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  • The new classroom furniture is easily maneuverable for different classroom set-ups.

    Hopkins Brings Funky Furniture to Baldwin

    Zoe Kim ’20 Senior News Editor
    In February, Hopkins launched a new furniture pilot in a Baldwin classroom.
  • Twenty-Four Students Attended the Student Diversity
Leadership Conference

    Hopkins Students Attend Student Diversity Leadership Conference

    Orly Baum '22 Assistant News Editor
    On April 7, 24 Hopkins students attended the Regional Student Leadership Diversity Conference (SDLC) at St. Luke’s School in New Canaan.
  • The Hopkins Student Body elected Katherine Takoudes '20 to be the next Student Council President

    Katherine Takoudes Elected StuCo President

    Anushree Vashist '21 News Editor
    On April 8, 2019, the student body elected Katherine Takoudes ’20 to lead Hopkins School for its 360 year.
  • The Truth Behind College Admissions

    Juan Lopez '22 Assistant News Editor
    This past March, the United States federal prosecutors exposed a criminal conspiracy within the admission process of several prestigious universities.
  • JR Stauff '19 sits at second on the Leaderboard with a score of 2502.

    App Store Sensation: Left Shape Right

    Julia Kosinski '20, Assistant News Editor
    On February 7, Cyrus Illick ’19 released the arcade game Left Shape Right.
  • Hopkins Spring Trips

    Ellie Medovnikov '22 and Sarah Roberts '20, News Editor
    This year, along with the annual sports Spring Training trips, Hopkins students had the option to travel to Italy and explore Amalf and Atrani while bettering their language skills, or participate in an educational tour of Northern Europe about World War II.
  • Black Student Union (BSU) poses for their club photo.

    The Resurgence of the BSU

    Sophie Sonnenfeld '21
    The newly reconstituted Black Student Union at Hopkins is back in business with a fortified mission and membership.
  • Check Mates Host Chess Tournament

    While most of Hopkins spent the weekend afer exams sleeping in and recovering before the second term, the Hopkins Chess Club hosted the third annual Connecticut State Grade Chess Tournament on January 19.
  • Jasiri X Opens Up Black History Month in Assembly

    Hip-Hop Activist Jasiri X Launches Black History Month

    Sarah Roberts ’20, News Editor and Sophia Cerroni '22
    “They say Jasiri X you preach too much, I'm like Black people we asleep too much, A Black President but he doesn't speak for us, Another Black body lynched is not unique to us.”
  • Mr. Wich explains to Juniors how to sign up for next year’s courses.

    Hopkins Introduces New Courses

    Zoe Kim '20, Assistant News Editor
    This February, Hopkins released the 2019-2020 Course Guide. As Hopkins students prepare to start planning their course schedule for the upcoming year, many know little of the actual process that goes into adding new courses.
  • Students Travel to NAIMUN

    Julia Kosinski ’21, Assistant News Editor
    On February 14, a group of twelve Hopkins students will leave for Washington DC to represent Hopkins at the North American Invitational Model United Nations conference (NAIMUN).
  • Plans for new track and softball field, projected to be completed by summer 2019.

    Hopkins Unveils Plans for New Athletics Facilities

    Sarah Roberts '20, News Editor, and Sophie Sonnenfeld '21
    During the Friday, October 19 all-school Assembly, Head of School Dr. Kai Bynum unveiled the plans for a new track and softball feld, marking a powerful advancement in Hopkins history.
  • Lauren Seto '19 and Ashley Chin '19 sell waffles for the Connecticut Food Bank.

    Canned Food Drive Adopts New Name

    Julia Kosinski '21 and Zoe Kim '20, Assistant News Editors
    To begin this year’s season of fundraising, Student Council President Samuel Jenkins ’19 surprised the Hopkins community by changing the name of the fundraiser from the long standing Canned Food Drive, also known as the CFD, to the Connecticut Food Bank Fundraiser, or the CFBF.
  • Brennan Gollaher ’19 sleeps of 15 grilled cheeses in the lower library.

    Napping at Hopkins: Do Not Sleep on this Article

  • Diversity Board Hosts Culture and Community Day

    Sarah Roberts '20, News Editor
    This year, on Friday October 12, the Hopkins Student Diversity Board hosted the Culture and Community Day assembly, but with an expanded purpose.
  • Hopkins Rolls Out New Website

    Noah Schmeisser '19, Editor-at-Large and JR Stauff '19, News Editor
    This fall, Hopkins rolled out a new version of its website.
  • Yali students commemorate their visit with a photo outside Thompson.

    Yali Delegation Visits Hopkins

    Julia Kosinski '21, Assistant News Editor
    The Yali delegation’s visit to Hopkins marks a turning point in Hopkins’ global connection with other rigorous schools around the globe. On September 26, a delegation of twenty middle school students and three faculty members from the Yali-Peicui school in Changsha China arrived at Hopkins.
  • The Tour Choir poses while hiking at El Caminito del Ray in central Spain.

    Concert Choir Tours Spain and Portugal

    Lily Meyers ’20 Assistant Features Editor
    Five days after summer break began, students in the Hopkins Tour Choir convened to leave for their trip to Portugal and Spain from June 11 to June 20.
  • At the end of the summer, Pathfinder parents attended a

    Hopkins Hosts Summer Academic Programs

    Zoe Kim '20 Assistant News Editor
    Although many students used their time off for traveling, eating, and sleeping, some kids found themselves on Hopkins campus during their summer vacation.
  • Hopkins students and chaperones pose in front of a mural of a turtle that they painted at a school in Guatemala.

    Hopkins in Guatemala

    Julia Kosinski ’21 Assistant News Editor
    On August 5, a group of ten students and two chaperones traveled to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, where they spent ten days volunteering at a local elementary school and gaining insight into Guatemalan culture.
  • Commendations: 2017-2018 Prizes and Awards

  • Congratulations Hopkins Class of 2018!

    From the Razor Staff
    Numbers listed after colleges indicate that multiple Hopkins students will be attending those institutions next year.
  • Fasano shows the results of her annual

    Donna Fasano Moves on from The Hill After 42 Years

    Helena Lyng-Olsen '18, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
    When Donna Fasano retires from Hopkins this June, she will end an era that has spanned her forty-two years teaching English at Hopkins. 
  • Mueller presents his work at the Eric Mueller Retrospective in the Keator Art Gallery on February 23. The community attended a reception in his honor.

    Hop Legend Eric Mueller Retires

    Lilly Tipton '18, Managing Editor Emeritus
    When Eric Mueller frstwalked onto the Hopkins campus, he had no idea that it would be his home for the next forty years.
  • The Hopkins SciOly Team gathers for a team photo at Colorado State University.

    Hopkins Science Olympiad Takes Nationals

    Zoe Kim '20 and Julia Kosinski '21, Assistant News Editors
    On the weekend of May 18, the Hopkins Science Olympiad Team travelled to Colorado State University to compete against sixty schools from around the country at the National Science Olympiad Tournament.
  • The Hopkins Robotics Team participated in the FTC World Championships in Detroit, Michigan, this April.

    Hop Robotics Competes at World Championships

    JR Stauff '19 News Editor
    From April 25 to 28, The Hopkins Robotics Team competed at World Championships in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Naomi Roberts '18, Jeff Gu '18, Avi Bhaya '18, Jenn Horkovich '18, Georgia Doolittle '18, Donasia Gray '18, and Sarah Roberts '20 participate in the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C.

    Hopkins Students Unite to Talk About Gun Violence

    Sarah Roberts '20 News Editor
    On March 24, hundreds of thousands of people across the country marched together in solidarity with the student survivors and activists from the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 students.
  • Josiah Kaplan (left) was selected to be this year's Alum Spring Fellow.

    Josiah Kaplan Visits Hopkins.

    Julia Kosinski '21 Assistant News Editor
    Dr. Josiah Kaplan, this year’s Hopkins Spring Fellow, will visit Hopkins and speak in Assembly on Friday, May 11.
  • Sam Jenkins ’19 was elected Student Council President on April 10

    Sam Jenkins Elected StuCo President

    Zoe Kim '20 Assistant News Editor
    With only a couple months left of the school year, the Hopkins community has chosen Sam Jenkins ‘19 as its new Student Council President.
  • Hopkins Considers Changing Daily Schedule

    Saira Munshani '20, Assistant News Editor
    Established two years ago, the Academic Policy Committee Schedule Subcommittee strives to examine student life and ways that the schedule can be improved upon in order to meet the needs of the Hopkins student body and faculty.
  • Tracy K. Smith was named US Poet Laureate in June 2017.

    Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith to Visit Hopkins

    Theodore Tellides '19, News Editor and Sarah Roberts '20, Assistant News Editor
    Tracy K Smith, the current U.S. Poet Laureate and perhaps one of the most distinguished poets of the modern era, will visit Hopkins on Friday, May 4.
  • Members of Hopkins Model UN gather in front of Baldwin Hall.

    Students Host Model UN Conference

    Izabella Lopez-Kalapir '20, Assistant News Editor
    Hopkins is hosting its fourth annual Model United Nations conference on Saturday, April 28.
  • Distinguished Alumna Carol Stock Kranowitz '63 Visits Hopkins

    Distinguished alumna Carol Stock Kranowitz ’63 returned to Hopkins on January 29 to explain her study of pediatric sensory disorders and to provide fun and functional ways of understanding them.
  • Sophomores spend their free time doing homework and enjoying the fresh air now that they no longer attend required study halls.

    How Underclassmen Use Free Periods

    Helena Lyng-Olsen '18, Editor in Chief
    Upperclassmen may remember the lengths that one went to obtain a “golden ticket,” that yellow-colored, index-card sized piece of paper that excused one from a study hall to meet with a teacher.
  • David Blight and Eli Sabin ’18 meet at a Q&A session

    Prof. David Blight Visits Hopkins

    Theodore Tellides '19, News Editor
    Christmas came twice this winter. Once on December 25, and again on January 22 when David Blight, renowned Professor of American History at Yale University, visited Hopkins.
  • Jasmine Simmons ’21, Kaila Spearman ’21, Ranease Brown ’21, Kiarra Lavache ’18, and Elena Brennan ’20 speak at MLK Day Assembly

    Students Speak in Celebration of Black History Month

    Sarah Roberts '20 and Saira Munshani '20, Assistant News Editors
    February is Black History month, dedicated to the celebration of African-American culture and history.
  • Academic Support Program Expands

    Emma Regan ' 20 and Kristina Yarovinsky '18, News Editor
    According to Amy An ’18, “One of the best parts about Hopkins is the supportive environment.”
  • Canned Food Drive in Full Swing!

    Sophomores Katherine Takoudes, Lizabeth Bamgboye, Jason Guo and George Wang spend a few hours in front of the Whitneyville Market in Hamden, Connecticut, fundraising for the Connecticut Food Bank. The Student Council-lead Canned Food Drive lasted from early November until winter break.
  • Hopkins English teacher Ana Robinette enjoys her Penn Fellowship.

    Penn Fellows Thrive at Hopkins

    Theodore Tellides '19, News Editor
    Hopkins French teacher Collin Benedict and English teacher Ana Robinette are both fellows in the Penn Day School Teaching Residency Program.  
  • Students Respond to Homework Changes

    Izzy Lopez-Kalapir '20, Assistant News Editor
    As Term I comes to a close, students and faculty have had nearly half of the school year to experience the new homework policy changes.  
  • Farha Mohamed teaches an MSON class in Arabic.

    Tech Directors Introduce Flipped Classroom

    Saira Munshani '20 and Sarah Roberts '20, Assistant News Editors
    Flipped classrooms and the integration of technology into lessons have been part of an ongoing implementation at Hopkins.
  • Cafeteria Conquers the Cafe

    Saira Munshani '20 and Izzy Lopez-Kalapir '20, Assistant News Editors
    With the new additions of students and faculty came the reimagined and soon-to-be-named cafe. 
  • Credit for all photos to Peter Mahakian.

    In Memory of Jordan Sebastian

    Jordan Sebastian ’11 was a cherished member of the Hopkins community. After completing his degree at the University of Rhode Island, Jordan returned to The Hill to coach several sports and advise in the Junior School. As Dr. Bynum wrote of Jordan’s importance to Hopkins, “He loved this school and we loved him back - and we always will.” 
  • Dr. Kai Bynum enjoys life outside of his suits.

    Interview: Dr. Bynum Beyond Hop

    Helena Lyng-Olsen ’18 and Lilly Tipton ’18 interviewed Dr. Bynum on the interests and hobbies he enjoys beyond life in Baldwin Hall. His responses are below:
  • Sam Jenkins '19 and Leah Miller '20 quarantine Lovell

    Student Council Transforms Lovell into Haunted House

    Sarah Roberts '20, Assistant News Editor
    In addition to Pumpkin Bowl, the Canned Food Drive, and Yule Ball, Student Council has many plans for the upcoming winter season.
  • Serge Vinograd

    Two Holocaust Survivors Speak at Hopkins Assembly

    Theodore Tellides '19, News Editor
    The Hopkins community collectively held its breath as Holocaust survivors Serge Vinograd, father of Ariane and Samantha ’01, Cassandra ’02 and Benjamin ’04, and Betty Deutsch told their stories as part of the Holocaust Survivor Program sponsored by the Diversity Board. 
  • Administration Adjusts Homework Hours

    Sarah Roberts '20, Assistant News Editor
    The new school year has begun with some major changes in the homework policy at Hopkins.
  • Students, teachers, and parents pose for a picture outside the Hop tent before the 2016 New Haven Road Race. The student, faculty, and staff participation in the event has increased each year.

    Hop Runs New Haven Road Race

    Kristina Yarovinsky '18, News Editor
    “The Final Countdown” blasts as runners sprint into their last mile of the New Haven Road Race.
  • Lionel Louis ’18 blows bubbles with local schoolchildren

    Hop Volunteers Travel to Nicaragua

    Emilia Cottignoli '18, Arts Editor
    This past August, a small group of Hopkins students and chaperones spent ten days in Leon, Nicaragua, through the New Haven/Leon sister city project.
  • New Study Hall Policy

    Theodore Tellides '19, News Editor
    Rising tenth graders will be pleasantly surprised when they realize their study halls have been replaced with free periods.
  • Preview: Dr. Bynum's 2017-2018 Plans

    Helena Lyng-Olsen '18, Editor-In-Chief and Lilly Tipton '18, Managing Editor
    Helena Lyng-Olsen ‘18 and Lilly Tipton ‘18 recently interviewed Dr. Bynum on his plans for the upcoming year and future years. The full interview will be published in the October issue of The Razor, but excerpts from the conversation can be read below.
  • Kendall ‘20 and her family working during their trip to Asia

    Students Have Spectacular Summers

    Izzy Lopez-Kalapir ‘20 and Saira Munshani ‘20, Assistant News Editors
    Summer was a busy time for most Hopkins students, if busy summer reading and catching up on sleep counts. However, many other students had the opportunity to get off of their couches and go on unique travels around the world whilst exploring different cultures.
  • Commendations: 2016 - 2017 Prizes and Awards

  • Congratulations Hopkins Class of 2017!

    From the 2017-2018 Razor Staff
    Numbers listed after colleges indicate that multiple Hopkins students will be attending that institution next year.
  • Bruce Kaplan, science teacher, is retiring this year.

    JSchool Science Legend Leaves Hopkins

    Katie Broun '19, Arts Editor
    “Science is not just memorizing facts, but it’s a way of investigating things and solving problems,” is one of the many mantras of science teacher Bruce Kaplan.
  • Klugman organized the visit of Mohamad Hafez, whose artwork was displayed in the Keator Gallery.

    Klugman Retires from The Hill

    Chloe Glass '17, News Editor Emeritus
    After sixteen years on The Hill, Karen Klugman, Chair of the Art Department, will be retiring this spring. 
  • Long-time college counselor Sue Paton is retiring after helping hundreds of Hopkins students with the college process.

    Paton Retires From College Counseling After Thirty Years

    Sanaea Bhagwagar '17, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
    For thirty years, hundreds of students have walked up the steps of Hopkins House into Director of College Counseling Sue Paton’s office.
  • Wineland, former Chair of the Modern Language Department, is retiring in the same year that her twelfth-grade advisees are graduating.

    Wineland, Chair of Modern Language Department, Retires

    Ellery Saluck '17, Beat Editor Emeritus
    At the end of this school year, Susan Wineland will officially retire from her 23 years as a Spanish teacher and nine years as Modern Language Department Chair (2007-2016) at Hopkins School.
  • Carla MacMullen, Dean of Faculty, (right) with her daughter, Avery '16 (left).

    MacMullen Moves On From The Hill

    Kristina Yarovinsky '18, News Editor
    After three decades at Hopkins, Dean of Faculty Carla MacMullen will be leaving The Hill to become Head of Kew-Forest School, the oldest independent school in Queens, New York.
  • Donasia Gray '18 will be Student Council President next year.

    Maroon and (Donasia) Gray To Be Stuco President

    Sarah Roberts '20, Assistant News Editor
    As the school year comes to a close, the Hopkins student body has elected its Student Council President, Donasia Gray, for its 358th year.
  • Poet Li-Young Lee speaking with students.

    The Art of Poetry: A Visit From Li-Young Lee

    Theodore Tellides '19, News Editor and Saira Munshani '20, Assistant News Editor
    The gym fell silent, waiting for poet Li-Young Lee to speak his frst words: “I’m really happy to be here...well, I don’t know if I’m happy to be here, but it’s a crisis for me to be here. Talking to people is a crisis. Writing for me is a crisis. Everything is a crisis.”
  • Independent Student Projects

    Izzy Lopez-Kalapir & Connor Hartigan
    Rigorous and all-encompassing though the Hopkins curriculum is, some students are very explorative outside the classroom and pursue areas of personal interest, to unleash their creative talents into grand oeuvres. The Razor interviewed two young writers on campus: Tyler Stevens-Scanlan ’19, a comic book creator, and Caroline Vanderlee ’17, who has just completed a draft of her first novel.
  • Syrian artist and architect Mohamad Hafez and Chair of the Art Department Karen Klugman stand in front of “The Ruler of the Land.”

    Mohamad Hafez Shares His Story at Assembly

    Chloé Glass ’17 News Editor
    Syrian architect and artist Mohamad Hafez opened his Assembly presentation on February 17 by dividing the Hopkins community into those who hold blue passports, and those who have red passports.
  • Ongoing Change at Hopkins

    Izzy Alarcon ’19
    Over the past few years, Hopkins has undergone a series of changes in the form of new courses, new teachers, and even a new Head of School.
  • Li-Young Lee was born in 1957, in Jakarta, Indonesia, and emigrated to the United States with his parents in 1964. He now lives in Chicago with his wife and two sons.

    Poet Li-Young Lee to Visit Hopkins

    On Friday, March 31, poet Li-Young Lee will present his art in Assembly.
  • Madeleine Walker ’19 and Lilly Tipton ’18 attended the Women’s March on Washington D.C. on Saturday January 21, the day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

    Hilltoppers March on Washington

    Chloé Glass '17 News Editor and Katie Broun '19 Assistant News Editor
    The day after the inauguration of the 45th President, American city streets were flooded with more than five million Americans in a sea of pink hats as part of the largest demonstration in American history. Dozens of Hopkins students and faculty were among those who marched on January 21 in Women’s Marches in Washington D.C. and New York City, while others attended local events in Hartford, New Haven, and Stamford.
  • Many classes at Hopkins incorporated the election into their studies (artwork: Sanaea Bhagwagar).

    Hopkins Reacts to Election Results

    Nina Barandiaran '19 Assistant News Editor and Theo Tellides '19 Assistant OpEd Editor
  • No-Homework Breaks Discussed on The Hill

    Lily Meyers ’20
    No-homework weekends and breaks provide time for students to enjoy activities they would not otherwise have as much opportunity to do during homework loaded weeks, but these weekends can be complicated for both students and teachers.
  • Volunteering 2016: Campaigns and CFD

    Katie Broun '19 Assistant News Editor
    Throughout the fall and winter seasons, Hopkins students volunteered their time to help others. From students who enjoy politics to those who are community service driven, many Hilltoppers utilized their skills during the election cycle and throughout the holiday season. 
  • Bynum was inaugurated as 109th Head of School on July 1, 2016.

    Hopkins Welcomes 109th Head of School

    Sanaea Bhagwagar ’17, Editor-in-Chief and Sam Steinberg ’17, Managing Editor
    Dr. Kai Bynum is Hopkins’ 109th Head of School and joined the community on July 1, 2016, for its 356th school year. Bynum comes to Hopkins from Roxbury Latin School in Boston, Massachusetts. He grew up in Olympia, Washington, attended the University of Washington in Seattle, and then continued his graduate studies at Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania. In the past, he has taught literature and philosophy, and has held the role of coach and adviser.

    The Razor staff conducted an interview with Bynum before the new school year.
  • Distinguished Alumnus David Newton '67

  • Yoseph Kim '17, Tiffany Buu '17, Sanaea Bhagwagar '17, and Chloé Glass '17 fundraising outside Claire's Corner Copia, a popular New Haven restaurant, last fall.

    Preview of Canned Food Drive as StuCo Plans Events to Raise Money for Connecticut Food Bank

    Nina Barandiaran '19, Assistant News Editor and Caroline Viselli '19
    Hopkins’ annual fund-raiser for the Connecticut Food Bank will begin on October 22.
  • Senator Blumenthal on The Hill

    On Friday October 7, United States Senator Richard Blumenthal spoke at Assembly.
  • Commendations: 2015–2016 Prizes and Awards

  • Congratulations to the Class of 2016

    The Hopkins Class of 2016 graduated on Friday, June 10.
  • Barbara Riley will retire from Hopkins School on June 30.

    End of an Era: Head of School Barbara Riley Retires from Life on The Hill After 20 Years

    Juliette Verlaque '16, Features Editor Emeritus
    On June 30, Barbara Riley will formally end her fifteen-year tenure as the 108th Head of Hopkins School.
  • Hopkins' Day of Silence will be held on Friday, April 29.

    Day of Action Encourages Discussion

    Chloé Glass ’17, News Editor
    Hopkins’ Day of Silence is rooted in history. On June 28, 1969, a riot-broke out at the well-known gay bar “The Stonewall Inn” in  downtown Manhattan. Before 1980, homosexuality was outlawed in New York, and the police arrived at the Manhattan gay bar with the intention of shutting it down. Instead, the patrons resisted and held out against the police for three days, even as the officers returned clad in riot gear.
  • Barbara Riley (

    Head of School Holds Dinners on Race

    Helena Lyng-Olsen '18 and Lilly Tipton '18, Assistant News Editors
    To supplement the current Conversations on Race program, Head of School Barbara Riley announced three dinners open to faculty and grades 9-12 throughout February and March.
  • Naomi Shihab Nye has won numerous awards for her poetry and prose on the Middle East. Her works include This Same Sky, A Maze Me: Poems for Girls, and The Turtle of Oman. (

    Poet Naomi Shihab Nye to Speak at Assembly

    Kristine Ahn '16
    Naomi Shihab Nye, an award-winning Palestinian-American poet, writer, and educator, will visit Hopkins on April 25. In her poem “One Boy Told Me,” Nye wrote: “Music lives inside my legs. / It’s coming out when I talk.”
  • Student Council members from left to right: Damini Singh ’16, Sophie Cappello ’16, Eric Kong ’16, and Will Simon ’16. “Will has led this school with more passion and conviction that any other Student Council President in the time we’ve been at Hopkins.” - Sophie Cappello ’16. (

    Will Simon Concludes StuCo Presidency

    Sara Chung '19
    On February 23, 2016, Sara Chung ’19 conducted the following interview with Will Simon, Student Council President, as he concludes his final semester at Hopkins School.
  • Welcome to the Electric Razor!

    Michael Bass '16 and Sophie Cappello '16
    The Razor Staff is proud to announce and launch our first-ever online edition.
  • Charles Blow has worked as a columnist for The New York Times since 2008. He will speak at Hopkins in conjunction with the ongoing Conversations on Race. (Home Page:, Above: New York Times)

    Columnist Charles Blow to Speak at Assembly

    Sophie Cappello '16
    Charles Blow, the New York Times visual Op/Ed columnist, will visit Hopkins on Friday, February 19, as a part of the Conversations on Race program. Blow covers everything from politics to public opinion to social justice.

    After serving as a graphic artist for The Detroit News, he joined The Times in 1994 as a graphic editor and soon became graphic director. In 2008, he began writing a biweekly column and he published his memoir, Fire Shut Up in My Bones, in 2012.
  • Michael Fosberg (above) wrote and performed the one-man show at Hopkins on January 27. (

    "Incognito" Comes to The Hill

    Kristine Ahn '16, News Editor
    Hopkins continued the Conversations on Race program with “Incognito,” a one-actor play written and performed by Michael Fosberg, on January 27.
  • The Malone Science center will be home to the new HARPS program. (

    Hopkins Adds Intensive Research Program to Science Curriculum

    Lilly Tipton '18 and Helena Lyng-Olsen '18, Assistant News Editors
    Next year, Hopkins will introduce an authentic research program in science to the curriculum. This program, called HARPS (Hopkins Authentic Research Program in Science), will provide students with the opportunity to design and perform their very own research project. The program will also teach students the core techniques of experimentation and instruction on how to read and write scientific literature.
  • Razor editors Michael Bass ’16 and Sanaea Bhagwagar ’17 with Dr. Bynum following their interview (photo:

    Chatting With Kai Bynum, Next Head of School

    Michael Bass '16 and Sanaea Bhagwagar '17
    An in-depth conversation with Dr. Kai Bynum, Hopkins' next Head of School, conducted by editors Michael Bass ’16 and Sanaea Bhagwagar ’17 on the morning of September 11, after Dr. Bynum had spoken to the Hopkins community at Assembly.
  • Junior Schoolers fundraise in front of Atticus in downtown New Haven. (photo:

    Record Breaking Canned Food Drive Concludes

    Nina Barandiran '19 and Katie Broun '19
    Hopkins’ annual school-wide Canned Food Drive began on October 19, a project that raised money for the Connecticut Food Bank and ends on the last day of school before winter break. At that time, a check is presented to the president of the Food Bank. Last year, Hopkins raised a record-setting $85,052.07 under 2014 Student Council President Kyra Post. 
  • Hopkins has recently begun planning the construction of a new performing arts center, a structure of wood, glass, and granite that will sit in the location of the current Lovell building. (photo submitted by Ellie Stewart)

    Plans Revealed For Performing Arts Center

    Kristine Ahn '16, News Editor
    Hopkins is planning to invigorate its performing arts program with the construction of a new arts center that would be located at the site of Lovell Hall.
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