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  • Joanna Wei ’21


    Sophia Chavez ’23 Campus Correspondent
    Dauntless and venturesome with her process, Joanna Wei ’21 has created visual art in many mediums and is an accomplished artist at Hopkins.
  • The castmembers of “10 Ways to Survive Life in Quarantine” pose for a photo during their dress rehearsal on Zoom.

    HDA’s Annual Winter One-Acts Zoom to the Stage

    Craigin Maloney ’21 Arts Editor
    On February 4 and 5 and February 18 and 19, the Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) performs their Winter One-Acts.
  • YuQing Ma’s “A Heart of Seven Sides: Three of Seven.” Artist Spotlights

    Anand Choudhary ’22 Assistant Arts Editor
    From virtual a capella performances to intricate drawings, Hopkins’ Arts Department website,, features many different student artists.
  • Noah Stein ’21

    Artist of the Issue: Noah Stein ’21

    Eli Ratner ’24 Campus Correspondent
    From experimenting with musical notations as a child to getting national recognition for his composition, “Riparian Reeds,” Noah Stein ’21 has spent nearly his whole life developing as an artist.
  • Sam Brock ’21

    Artist of the Issue: Sam Brock ’21

    Sam Cherry ’23 Campus Correspondent
    Sam Brock ’21 started his career as a choral singer at his old high school in Barrington, Rhode Island.
  • “The Trump Gang” by Steve Broner depicts Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and Mitch McConnell in cahoots.


    Craigin Maloney ’21 Arts Editor
    The 2020 presidential election proved to be both one of the most divisive and important in the history of America.
  • Orchestra performs for the 2019 Winter Concert.

    Virtual Music Rehearsals: Hopkins Does Hybrid!

    Anand Choudhary ’22 Assistant Arts Editor
    With Covid-19 restrictions, the sense of community formed in Hopkins’ musical groups has declined.
  • Drew Slager ’21, Rhea Ahuja ’23, and Anand Choudhary ’22 pose for a photo in their masks from

    "Boxes" and "It’s a Wonderful Life!" Take to the Stage

    Craigin Maloney ’21 Arts Editor
    The fall show is an important one for the Hopkins Drama Association (HDA); it sets the tone for the rest of the year and shows Hopkins how HDA will adapt to the new COVID policies.
  • Chang's album cover for her 2020 single “Inspired,” created by Anajah Williams ’21

    Artist of the Issue: Alexis Chang ’21

    Anand Choudhary ’22 Assistant Arts Editor
    Alexis Chang ’21 has been involved with music for as long as she can remember.
  • Students rehearse for Concert Choir over Zoom.

    Students Reflect on Arts Classes in Hybrid

    Zach Williamson ’22 Lead Arts Editor, Matthew Breier ’22 Assistant Arts Editor
    Throughout the pandemic, students enrolled in Hopkins arts courses have been navigating a complicated landscape.
  • Actors rehearsing for Actions Outlive US. Photo credit: Margaret Toft '21

    Arts in the Hybrid Model

    Craigin Maloney ’21 Arts Editor
    Hopkins’ transition to virtual learning last spring threw many teachers into an unfamiliar model without much time to make changes to their curriculum.
  • Lola Lovenotes mural of Breonna Taylor in New York City. Photo credit: Amelia Holowaty

    Freedom of Expression: Black Lives Matter in the Arts Community

    Anand Choudhary '22 Assistant Arts Editor and Matthew Breier '22 Assistant Arts Editor
    From the bold, yellow “Black Lives Matter” painted on the streets of Washington, D.C. in June to passionate new pieces of music and explosions of murals, the arts have proved an effective medium to help people connect with and support the BLM movement.
  • Cast members at an early rehearsal for Actions Outlive Us. From left to right: Felipe Perez ’22, Talia Chang ’22, Joey Rebeschi ’21, Margaret Toft ’21. 
Photo credit: Zach Williamson '22

    Summer Student Production Tradition Continues Amidst COVID Restrictions

    Zach Williamson ’22 Lead Arts Editor
    On September 3 and 4, the Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) put on Actions Outlive Us in New Haven’s Edgerton Park.
  • Artist of the Issue: Cici Liu

    Anand Choudhary '22 Assistant Arts Editor
    Cici Liu ’20 has dabbled in all types of art since her first year at Hopkins.
  • Kyle Shin ’20 performing at on the first day of the 2019-2020 school year in assembly

    Artist of the Issue: Kyle Shin

    Craigin Maloney ’21 Arts Editor
    Not only is Kyle Shin ’20 passionate about playing music, but it has also become an instrument to help him form deep bonds with some of his closest friends at Hopkins. 
  • Hopkins Arts Online Gallery: Creativity in Quarantine

    Matthew Breier '22 Assistant Arts Editor
    The creative voice finds a way to sing.
  • Banners on display at a past Commencement ceremony.
Photo by Jody Rosenthal.

    Seniors Struggle to Carry On Banner Tradition

    Zach Williamson ’22 Lead Arts Editor
    With the Hopkins community thrust into uncertain territory amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, beloved senior traditions are in limbo.
  • The Weeknd’s cover of his newest album “After Hours”

    Song Review: Blinding Lights

    Craigin Maloney '21, Arts Editor
    You may be surprised to learn that The Weeknd isn’t a band, but rather the stage name of Canadian singer-songwriter Abel Tesfaye.
  •  Twenty One Pilot's cover photo for Level of Concern

    Song Review: Level of Concern

    Matthew Breier '22 Assistant Arts Editor
    “Level of Concern” by Twenty One Pilots, released on April 9, 2020, is definitely a product of its time.
  • Megan Thee Stallion’s cover for her newest song

    Song Review: Savage Remix ft. Beyoncé

    Anand Choudhary '22 Assistant Arts Editor
    Amid the coronavirus mayhem, Megan Thee Stallion has worked her way to the top once again.
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