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Artist of the Issue: Leila Hyder ’24

Olivia Yu ’27 Assistant Arts Editor
Throughout her life, Leila Hyder ’24 has been surrounded by inspiration for her art as an actress and a painter. Recognized for her contributions to Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) productions, she has influenced the Hopkins arts community.
Throughout her life, Leila Hyder ’24 has been surrounded by inspiration for her art as an actress and a painter. Recognized for her contributions to Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) productions, she has influenced the Hopkins arts community. As a kid, Hyder always knew she wanted to be an actress. She recollects, “I’ve always loved performing, as I used to sing and dance a lot when I was younger.” As she grew older, she “watched films with [her] brother and dad.” These experiences were important to Hyder, because “watching how those actors performed on the screen inspired [her] – it felt so real.” Hyder’s first HDA show, and her first play, was “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Not only was it her “favorite Shakespeare play,” it was also the “first time [she] really felt free on the stage.” She notes, “I had no nerves, I just felt present and in the moment.” What made this experience so significant to Hyder was that “the character I played, Flute, was also such a hilarious person to play, and I had never gotten the chance to be given a bigger comedic role like that.” One of Hyder’s most memorable roles was Mrs. Webb in “Our Town” this past fall. While enjoyable, Hyder admits there were some challenges: “It was really hard for me at first, a teenager playing a middle-aged woman from New Hampshire in the early 20th century.” Hyder details how she took on the challenge of playing Mrs. Webb: “I really honed in on mother- like tendencies: I watched how my mom did the dishes, I thought back to how my grand - mother would cook with me, or how my mom would yell across the house to get my brother’s and my] attention.” Through this process, Hyder shares, “I had to learn how to not sound like myself, how to make my voice deeper, how to pronounce certain words.” “Our Town” was a wonderful learning experience for Hyder, as she expresses, “It was really fun for me to try all this because I’ve never had to do something like that before!” Students have seen Hyder’s passion for art shine through in many ways, such asher organizing the Diversity Board’s Black History Month art gallery this year. Not only an actress but also a painter, Hyder  admits that “I’ve always loved doing art from a young age. The arts and crafts section was always the first place I went to at summer camp.” She realized that she “was so drawn to art” because she “enjoyed looking at artwork so much.” She says, “I couldn’t have started doing it all without my parents. They encouraged me to try out everything, but they are also artists in their own way. My dad plays piano on the side and composes his own songs, and my mom used to be an interior decorator, so she has a wonderful taste for artwork.” She shares, “I don’t think I would appreciate art as much as I do if it wasn’t for them.” Theater and art are such important aspects of Hyder’s life. She says, “It’s what allows me to express myself, ever since I first started doing art.” Using art as a stress-relieving outlet, she believes that when “I’m doing art, whether that be act- ing, painting, [or] singing, I know that I’m doing something that I love, and I know that I’m in a place where I belong, where I can truly express myself—I always feel encouraged and supported by the people around me.” The support from the people in these welcoming communities is monu- mental for Hyder: “They are the ones who inspire me and keep me going.” Wanting to share these experiences with others, she adds, “I have so much fun doing art, and I hope doing any form of artwork is something that everyone gets to try at least once.”
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