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  • Huggins and the class of 1961 in ninth and tenth grade

    John Huggins: A Hopkins Black Panther

    Theodore Tellides ’19 Editor-in-Chief
    Meet John Huggins ’61, Hopkins Alumnus and Black Panther.
  • New Faculty Profile: Terence Mooney

    Where did you grow up? I grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, wedged between fruit and fish stands and a post office.
  • Seniors Mentor Hilltoppers

    Connor Pignatello ’19 Features Editor
    Senior mentors may be best known for their pre-advisor group Dunkin Donuts runs, but the most important qualities they bring to those early morning meetings are their experience and advice.
  • Abraham Kirby-Galen

    Welcome to The Hill!

    The Razor welcomes new faculty and staff to Hopkins. Here are some personal introductions and tidbits. Be sure to give them a warm welcome!
  • Sophie Sonnenfeld ‘21 and Jack Kealey ‘21 encourage fellow students to take the “Meatless Monday” pledge.

    A Field Study of Veganism on The Hill

    Veronica Yarovinsky '20, Assistant Features Editor
    A general reaction to learning that someone is vegan is “Why? How?” but the vegans at Hopkins are used to these questions.
  • Changes Come to the Summer Reading Guide

    Connor Pignatello '19, Features Editor
    Summer Reading: the dread of every Hopkins student.
  • Deena Mack

    Deena Mack and John Ibsen Retire

  • The Girls Junior Varsity Lacrosse team runs to Bill’s Carousel Ice Cream for a treat after a tough week of games.

    Hopkins Students Scream for Ice Cream!

    Lily Meyers '20, Assistant Features Editor
    Summer vacation is here, along with all of the activities and traditions that go with it. One such ritual is going out for ice-cream. Many students have a favorite local ice-cream shop to visit when the temperatures get high, but if you do not know where to go, or are just looking for some new places to try, here are some recommendations from Hopkins students.
  • Georgia Doolittle '18 learned about history through British baking.

    Seniors Present Work at Project Fair

    Veronica Yarovinsky '20, Assistant Features Editor and Connor Pignatello '19, Features Editor
    Every spring, seniors at Hopkins embark on Senior Projects in areas that interest them. Here is what some seniors have created this year.
  • Julius Herzog '20 hard at work teaching a small child how to sail.

    Hopkins Students Get the Job Done

    Izabella Lopez-Kalapir '20, Features Editor & Veronica Yarovinsky '20, Assistant Features Editor
    With the warm sun shining and the classes over, summer vacation is a great time to relax and take a break from the demands of school.
  • Zander Blitzer '18 recalls her own experience with the college process.

    Seniors Give College Application Advice

    Connor Pignatello '19, Features Editor & Veronica Yarovinsky '20, Assistant Features Editor
    The Razor staff interviewed Hopkins seniors about the college process. Below are their responses.
  • Kate Loffredo ’20, Alexis Chang ’21, and Chloe Smith ’20 attend the 2017 SURE Dance.

    You SUREly Will Have Fun at the SURE Dance

    Lily Meyers ’20, Assistant Features Editor & George Kosinski, ’19 Assistant Voices Editor
    It’s spring on The Hill now, and that means Prom season has officially arrived. The “Prom mindset” is prevalent across the Upper School.
  • Former library books can be taken home from carts such as this one.

    Calarco Library Gives Away Free Books From Old Collections

    Eleanor Doolittle '20, Assistant Features Editor
    The Calarco Library is undergoing a major process, “weeding,” that regulates the books at Hopkins.
  • Dozo sushi is delicious and aesthetically pleasing.

    Food Review with Gu: Dozo Asian Bistro

    Jeff Gu '18, Features Editor
    Located a short eight-minute drive from our very own Hopkins Forest Road lot, Dozo Asian Bistro and Sushi is the shortstop, after school, after-activities meal that should replace student obsession with the Athenian Diner.
  • George Kosinski '19

    Stressed to Impress: The Most Demanding Time of Year

    Zander Blitzer '18, Features Editor
    As Hopkins students and faculty return from March Break rested and refreshed, the crunch period before vacation may seem like a distant memory.
  • Sarah Roberts ’20 and Naomi Roberts ’18 pose before prom.

    Are You Related? The Hopkins Sibling Experience

    Eleanor Doolittle '20 and Veronica Yarovinsky '20, Assistant Features Editors
    One third of the high schoolers at Hopkins have a sibling who attends the school. Some siblings may feel overshadowed, but others say that they are glad to have someone close to them who shares the same experiences.
  • Sam Jenkins ’19 researches for his AP US History paper on John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie.

    Terming Up the Heat: Research Papers on The Hill

    Zander Blitzer '18, Features Editor
    Writing the research paper, a seven- to twenty-fve page paper on one specifc topic, is a hallmark of Hopkins’ high school history classes and a rite of passage.
  • Writing Right: The Writing Studio Opens

    Jeff Gu '18, Features Editor
    Does the prospect of free writing baffle your senses? Have you been plagued by pop reading quizzes or DBQs? Do you ever feel bogged down by analytical essays, lab reports, or the occasional research paper? If so, then the new Hopkins Writing Studio may be just the place for you!
  • A Constant Competition Over Stress

    Zander Blitzer '18, Features Editor
    Are you stressed?
  • Eleanor Doolittle ’20 indulges in some light reading of the U.S. Constitution.

    A Constitution Conversation

    Craigin Maloney '21
    Don’t you love a republic?
  • Class of 2018 Shares College Essay Openings

    Each year, Hopkins seniors submit a personal essay to their potential next homes. Included here are a selection of the first lines of college essays for the Class of 2018. 
  • Brian Seiter ’19 and Kenly Burton ’19 advertise their club, Hopkins Cancer Awareness, at the fall Community Service Fair.

    Hilltoppers for Humanity: Community Service on The Hill

    Jeffrey Gu '18, Features Editor
    Hopkins and Community Service. You must be thinking Canned Food Drive, right?
  • Senior Holiday Wishlist

    I wish...
  • Karen Silk

    New Faculty Profiles: Welcome to Hopkins!

    The Razor welcomes new faculty and staff to Hopkins. Here are some personal introductions and tidbits, continued from the September issue. Be sure to give them a warm welcome! 
  • The Republican Elephant and the Democratic Donkey are often pitted against each other, just as different opinions butt heads on The Hill.

    Partisan Politics Permeate The Hill

    Zander Blitzer '18, Features Editor
    The 2016 Presidential Election certainly shocked the world-- with a woman supported by a major party and a candidate with very little political experience, either outcome would have been revolutionary.
  • Allie Sokol '18 reads the September issue of The Razor.

    The Razor: A Humble Beginning

    Liv Capasso '19, Assistant Features Editor
    The Razor has been a consistent and dependable feature of Hopkins School for longer than any of us can remember...but when did it all begin, and how? 
  • Sorrel Westbrook

    Welcome to The Hill!

    The Razor welcomes new faculty and staf to Hopkins. Here are some personal introductions and tidbits. Be sure to give them a warm welcome!
  • Former Day Prospect Hill House, located in the Prospect Street Historic District of New Haven.

    DPH, PHS Alumni to Return for Celebration

    Zander Blitzer '18, Features Editor, and Grace El-Fishawy '18
    As one of the oldest secondary schools in the nation, Hopkins School has a history that is varied, exciting, and wholly unique.
  • Freshmen take a moment to huddle before the Sadie Hawkins Dance.  Left to right: Olivia Wen, Saira Munshani, Mika Kendall, Zoe Kim, Sarah Roberts

    Freshest Freshmen on the Freeway

    Jeff Gu '18, Features Editor
    Seniors. Juniors. Sophomores. Freshmen. In the high school, ninth graders are the ‘bottom of the food chain.’
  • HDA To Go To Scotland

    Olivia Capasso '19, Assistant Features Editor
    This August, students from the Hopkins Drama Program will be attending the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland, the world’s largest theater festival held every year for schools all over the globe.
  • Holly Paul Retiring

    The Razor Staff
    Holly Paul, the friendly face people encounter when they need help, will be retiring this year after twenty-nine years at the main desk in Baldwin Hall.
  • Hunter Congdon’s senior project of a scale model of downtown Milford as it looked in the year 1930, constructed with modelling materials he inherited from his grandfather.

    Passions to Senior Projects

    Eleanor Doolittle ’20 and Veronica Yarovinsky ’20, Assistant Features Editors
    All of the Hopkins community eagerly awaited 3:00 p.m. on Friday, May 19. Students and faculty gathered in Upper Heath on the warm day to view a room full of cool knowledge. 
  • Views from the 2016 Hopkins Nicaragua trip

    Visiting Nicaragua: A Hopkins Service Trip

    Olivia Capasso '19, Assistant Features Editor
    This summer, Spanish teacher Susan Bennitt will be leading the eleventh annual Hopkins trip to Nicaragua, along with Activities Director Ian Guthrie, and French teacher John Lytle.
  • Advanced Placement Classes, Advanced Pressure

    Zander Blitzer '18, Features Editor
    One phrase that inspires terror in the hearts of many senior schoolers come May is “AP Exams.”
  • Our version of

    Chopped: Hopkins Style

    Jeff Gu '18, Features Editor
    Four chefs, three courses, and only one chance to win.
  • Sam Steinberg '17 and Caroline Laplaca '17 pose outside of Calarco Library.

    Mentoring the Future

    Eleanor Doolittle ’20, Veronica Yarovinsky '20, Olivia Capasso ’19, Assistant Features Editors
    Every Thursday, ninth grade students start the day off in their advisory groups, enjoying some baked goods while talking about their experiences at Hopkins with their adviser, other advisees, and Senior Mentors.
  • Hopkins Model UN Committee Chairs pose for a picture at their home conference.

    Hopkins Model UN: World Politics on The Hill

    Tyler Cipriano ’19 and Dylan Maloy ’19
    This December, Hopkins Model United Nations hosted four schools and over 100 student-delegates for its third annual Model UN conference.
  • Alex Schott ’20 and robotics members work with coding tech.

    Robotics Team Enjoys Revitalization and Success

    Arushi Srivastava ’20 and Veronica Yarovinsky ’20
    This past season has been the most successful robotics season in Hopkins history despite several challenges the club faced.
  • The Goat mascot poses with Hopkins students.

    The Chronicles of the Goat Mascot

    Jeffrey Gu ’18 Editor-at-large and Sarah Roberts ’20
    The prominence of the goat has defned human history for centuries. “How is this?” You might ask, “Aren’t those silly, bleating animals just for viral ‘Taylor Swift’ videos?” To those unpatriotic individuals, I say, “Hircus caprarum rex!” Goat is king!
  • photo credit: Kristina Yarovinsky ‘18

    Authentic Research on The Hill

    Eleanor Doolittle '20 and Sarah Roberts '20
    Founded this year, HARPS, or Hopkins Authentic Research Program in Science, is one of the newest science electives at Hopkins. After completing the year-long experimental design course, the program gives students an opportunity to participate in hands-on scientific research at a lab program.
  • Students fill out their course forms.

photo credit: Zach Putnam '19

    From an Idea to an Elective: Starting a Class

    Lilly Tipton '18, Entertainment Editor and Kristina Yarovinsky '18, Features Editor
    Every year, the Hopkins course catalog features several novelties: courses that the school tries out for the first time. Behind the pages of the course catalog lies an interesting process for the planning, creating, and execution of new courses.
  • Cecilia Giamo '19 and Zane Meyers '19 at the Mountain School last year (photo: Cecilia Giamo).

    Hopkins Students Take on the World

    Katharine Takoudes '20 and Connor Pignatelo '19
    After spending three to five years on The Hill, some students feel the need to transition away from Hopkins. The Study Abroad Programs that the Modern Language Department offers fulfill their need to see a new community and expose themselves to new cultures.
  • Pathfinder students participate in acting class (photo: Helena Lyng-Olsen).

    Pathfinder Forges Its Own Path

    Toella Pliakas '17 Features Editor and Alex Hughes '19 Features Assistant Editor
    This past academic year, the organization formerly known as Breakthrough New Haven has been renamed and refocused into Hopkins’ very own on-campus program: Pathfinder Hopkins School.
  • Seniors Give Advice

    Samantha Phelan '18
    Seniors offer advice to underclassmen.
  • Juniors fundraise outside Nica's Market (photo: Donasia Gray).

    The Original "Canned" Food Drive

    Kristina Yarovinsky '18 Features editor
    When Hopkins first began helping the Connecticut Food Bank decades ago, fundraising as we know it today did not exist. Until the twenty-first century, the goal of the annual Food Drive was to gather non-perishables from families and friends of the Hopkins community.
  • 5 Fun Facts With Head of School Kai Bynum

    Zoe Butenhoff '18
  • Hopkins Speaks: The U.S. Election and The Hill

    Kristina Yarovinsky '18, Features Editor
    Before the voice tapes were released by the Washington Post that revealed obscene comments by Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, The Razor conducted a school-wide survey to determine campus opinion on the presidential election.
  • Jordan Sebastian '11 will be joining the athletic staff (photo: Courtesy of Sebastian)

    Hopkins Welcomes New Faculty (continued)

    The third installment of faculty profiles.
  • Ran Ran will be joining the Modern Language department (photo: Courtesy of Ran).

    Hopkins Welcomes New Faculty (continued)

    The second installment of faculty profiles.
  • Jessica DeVos will be joining the Modern Language department (photo: Courtesy of DeVos).

    The Razor Welcomes New Faculty to the Hopkins Community

    Sixteen new faculty join Hopkins this academic year.
  • From The Hill to the Real World: Majors and Careers

    Kristina Yarovinsky '18, Features Editor
    As Hopkins seniors reach the end of their high school career, they are faced with many opportunities to pursue their interests. Starting with selecting college majors, seniors will soon begin their journeys towards selecting a career. The Razor asked seniors what majors they were considering for college. Seventy-two seniors replied, showing a diverse range of interests in every field of study. Here is a look at what seniors have in mind regarding college majors and career choices.
  • Emma Bucklan '17 at the UCONN Science Olympiad tournament in 2015. (

    Hopkins Students Working for a Cure

    Deepak Gupta '18, Business Manager
    Recently, juniors Ally Batter, Jake Moscarelli, and Emma Bucklan received summer internships at Yale University’s Discovery to Cure program.
  • Conversations On Love: Mother’s Day on The Hill

    Alex Hughes '19, Assistant Features Editor
    Mothers work tirelessly year-round to keep their kids’ lives running smoothly. If each one of us stopped for a moment to think of all the things our mothers do for us, we would soon realize that the list is endless. For all the days our mothers devote to us, there’s only one day per year completely devoted to showing them appreciation and gratitude, and it’s coming soon. Mother’s Day means something different to everyone, and we all celebrate differently. 
  • Paul Stelben ’17 with his bassoon instructor. (

    Paul Stelben: The Best at Bassoon

    Kristina Yarovinsky ’18, Features Editor
    Hopkins School instrumental groups harbor many talented musicians who have reached some of the highest levels of music in New England. One such musician is Paul Stelben ’17, who plays both bassoon and piano.
  • (photo: Isabelle Breier)

    Isabelle Breier: Dancing Her Way To NYC

    Zander Blitzer '18, Editor-At-Large
    Isabelle Breier ’16 has all the typical stresses of a Hopkins student, with one added endeavor: dancing in New York City six days a week. Isabelle has been dancing since she was three years old. Now she dances at Valentina Kozlova’s Dance Conservatory of New York (VKDCNY), and travels internationally for dance competitions. 
  • Keevil has made a name for himself at Hopkins and in the Keator Gallery with pieces like this one. (photo: Kai Keevil)

    Kai Keevil: Artist Of Many Crafts

    Alexandra Batter '17, Assistant Features Editor
    While many students at Hopkins admire Kai Keevil ’16 for his fortitude in openly being a trans student on The Hill and heading SAGA, his wealth of artistic talent is just as laudable. Keevil has been one of the most capable and prolific artists graduating from Hopkins.
  • Julie Roberge, above, works as the Assistant to the Junior School in her office next to the Thompson Hall atrium. (photo: Juliette Verlaque)

    The Real Campus Power: Administrative Assistants

    Juliette Verlaque '16, Features Editor
    From the White House to Hollywood, powerful people and institutions are supported by a group of dedicated people behind-the-scenes, and Hopkins School is no different. The Administrative Assistant Team ensures that The Hill’s community runs as it should, organizing A.P. Exams, daily attendance rosters, and everything in between.  Their efforts impact the daily lives of Hopkins students, faculty, staff, and parents.
  • (

    The Seniors Look Back On Hopkins’ Past: 2010 to 2016

    Nate Stratton '19
    Editor’s Note: The long-term memory of Hopkins students is six years, and this article is meant as an anecdotal survey rather than a factual account of Hopkins history.
  • Sophie Cappello ’16 poses in Atkinson, New Hampshire, before a day of canvassing for 
Senator Bernie Sanders. (photo: Lauren Corradi '16)

    Off The Hill: HopKids Hit The Campaign Trail

    Juliette Verlaque '16, Features Editor
    As the early stages of the 2016 Presidential Election sweep the nation, young people across the country are getting involved, and Hopkins students are no exception. Hilltoppers have spent time working for major Presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle, canvassing, attending town hall meetings, and sometimes meeting the candidates themselves.
  • Seniors like Jaileen Rivera '16 (left) and Andrew Mosellie '16 (right) have worked with the College Counseling office on their essays. (photo:

    Openings of College Essays: Lines to Inspire

    The Razor presents the first college essay lines of the members of the Class of 2016. Some lines are from the essays of the Common Application and others are from supplemental responses. Enjoy!
  • Lauren Antonelli performed in the Winter One Acts 
this past December. (photo: Peter Mahakian)

    The Evolution of Lauren Antonelli: Comedian, Singer, And Actress Extraordinaire

    Alexander Hughes '19
    Lauren Antonelli ’16 entered Hopkins a timid freshman, but by taking advantage of the artistic opportunities that the school offers, she has evolved into a dynamic force on The Hill.
  • Accomplished Author at Remarkably Young Age: Emily Wang

    Alexandra Batter '17, Assistant Features Editor
    Numerous Hopkins students wander our beloved campus, possessing unrecognized talents or passions. Emily Wang ‘16 is one such scholar. Her unbridled ardor for writing has led to her first nationally published collection of short stories entitled I’m Fine.
  • Teacher Band performs at Back to School Bash this past September. From left to right: Jacqueline LaBelle-Young, Julia Rowny, and Erika Schroth (vocals), Ian Melchinger (instrumentals), Joshua Young (bass guitar). Not visible: Ian Guthrie (drums), Joshua Gleason (guitar), Dan Gries (keyboard). (photo: Peter Mahakian)

    Music on the Hill: Teacher Band Edition

    Juliette Verlaque '16, Features Editor
    Twice a year, at Back to School Bash in September and Reunion in June, Hilltoppers gather to cheer on Hopkins’ very own Teacher Band. !e group combines vocal and instrumental talents, functions as a self-proclaimed garage band, and features nine teachers from nearly every department at Hopkins.
  • Bennett Daponte-Smith ’16 plays guitar at Back To School Bash in  September with his band. (photo: Peter Mahakian)

    Musical Marvel: Bennett Daponte-Smith, Triple Threat Musician

    Justin Ye '19
    Many of the students at Hopkins are multi-talented in a variety of sports and arts. Still, it is rare to have someone play as many as three instruments and excel at all of them.
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