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Hottest Takes on the Hill: Agree or Disagree?

Mira Krichavsky ’24 Features Editor Eric Roberts ’25 Assistant Features Editor
When asked to share its controversial opinions, known as “hot takes,” the Hopkins community jumped at the chance. A school survey polled students on hot takes ranging from dessert and dining hall snacks to Taylor Swift and fashion.
When asked to share its controversial opinions, known as “hot takes,” the Hopkins community jumped at the chance. A school survey polled students on hot takes ranging from dessert and dining hall snacks to Taylor Swift and fashion.

Hot take: Sprinkles are dumb.
“Agree, they taste like cardboard.” — Dani Lustberg ’24
“They add flavor and color to a possibly otherwise boring dessert.” — Naomi Schwartz ’28
“I like sprinkles but it’s dumb how companies sell them in different colors. They’re flavorless, so there’s really no difference between rainbow, white, pink, and chocolate sprinkles. It’s 2023, I thought we were past separating by color.” — Joaquin Cespedes ’26

Hot take: Pickleball isn’t a real sport.
“If golf is a sport, pickleball is too.” — Emma Yan ’24
“Not a real sport ‘cause it’s just baby tennis.” — Ally Reichart ’29

Hot take: French Toast Day is better than Grilled Cheese Day.
“French toast can add a little sweetness to your day while your grilled cheese has slipped off of your plate onto the ground.” — Mattea Parnoff ’28
“French Toast Day is just bread.” — Ripley Chance ’26

Hot take: Crewnecks over hoodies.
“Crewnecks are more stylish, but hoodies are more comfortable.” — Olivia Yu ’27
“Disagree. Hoodies are more comfortable and keep you warmer than crewnecks. Also, you can take hoodies on and off.” — A’nai Alvarez ‘26

Hot take: Taylor Swift is overrated.
“People are under mind control to like her.” — Jacob Richards ’27
“While I don’t like her music very much, she has achieved a lot. And even if you aren’t a Swifty, you have to admit that she has a couple of good songs.” — Olivia Yu ’27
“I love her music and think that it’s really dimensional: There’s a song for every mood. I mostly like her as a person as well.” — Kelsey Reichart ’27

Hot take: Water has a taste.
“Agree. The taste changes depending on the temperature.” — Anika Madan ’24
“Agree, if you have mineral water versus spring water, or even different brands, they taste different.” — Mattea Parnoff ’28
“The taste scales with how late at night you drink it.” — Alexander Sukhodolsky ’27

Hot take: Froyo is better than ice cream.
“Froyo can have many more fun flavors and isn’t too hard when cold.” — Samantha Aguero ’27
“Froyo to ice cream is like Colony Grill Pizza to Sally’s Apizza. One is more sophisticated than the other, but one I would prefer to have froyo any given day.” — Anika Madan ’24

Hot take: High School Musical 2 is better than the first.
“More fun costumes and a better plot, but 1 will always be known as the OG.” — Olivia Yu ’27
“Yea duhhh - ‘I want fabulous!!’” — Ally Reichart ’29
“1. You can’t beat a classic!” — Benji Porosoff ’27

Hot take: FLIK chips are better than curly fries.
“Curly fries are a national treasure.” — Alexander Sukhodolsky ’27
“I love the chips sooooo much and, when they put cinnamon sugar on them, it’s so good.” — Kelsey Reichart ’27

Hot take: Hot dogs are open-faced sandwiches.
“Agree, a sandwich is two slices of bread with meat in the middle, and a hotdog has 2/2 of the bread on either side of the hotdog.” — Naomi Schwartz ’28
“Absolutely not. A sandwich is about its character as much as its makeup. And a hotdog does not have the character of a sandwich.” — Beyla Ridky ’24
“They are so not open-faced sandwiches. They’re curled around the hot dog. Part of the meat is exposed in a way unlike a sandwich.” — Sarvin Bhagwagar ’24

We asked Hopkins students to submit their own hot takes. Here are some of the highlights!
“Pizza is better with no crust.” — Dayna Wong ’27
“Summer is the worst time to go to the beach.” — Susie Becker ’28
“Hopkins needs an escalator!!!! (Or a gondola would be even better!!)” — Rose Porosoff ’27

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