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  • Échange Fantastique: French Students Visit Hopkins

    Rose Porosoff
    This month, thirteen students and two teachers from Lycée Louis Pasteur in Avignon, France came to Hopkins and stayed with host families throughout the week.
  • Hopkins Students Spring into Spring Break China Trip

    Sarah Solazzo
    This spring break, 31 Hopkins Chinese students and four teachers voyaged to China and Taiwan, with stops
    in Beijing, Xi’an, Changsha, and Taipei.
  • Bagnall enjoys a game day.


    Eli Ratner '24 Lead News Editor
    This June, Don Bagnall, Director of Medical Services and Head Athletic Training, will  retire after 41 years.
  • DuBois enjoys a day of gardening in a field  of wild violets.

    DuBois Departs After 23 Years

    Shriya Sakalkale '24 Lead Arts Editor
    After 23 years on the Hill, Librarian Debbie DuBois bids farewell to Hopkins as she prepares to retire. 
  • Student required? ChatGPT awaits a human.

    Not a (Turing) Test: Hopkins Responds to AI

    Abigail Rakotomavo ’26 News Editor
    With ChatGPT’s release in November and rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), educators and students around the country have had little choice but to confront the fact of AI in academics head-on. On the Hill, the a multi-pronged approach response to AI continues to evolve.
  • Hopkins Student Council poses for a photo.

    Presenting Prez Pres: Hopkins Elects New StuCo President

    Sophie Denny ’24 Lead News Editor
    In April, Preston Parker ’24 was elected Student Council President for the 2023-24 school year, defeating opposing candidate Axel Fine ’24. 
  • Young Democrats and Young Republicans Seek Middle Ground

    Claire Billings ’25 Assistant News Editor Rose Robertson ’24 Editor-in-Chief
    “There are no teams, no winners, no losers.” And with that statement, co-head of the Young Democrats Club, Kian Ahmadi ’24, opened the floor to this spring’s Middle Ground Conversation. Co-hosted by the Young Democrats and Young Republicans clubs, the Middle Ground conversations offer a space for Hopkins students to have safe, productive dialogue over various political issues. 

  • Class of 2023

    Congratulations Hopkins Class of 2023

    From the 2023-2024 Razor Staff
  • Hopkins students gather with their Italian pen pals in Amalfi.

    Hopkins Connects With European Sister Schools

    Claire Billings ’25 Assistant News Editor
    This year, Hopkins introduced the spring break trips to Italy for the first time in over three years. In addition to visiting important historical landmarks, students also had the opportunity to connect with French and Italian students at Hopkins’ sister schools. 
  • Volunteers read to young students at the Davis Academy in New Haven.

    Hopkins Springs into Action for Service Week

    Abigail Rakotomavo ’26 Assistant News Editor
    Hopkins’ second annual Spring Service Week, led by The Maroon Key Board, took place from April 3-6. 
  • Ratner and Congresswoman DeLauro pose for a picture

    DeLauro Combats Climbing College Costs

    Abby Rakotomavo ‘26 Campus Correspondent
    On March 30, 2022 U.S. Rep Rosa DeLauro introduced the Affordable Loans for Any Student Act to the Senate. This proposed piece of legislation is one of DeLauro’s efforts to make a college education more affordable to students throughout America.
  • Students participate in the dodgeball fundraiser

    Hopkins Responds to Earthquake Disaster

    Anya Mahajan ’25 Assistant News Editor
    The countries of Turkey and Syria remain in peril after Feb. 6, when a magnitude 7.8 earthquake devastated the two areas, rallying the support of students at Hopkins.
  • DeLauro Combats Climbing College Costs

    Abby Rakotomavo ‘26 Campus Correspondent
    On March 30, 2022 U.S. Rep Rosa DeLauro introduced the Affordable Loans for Any Student Act to the Senate. This proposed piece of legislation is one of DeLauro’s efforts to make a college education more affordable to students throughout America.
  • Elon Musk Tweets After His Acquisition of Twitter

    Elon Musk's Twitter Reign: Dictatorship or Democracy?

    Sophie Denny ’24 Assistant News Editor
    Elon Musk first began the process of purchasing Twitter in the spring of 2022 by offering to buy the platform for around $44 billion. Musk told NBC News  that “the company will neither thrive nor serve this societal imperative in its current form. Twitter needs to be transformed as a private company…Twitter has extraordinary potential. I will unlock it.” 
  • Glendinning Speaks to Hopkins Parents. Photo: Zach Pelletier

    Glendinning Listens: Head of School Introduces Listening by Design Program

    Anya Mahajan ’25 Assistant News Editor
    On December 14, a focus group of Hopkins parents gathered over Zoom to converse with the new Head of School, Matt Glendinning, about the school’s future.
  • Zelinsky speaks to members of the Hopkins community following his speech at Assembly.

    Alumni Fellow: Aaron Zelinsky '02

    Another of Hopkins' alums, Aaron Zelinsky '02 visited Hopkins Assembly on December 2.
  • Students at the Davis Academy share the rocket they  built.

    Hopkins Continues Partnership with Davis Academy

    Evie Doolittle ’23 Lead News Editor
    After a three-year hiatus due to Covid, this year, students returned to tutoring at the Davis Academy. 
  • Students pose for a photo before the Walkathon begins.

    StuCo Organizes Hopkins’ First Walkathon

    Sam Cherry ’23 News Editor
    On November 9, the Student Council (StuCo) organized a walkathon as part of the ongoing Connecticut Food Bank Fundraiser (CFBF), the annual, joint project run by StuCo and Maroon Key. 
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