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  • Thompson Hall in the snow during the 2020 Winter Break.

    Are Snow Days Doomed?: A Potential Pandemic Casualty

    Melody Cui ’23 Assistant News Editor
    In past years, snow days have provided a momentary respite to students from their normally busy work-loads, but as distance-learning becomes the norm for students, the fate of snow days hangs in the balance.
  • The events for Black History Month include speakers, movies, and the Student Showcase on February 26.

    Hopkins Celebrates Black History Month

    Anjali Subramanian '22 News Editor
    This February, the BLSU (Black Latinx Student Union), SURE (Students United for Racial Equity), and Diversity Board came together to plan and orchestrate a variety of events to celebrate Black History Month.
  • A healthcare worker in PPE holds a Covid-19 test.

    PPE Shortages 101: A (Very) Brief Overview

    Anushree Vashist '21 Lead News Editor
    Access all sources at
    The United States Covid-19 pandemic has been marked with a consistent failure: chronic personal protective equipment (PPE) shortages.
  • President-elect Joe Biden gives acceptance speech at
drive-in victory rally in Wilmington, Delaware

    Hopkins Reacts to Biden-Harris Win

    Aanya Panyadahundi '23 Assistant News Editor
    “No one pretends democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time” -Winston Churchill, November 1947
  • Soldiers on an emergency hospital ward at Camp Funston, Kansas.

    Resch Reflects on 1918 Flu Pandemic

    Melody Cui '23 Assistant News Editor
    History teacher Zoe Resch's lecture on the Spanish Flu of 1918, an annual installment of the History Department's Evans-Rood lecture series, takes on a new tenor as we live through the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.
  • Prairie Resch ’21 watches virtual tours on YouTube.

    Seniors Apply to College Amidst Covid-19

    Anjali Subramanian ’22 News Editor
    With college campuses shut down and limited standardized testing opportunities, the college application process has been upended by Covid-19.
  • Democratic Congressional Representative Rosa DeLauro gives victory speech after being elected to chair the House Appropriations Committee.

    Students and Faculty React to Local Elections

    Anushree Vashist '21 Lead News Editor Shriya Sakalkale '24 Campus Correspondent
    In addition to a historic presidential race, the 2020 election was filled with many important campaigns at the local level.
  • Arrows in front of Thompson Hall direct movement across campus.

    Administration Rolls Out Reopening Plan

    Anushree Vashist ’21 Lead News Editor
    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge America, schools across the nation have adapted to new learning environments.
  • Hopkins Students March in Protest for BLM

    Anjali Subramanian ’22 News Editor
    Many Hopkins students are participants and leaders in the protests and events for the Black Lives Matter [BLM] movement that have swept through New Haven and West Haven since May.
  • Math teacher Abraham Kirby-Galen teaches both his students in the classroom and those at home with the help of the Owl.

    Students and Faculty Adjust to Hybrid Model

    Melody Cui ’23 Assistant News Editor, Aanya Panyadahundi ’23 Assistant News Editor
    Through the implementation of new technology and approaches to different parts of instruction, Hopkin teachers are striving to make the most of the hybrid learning environment.
  • Sophie Sonnenfeld and Jack Kealey ’21 advocate Meatless Mondays.

    The Past, Present, and Future of Sustainability at Hopkins

    Aaron Gruen ’21 Campus Correspondent
    “Climate pledge.” “Carbon neutral.” “Green energy.” Over the last few years, companies and organizations have publicized terms like these in their plans to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Alexis Chang leads a Black Lives Matter protest that she helped organize.
Credit: Alexis Chang '21

    As Black Lives Matter Movement Continues, Hopkins Community Demands Better

    Anushree Vashist '21 Lead News Editor and Melody Cui '23 Assistant News Editor
    As the nation protests systemic racism in policing, education, housing, and other institutions, instances of discrimination and microaggressions on The Hill are being brought to light and examined by members of the community, resulting in a push for change.
  • Connecticut restaurant owner Bob Cooke sets up outdoor dining areas in preparation for the reopening of his restaurant.
Credit: Cloe Poisson

    Connecticut Rolls Out Reopening Plans

    Melody Cui '23, Assistant News Editor
    After three months in quarantine and with summer quickly approaching, the reopening of Connecticut is finally beginning. But is it too early for restrictions to be lifted, especially as the total number of cases continues to increase?
  • Chris Jacox retires from Hopkins School after 18 years on The Hill.

    Honoring Retiring Hilltoppers: Chris Jacox

    Saira Munshani '20, Senior Op-Ed Editor Emeritus, Sarah Roberts '20, Managing Editor Emeritus
    Chris Jacox, beloved English teacher and Friday poem extraordinaire, is retiring from Hopkins after 18 years on The Hill.
  • Jim Lawson contributes to the orchestra during the 2018 production of Heathers. 
Credit: Peter Mahakian

    Honoring Retiring Hilltoppers: Jim Lawson

    Anu Vashist '21, Lead News Editor
    Jim Lawson, a member of the Hopkins Maintenance Department, will be retiring this June after 18 years on The Hill. 
  • In 1863, former Head of School James M. Whiton gave B. Hoppin an award for “industry and good conduct.”
Credit: Thom Peters

    Hopkins' Responses to Past Crises

    Anjali Subramanian, '22, News Editor
    The recent coronavirus outbreak is the latest crisis at Hopkins, but it is not the first. In the past, Hopkins has responded to crises over curriculum, religious division, and war.
  • French teacher Sarah du Plessis visited her graduating advisees to celebrate from a safe distance, of course.  Credit: Hopkins Instagram

    Spring Events on The Hill Find a Way Despite the Coronavirus

    Aanya Panyadahundi '23, Assistant News Editor
    While the “coronavirus curve” is flattening as we approach summer, the virus continues to take a toll on numerous spring events on The Hill.
  • Prairie Resch ’21 and history teacher Zoe Resch have been gardening during their free time in self-isolation. 
Credit: Prairie Resch

    The Silver Linings of Quarantine

    Compiled by Anushree Vashist '21, Lead News Editor
    During a time of uncertainty, many have been fortunate to find reprieves from the current situation, especially self-isolation. We surveyed the Hopkins community to learn more about our very own silver linings.
  • Ella Zuse ’21 gives her speech for Student Council President via the Hopkins Virtual Assembly. Photo by Ella Zuse

    Hopkins Elects New Student Council President Amid School Closure

    Aanya Panyadahundi '23, Assistant News Editor
    This year’s Student Council (StuCo) presidential election was one of the first major all-school events affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic; nonetheless, the Hopkins student body elected Ella Zuse '21 as the 2020-2021 Student Council President.
  • President Trump signs into law the $2.2 trillion CARES Act.
Photo by Erin Schaff

    Hopkins Students Weigh in on Government Corona Policies

    Melody Cui '23, Assistant News Editor
    On March 27, 2020, in response to the quickly worsening recession brought on by COVID-19, President Trump signed into law a two trillion dollar relief package, the largest fiscal stimulus in American history.
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