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  • College Board Changes AP Policy

    Juan Lopez '22 Assistant News Editor
    The College Board decides not only the content of Advanced Placement (AP) exams, but also the fees and registration deadlines.
  • Petey Graham ’20 acts out his role as Hamlet for a photo.

    Hopkins Drama Association Performs Hamlet

    Zach Williamson ’22 Assistant Arts Editor
    On October 17, 18, and 19, the Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) will perform the fall show Hamlet, Shakespeare’s renowned tragedy, directed by Hope Hartup and Assistant Director Leah Miller ’20.
  • Hopkins Students Balance Google Classroom and New LMS

    Anushree Vashist '21 News Editor
    Hopkins adopted a new learning management system (LMS) that, while universally adopted, is controversial in the Hopkins community.
  • Democratic canidates introducing themselves at the first debate.

    Political Primary Primer for Fall 2019

    Sophie Sonnenfeld ’21 Op-Ed Editor
    On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, current Hopkins juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to vote for the first time in the presidential election.
  • Students explore Edinburgh Castle.

    HDA Students Take the Stage in Edinburgh

    Ella Zuse '21 and Zach Williamson '22 Assistant Arts Editors
    From July 31 to August 11, a group of sixteen students from the Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • New Haven Road Race

    On September 1, Hopkins students, faculty, staff, and alumni participated in the Annual New Haven Road Race hosted by Faxon Law Group.
  • Off the Hill: Summer Activities

    Anushree Vashist '21 News Editor
    As Hopkins students were freed from the struggles of school, each found a unique way to enjoy their summer freedom.
  • Sparky explains the Law of Sines to his Pre-Calculus BC class.

    Stephen "Sparky" Clark's Departure From The Hill Sparks Nostalgia

    Saira Munshani '20 Senior Op-Ed Editor
    Stephen Clark, better known as “Sparky,” will be retiring from Hopkins after nearly 33 years on The Hill.
  •  Canny Cahn poses with fellow retiree, Stephen

    English Legend Canny Cahn Retires after 17 Years on The Hill

    Katie Broun '19 Managing Editor Emeritus
    After teaching at Hopkins for seventeen years, Canny Cahn, Psychology and English Teacher and former Razor Advisor, will retire at the conclusion of the 2018-2019 school year.
  • Clayton Hall retires from his adjunct position in the Math
Department after half a century on The Hill.

    Honoring Retiring Hilltoppers: Clayton Hall

    Juan Lopez '22 Assistant News Editor
    Clayton Hall will be retiring from his adjunct position in the Math Department after a total of 50 years at Hopkins.
  • Business Office Manager Gail Leamon retires from Hopkins
after 24 years.

    Honoring Retiring Hilltoppers: Gail Leamon

    Anushree Vashist '21 News Editor
    Business Office Manager Gail Leamon will be retiring after nearly twenty-four years on The Hill.
  • Honoring Retiring Hilltoppers: Gena Eggert

    Zoe Kim '20 Senior News Editor
    Assistant to the Director of Admissions Gena Eggert will be retiring after working at Hopkins for fourteen years.
  • Honoring Retiring Hilltoppers: Linda Weber

    Orly Baum '22 Assistant News Editor
    After five years at Hopkins, Linda Weber will retire from her position as Director of Strategic Marketing and Communication.
  • Commendations

  • The new classroom furniture is easily maneuverable for different classroom set-ups.

    Hopkins Brings Funky Furniture to Baldwin

    Zoe Kim ’20 Senior News Editor
    In February, Hopkins launched a new furniture pilot in a Baldwin classroom.
  • Twenty-Four Students Attended the Student Diversity
Leadership Conference

    Hopkins Students Attend Student Diversity Leadership Conference

    Orly Baum '22 Assistant News Editor
    On April 7, 24 Hopkins students attended the Regional Student Leadership Diversity Conference (SDLC) at St. Luke’s School in New Canaan.
  • The Hopkins Student Body elected Katherine Takoudes '20 to be the next Student Council President

    Katherine Takoudes Elected StuCo President

    Anushree Vashist '21 News Editor
    On April 8, 2019, the student body elected Katherine Takoudes ’20 to lead Hopkins School for its 360 year.
  • The Truth Behind College Admissions

    Juan Lopez '22 Assistant News Editor
    This past March, the United States federal prosecutors exposed a criminal conspiracy within the admission process of several prestigious universities.
  • JR Stauff '19 sits at second on the Leaderboard with a score of 2502.

    App Store Sensation: Left Shape Right

    Julia Kosinski '20, Assistant News Editor
    On February 7, Cyrus Illick ’19 released the arcade game Left Shape Right.
  • Hopkins Spring Trips

    Ellie Medovnikov '22 and Sarah Roberts '20, News Editor
    This year, along with the annual sports Spring Training trips, Hopkins students had the option to travel to Italy and explore Amalf and Atrani while bettering their language skills, or participate in an educational tour of Northern Europe about World War II.
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