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  • Cartoon by Hailey Willey

    Brennan Is Everything; Elicker’s Just Ken

    Teddy Witt ’24 Lead Op/Ed Editor
    If you live or spend a lot of time in New Haven, you’ve probably seen white and blue election signs go up in your neighbors’ yards — white for Liam Brennan, Hartford’s first inspector general, and blue for the incumbent Mayor Justin Elicker.
  • Cartoon by Hailey Willey ’25.

    Never Have I Ever... Felt More Represented On-Screen

    Asher Joseph ’25 Op/Ed Editor
    According to tennis legend John McEnroe, narrator of Mindy Kaling’s hit Netflix show “Never Have I Ever,” “Aunties are older Indian women who have no blood relation to you, but are allowed to have opinions about your life and all your shortcomings and you have to be nice to them because you’re Indian.”
  • Cringe: The cast of “Gen Z Hospital” poses for a selfie.

    Saturday Night Live: Is It Still Funny?

    Miri Levin ’26 Assistant Op/Ed Editor
    “Saturday Night Live,” often abbreviated to SNL, is one of the most famous late-night television programs on the air.
  • “Toxic Charity” by Robert Lupton

    Who Benefits from Community Service?

    Edel Lee ’26 Assistant Op/Ed Editor
    We are taught to praise volunteers for their sacrifice of time and effort. We know that we should volunteer. But is volunteering always helpful to communities in need? Or can community service end up only benefiting the volunteer?
  • Biden delivers a 2020 campaign speech in Columbia, South Carolina.

    Decidin’ on Biden: Is 81 Too Old to Run?

    Teddy Witt ’24 Lead Op/Ed Editor
    In 19 months, millions of Americans will vote for the Democratic Party’s nominee for president.
  • Cartoon by Hailey Willey

    The Drag War Drags On

    Rain Zeng ’26 Assistant Op/Ed Editor
    Colorful costumes, exaggerated makeup, and queer creativity. These are elements of drag, a performance art with complex roots and a vital role in LGBTQ+ culture.
  • A group of girls recites the Boy Scout pledge.

    To Cook or To Camp? Scouting For Gender Roles

    Asher Joseph ’25 Op/Ed Editor
    Since the 1970s, young girls have sought acceptance into the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), arguing that the organization offers more extensive opportunities to develop skills otherwise absent from the programming of the Girl Scouts of the USA.
  • Rioters storm the National Congress of Brazil

    Insurrection and the Internet: Social Media’s Danger to Democracy

    Chloe Wang '26
    For many international viewers, the recent Brazilian riots came as a shock. For those living in Brazil, however, this violence was not surprising.
  • Sophia Neilson ‘23 studies for her Statistics midterm.

    Managing the Need to Succeed: Exams Before Break

    Miriam Levin ’26
    Making students take dreaded midterm exams right after the break is not beneficial for anyone. Choosing whether to prioritize grades or rest is a struggle in the first place; adding in midterms and a long break harms students and their mental health. If midterms were before winter break, students would avoid stress, burnout, breaking the handbook, and wasting time.
  • A teenager opens the TikTok app on their phone.

    Trends in Media: Shorter Content Reflects Growing Democracy

    Melody Cui '23
    In 2018, when TikTok first became the hottest new platform, it was unique for its full embrace of short-form videos. Although earlier apps and Vine made way for shorter content through lip-sync covers and six-second loops respectively, TikTok was the first to provide a place for everything from dances to satirical skits. But while short-form videos are a relatively new development, they are also part of a greater shift in media content towards becoming more accessible and democratic, one that comes with potentially detrimental effects on society’s patience for global humanitarian issues.
  • Eighteenth birthday word cloud.

    What Does “Adulthood” Really Mean?

    Sophia Neilson ’23
    The Oxford English Dictionary defines adulthood as “the state or condition of being fully grown or mature,” but what does that really mean?
  • Ye, fully-masked, speaking at an InfoWars interview.

    All Falls Down: Antisemitism and the Downfall of Kanye West

    Zoe Somner ’23
    In a matter of weeks, Ye’s net worth dropped from $2 billion to an estimated $400 million.
  • Governor DeSantis speaking in Tampa, Florida.

    Florida Man Poses Threat to American Democracy

    Riley Foushee ’23
    After the midterm elections, people across the political spectrum wondered: Is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis the new face of the Republican Party? For the sake of the country, let’s hope not.
  • Workers build a sign in Doha, Qatar.

    Soccer and Human Rights: The World Cup in Qatar

    Teddy Witt ’24
    At its best, the FIFA World Cup represents the coming together of nations and cultures to celebrate the world’s most popular sport.
  • Hopkins College Counselor Erika Chapin meets with a student.

    To ED or Not to ED: That Is the Question

    Sophia Neilson ’23
    Nearly 200 U.S. colleges and universities offer an early decision (ED) application for early acceptance into their schools, and the number of ED applicants seems to be climbing. 
  • 188 Years of Misogyny: Abortion and the Poor Law Amendment Act

    Zoe Sommer '23
    Just over two months ago, West Virginia delegate Chris Pritt addressed the state House and argued that child support requirements should be ended. His reasoning: child support requirements encourage abortion.
  • Bar charts show an increase in nightly homework for both 10th and 11th graders.

    New Schedule Forces Necessary But Uncomfortable Changes

    Anika Madan '24
    After two years of our Covid-modified schedule, Hopkins now returns to Maroon and Grey weeks with shorter classes that meet more often over a two-week rotation.
  • Results from DivBo's Curriculum Committee survey of Hopkins students' thoughts on classroom inclusivity.

    Letter to the Editor: Curriculum Survey Results Stress Need for Reform

    Rhea Ahuja ’23
    This past April, the Hopkins Curriculum Committee, a subcommittee of the Diversity Board dedicated to making the curriculum more representative of all of the different identities within the student body and ensuring that students are exposed to different religious and cultural ideas, collaborated with Next Generation Politics to send a survey to the Hopkins student body.
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signs the Parental Rights in Education Bill.

    Fascism in Florida? The “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

    Eli Ratner ‘24
    On March 28, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education Bill.
  • Customers refuel in Washington, D.C. on April 11.

    Oil Companies are Thriving While Americans Suffer

    Teddy Witt ‘24
    Gas prices are continuing to hit record highs this spring.
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