers: The Musical, on March 1 to 4. Heathers is the story of senior Veronica Sawyer (Georgia Doolittle ’18) who longs to be popular like the three Heathers: Heather McNamara (Naomi Roberts ’18), Heather Duke (Katie Broun ’19), and Heather Chandler (Kiarra Lavache ’18).
  • Lavache ’18 competes with the Hamden
Academy of Dance.

    February Artist of the Issue: Kiarra Lavache

    Emilia Cottignoli ’18, Arts Editor
    People sometimes question whether or not dance is a sport, but the reality is that dance is both a sport and a performance art, making it a diffcult and impressive form of physical activity. It requires intense concentration, fexibility, and strength, culminating in exercise that strains both the body and mind. Dancers, unlike other athletes, have to make everything look easy, and learn to interact with their audience. Hopkins is home to many athletes, including several dancers in each grade. Kiarra Lavache ’18 is one such performer.
  • In the photo above, Lily Meyers ’20, Kieran Anderson ’18, Owen Rahr ’18, Kenny Lu ’19, and Katie Broun ’19 (L-R), represent Hopkins at CMEA regionals as members of the mixed choir.

    Musicians Attend CMEA Regional Festival

    Katherine Takoudes ’20 Assistant Arts Editor
    On Saturday, January 13, twenty-eight Hopkins instrumentalists and vocalists participated in this year’s Connecticut Music Educators Association (CMEA) Southern Regional Festival.
  • New Hopkins Pep Band Brings Spirit to Sporting Events

    Lily Meyers ’20, Assistant Arts Editor, Anushree Vashist ’21
    This year, Hopkins’s frst ever Pep Band performs at sporting events.
  • Review of The Post

    Drew Slager ’20
    The flm, The Post, released in December 2017, is a political thriller starring famous actors Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, along with Sarah Paulson and Bob Odenkirk.
  • “Out of Many, One”

    Emilia Cottignoli ’18, Arts Editor
    The Hopkins Keator Gallery currently houses the exhibit “E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One.”
  • Kyle Burton ’18

    Artist of the Issue: Kyle Burton ’18

    Zoe Kim ’20
    Each student is required to take three semesters of art classes before graduation. Hopkins senior Kyle Burton ’18 has already taken almost triple the amount of art credits than most kids at school.
  • Robert Smith conducts the Orchestra and Concert Choir in their Music of Winter Concert performance of Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus.”

    Battell Chapel Hosts Hopkins Music Ensembles

    Katherine Takoudes ’20, Assistant Arts Editor and Lily Meyers ’20, Assistant Arts Editor
    On Tuesday, December 12, the Hopkins Orchestra and Concert Choir gathered at Yale University’s Battell Chapel to perform their annual Winter Concert. Both instrumental groups have worked since September to put together a diverse and spirited set list of songs.
  • HDA Members performed The Canterbury Tales on December 7, 8, 9 under the direction of Mike Calderone.

    Canterbury Tales Come to Life at Hopkins

    Katie Broun ’19 Arts Editor
    Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) brought a classical text to life during the winter production of The Canterbury Tales on December 7, 8, and 9.
  • The Hopkins community attends the opening day of Juncture to meet artist Susan Clinard. Art instructor Peter Ziou and his visual art class sketch their own renditions of the pieces. Juncture is the first art show of the 2017-2018 Hopkins school year, and the first show under Arts Department Chair Robert Smith.

    Clinard Displays Juncture at Hopkins

    Emilia Cottignoli ’18 Arts Editor and Lily Meyers ’20 Assistant Arts Editor
    From October 8 to 22, New Haven artist Susan Clinard displayed her work in the Keator Gallery in her exhibit Juncture. Juncture is an exhibition of sculpture, ranging from small carved figurines to life-sized human depictions. Clinard describes her own work as “pretty diverse [in] not only the medium but also the subject matter and execution.”
  • HDA Presents Peter and the Starcatcher

    Katie Broun ’19 Arts Editor
    Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) produced the fall play, Peter and the Starcatcher, on October 19, 20, and 21.
  • Making Music on the Big H

    Katherine Takoudes ’20 Assistant Arts Editor
    After a day of class trips and college visits, Hopkins enjoyed its annual Back To School Bash on the Big H, listening to performances from teachers, students, and faculty.
  • Robert Smith conducts the Hopkins orchestra during the final piece of the Spring Concert at the Church of the Redeemer in New Haven.

    A New Era of Art: Robert Smith as Chair

    Katherine Takoudes ’20, Assistant Arts Editor
    After eight years at Hopkins as the Instrumental Music Director and Music Theory teacher, Robert Smith will now serve as Chair of the Art Department.
  • Students admire photography done by their peers.

    Artists Give Back-to-School Advice

    Lily Meyers ’20, Assistant Arts Editor
    As students enter their first days in an art class at Hopkins, they may be wondering how they can make the most of their time spent in the class.
  • Hopkins drama students perform Shakespeare in a Shoestring: Cymbeline at Hopkins before heading to Scotland.

    HDA Performs on International Stage in Scotland

    Katie Broun ’19, Arts Editor
    Imaginative. Clever. Complicated. These words from the Fringe Review described Hopkins Drama Association’s production of Shakespeare on a Shoestring: Cymbeline!
  • Triple Trio sang

    A Cappella Groups End Year with Spam Jam

    Katherine Takoudes '20, Assistant Arts Editor
    Under the tent on June 8 at 7:00 PM, Hopkins’ three a cappella groups, Spirens, Triple Trio, and the Harmonaires, perform in their final concert of the year: Spam Jam. 
  • Alissa Davis, Chair of the English Department, and Alex Werrell, English teacher, read some of their favorites from the list.

    Hilltoppers Read For the Summer

    Lily Meyers '20, Assistant Arts Editor
    As the school year ends, many students and faculty turn to the Summer Reading Guide and its many reading suggestions. 
  • Fine Art III began work on the Senior Banner during the last week of classes.

    Senior Artists Create the Annual Class Banner

    Arushi Srivastava '20, Assistant Webmaster
    The Senior Banner is produced every year by a select number of willing students who then dedicate their time to making a piece of art that reflects their grade. 
  • Burton Lyng-Olsen '20 reciting his poem at the annual Celebration of Poetry.

    Hopkins Students Celebrate the Performance of Poetry

    Emilia Cottignoli '18, Entertainment Editor and Lily Meyers '20, Assistant Entertainment Editor
    In 2008, William J. Kneisel ’65 HGS, provided funds to honor his mother, a lover of literature and poetry, by expanding the collection in the Calarco Library.
  • The cast of One Man, Two Guv'nors rehearses the final number of the play.

    One Man, Two Guv'nors Brings Laughter to The Hill

    Katie Broun '19, Entertainment Editor and Katherine Takoudes '20, Assistant Entertainment Editor
    The Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) ended the production season with the fast-paced British comedy, One Man, Two Guv’nors.
  • The ensemble rehearsed the song “All for the Best,” which they performed in Assembly.

    Godspell Shines Over Hop Stage

    Saloni Jain ’19 Assistant Entertainment Editor
    The Hopkins Drama Association showcased its talent yet again in its production of Godspell last weekend.
  • Caitlin Gilroy '18 enjoys a book in a free period. Many Hopkins students enjoy reading for pleasure in their free time. Breaks offer the perfect opportunity for busy students to read for fun.

    Spring Into Break With a Book

    Katherine Takoudes '20 and Anna Zimolo '20
    March Break: An acclaimed two weeks to catch up on sleep, relaxation and even a little bit of homework. But what’s a better way to unwind than to take in the fresh spring air while reading a captivating book?
  • Over 100 Hopkins students weighed in with their Oscar predictions and we were able to develop an idea of who should win. However, the results may reflect the fact that much of the student population only watched La La Land.

    Hopkins goes La La for La La Land

    Entertainment Staff
    The Razor staff polled the Hopkins community on their predictions for the Oscars.
  • photo credit:

    Pop Stars Go Public on Politics

    Allie Sokol '18 and Zander Blitzer '18 Beat Editor
    Though we might normally think of Hollywood as the center of entertainment, this year’s election has shown that celebrities use their positions in society for far more than just amusement. Many of America’s most prominent entertainers have expressed strong opinions regarding the election candidates.
  • Cozy Winter Reads

    Emilia Cottignoli '18 Assistant Entertainment Editor
    As winter vacation approaches and the notorious Hopkins workload begins to wind down, students and faculty on the hill may find that they have more time to spend curled up with a good book. And what better way to spend break than with a novel, new or old? Here are some suggestions to get you started! 
  • The orchestra performed at the Winter Music Concert in 2015 at the Church of the Redeemer for the first time.

    Music of Winter: Hopkins December Concert

    Lily Tipton '18 Entertainment Editor
    This past Sunday, Hopkins students, faculty and staff gathered for an afternoon of singing and playing in the Church of the Redeemer in New Haven. Entitled “Music of Winter,” the concert highlighted the talents of both the concert choir and the orchestra. 
  • Zander Blitzer '18 and T.J. Bordeaux '17 pose after a performance of Othello earlier this fall.

    The Halo Awards: HDA Angels

    Veronica Yarovinsky '20
    Just as the math, science, and humanities departments have opportunities for students to display their talents, the drama department now partakes in its own program. The Halo Awards, held every June at the Seven Angels Theater, celebrate and honor achievements of high school thespians throughout Connecticut. 
  • Deepak Gupta '18, Jessica D'Errico '18 and Sanea Bhagwagar '17 enjoyed grilling hotdogs, hamburgers, and chicken for hungry teachers and students before the band performances.

    Hopkins Bashes Back To School

    Karyn Bartosic '18
    The annual Back to School Bash, run by the Hopkins Student Council, was held  on Friday, September 23 on The Hill.The Bash is a time for students to get together with friends and hang out stress free before the school year ramps up in terms of homework.
  • This Othello poster portrays the major themes depicted in the play. Othello has previously been performed in many different settings, ranging from the traditional Elizabethan staging to modern-day Afghanistan.

    Othello Comes to the Hill

    Saloni Jain '19, Assistant Entertainment Editor
    The Hopkins Drama Association never fails to impress. This autumn’s production, Othello, features a thrilling meditation on the power of love and the destructiveness of suspicion.
  • Student Productions Presented Melancholy Play

    Collette Mourier '18, Editor-at-Large and Saloni Jain '19 Assistant Entertainment Editor
    The Student Productions directed and produced Melancholy Play, which opened during the first weeks of school.
  • TV Shows Return

    Emilia Cottignoli '18, Assistant Entertainment Editor
    A summary of Grey's Anatomy, Narcos, American Horror Story, and How to Get Away with Murder as they return to television this fall.
  • Politics Trumped by the Media

    Lilly Tipton ’18, Entertainment Editor
    As the upcoming presidential election draws nearer, the role of the media in the digital age is more profound than ever. Historically, the media has always been deeply intertwined with politics from as far back as the first newspapers. Now, with modern technology, media and politics are more conjoined than ever.
  • The Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play script was published on July 31, 2016, written by Jack Thorne and John Tiffany. (

    The Second Generation of Magic: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

    Emilia Cottignoli ’18 and Saloni Jain ’19, Assistant Entertainment Editors
    The seventh Harry Potter book hit the shelves nine years ago. On July 30, 2016, a new play based on the popular series, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, premiered in London. 
  • Acrobats from the Cirque Mechanics group will perform throughout the 2016 Festival of Arts and Ideas on the New Haven Green. (

    Festival of Arts and Ideas Excites New Haven

    Lilly Tipton 18, Entertainment Editor
    Every summer the International Festival of Arts and Ideas returns to New Haven, bringing unique theatrical performances, public concerts, and lectures.
  • The Concert Choir sings during their winter concert. Many members of the choir, along with other singers, will travel to Ireland this summer. (

    Hopkins Tour Choir Heads to Ireland

    Connor Hartigan ’19
    The Hopkins Tour Choir will visit Ireland from June 13 to June 21. 
  • AJ Marks ’18 and Phoebe Cardenas ’17 rehearse a scene from Harvey. (photo: Nia Simmons ’18)

    Hilltoppers Hopped Into Harvey

    Saloni Jain '19, Assistant Entertainment Editor
    The Hopkins Drama Association just wrapped up another successful production: its spring play,  Harvey
  • John Adams is one of a new genre of shows  that are both entertaining and informative, given their accurate portrayals of historical events. (

    Historic TV Shows Make History

    Emilia Cottignoli ’18, Assistant Entertainment Editor
    In today’s world of television, viewers can choose from many options. The historic fiction genre gives a mixture  of truth and adventure, rendering it both exciting and informative. 
  • Robert Smith conducts the Jazz Rock ensemble. (

    Jazz and Jam, Rock and Roll: Hopkins Jazz-Rock Ensemble

    Thomas Noto '19
    The Jazz-Rock Ensemble at Hopkins gives students with a love for music an opportunity to come together and make music themselves.
  • Drake (

    Welcome to the New Age: Music in the 21st Century

    Neha Srivastava '16, Entertainment Editor
    The criteria for popular music has always fluctuated: just when you think you have it figured out, it changes again.
  • Spotify is available on any mobile device or computer (

    The End of an Era: From CDs to Music Streaming

    Sanaea Bhagwagar '17, Entertainment Editor
    The increase in online music streaming apps has invaded Hopkins students' listening interests.
  • The cast of Legally Blonde rehearses for its debut in March. (photo: Zander Blitzer '18)

    Maroon is the New Blonde: The Hopkins Winter Musical

    Collette Mourier '18
    The Hopkins Drama Association will put their penchant for performance to the test in this winter’s musical: Legally Blonde
  • (

    Students Predict the Grammys

    Neha Srivastava '16 and Sanaea Bhagwagar '17, Entertainment Editors
    A celebration of the year’s best music and artists, the 58th Annual Grammys awards show aired on Monday, February 15 on CBS. Prior to its broadcast, we asked Hopkins students to predict which songs and artists they believed would win each category. 
  • (

    Classic Holiday Movies

    Kristina Yarovinsky '18, Assistant Entertainment Editor
    As the relaxed place of the holiday break settles in, bringing with it jolly celebrations and loads of free time, head to your living room to watch some classic holiday movies.
  • The class of 2014 celebrates the end of its successful Five Golden Rings Assembly. (

    Golden Moment from Holiday Assemblies

    Sanaea Bhagwagar '17, Entertainment Editor
    One of students’ favorite highlights of Hopkins is the annual Holiday Assembly, which includes an array of presentations from a cappella groups and choruses to instrumental ensembles, and, most intriguingly, the current senior class. Each year, minutes before being released into the annual winter vacation, the entire school joins together to sing the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Each grade is assigned a specific stanza to sing; however, the most memorable moments come with “Five Golden Rings.” Each time it comes time for the Hopkins community to sing these three special words, the senior class performs some type of thrilling sketch or mini-performance.
  • Emily McDonald '15 and John Josephson '15 star in the student-directed One Acts in 2014. (

    One Acts Preview

    Zander Blitzer '18, Editor-at-Large
    In recent years, Hopkins drama has seen tremendous growth in the realm of student directing. This year the Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) has taken this trend one step farther with a set of completely student-directed One-Acts. Director Mike Calderone explained: “Student Directing is the next logical step in exposing our student body to the artistic and leadership opportunities in the theater.”
  • The seventh installment will be released on December 18, 2015. (

    The Epic 'Star Wars' Saga Continues

    Caroline Viselli '19, Sanaea Bhagwagar '17, Entertainment Editor, Neha Srivastava '16, Entertainment Editor
    Thee past few years in popular culture have been filled with revivals of past, classic movies. From new perspectives on traditional princess tales, to modern takes on outdated story lines, film remakes have perpetuated the cinemas. As of this December, the world will be re-introduced to the galactic adventures of the Star Wars saga. Earlier this year, director J.J. Abrams declared that he would be creating a continuation of the 1977 series, and the time has now come for this statement to actualize.
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