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Senior Holiday Wishes

I wish...
Aaron Gruen - To meet Treasury Secretary Elizabeth Warren. 
Abigail Fossati  - To borrow someone's dog for a day.
Addie Priest - To play one round of Among Us with Ms. Silk, Mr. Gutherie, Dr. Bynumm, Mr. Roberts, Ms. Belbita, Rocco, Mr. Levy, Ms. Parente, and Dave Wagner. (if Ms. Parente opts out then I want to play with David Verdu)
Aidan Berchem - To switch classes with my brother for a day.
Alejandro Lopez - For the Cafe to reopen!
Alex Yuen - To play Clay 1v1 in basketball to 3 points in front of the entire school.
Alexis Chang - To make a TikTok with Charlie the chef, 
Amelia Treat - For senior school snack, even if I'm gone.
Anajah Williams - For Mike to buy a new pair of sweatpants. 
Anna Fisher - For a senior prom...and less homework.
Annie Burtson - To switch places with Ms. Silk for a day.
Anushree Vashist - For the Lower Library to be named after its greatest enthusiast, Prarie Resch.
Ava Pfannenbecker - To go on a cross-country road trip through the US.
Brooke Lane - To have everyone go back on campus again.
Caroline Asnes - That Ella Fuji said things that were actually funny. 
Caroline Blake - That AP euro goes better for future kids than it went for me.
Carly Slager - For the cafe to reopen a d start selling caramel M&Ms (the best candy).
Chase Harrison - To graduate highschool.
Chibueze Nzekwe - COVID-19 doesn't ruin my freshman year of college. 
Christopher (Kit) Illick - For world peace. 
Chris Babyak - To borrow Rocco's golf cart for the day.
Clara Goulding - That Jack would give better directions. 
Clay Reiferson - That my friends would stop bullying me. 
Connor Davis - For Jam Club to perform live. 
Cooper Bucklan - To have Teddy Glover serenade me with his violin. 
Craigin Maloney - To stop balding. 
Cristin Earley - For one last swim meet. 
Cyrus Chemery - For you to stop emailing me about the senior wish.
Dania Anabtawi - To play a piece with Ms. Schroth. 
Daniel Barber -To fly over the Quad in formation with Dexter Lourenco.
Daniel Cao - To be a blobfish/pangolin hybrid, be immune to ghost peppers, and own the Vatican Secret Archives. 
David Burton - There still was a boathouse.
David Verdu - For the online schedule from last year. 
David Zhou - To be happy.
Derek Silver - To be able to witness Connor Brody Davis' impeccable music talent again.
Dexter Lourenco - For Dan to come back.
Drew Slager - To fix Lovell so it's not a fire hazard, and bring a grilled cheese food truck for the seniors. 
Drew Williams - That we could return the owls and get our tuition money back.
Dylan Matchett - To have a boxing match with Aidan.
Dylan Knox - For the school to go back to a normal schedule.
Ella Fujimori - That Caroline laughed at my jokes. 
Ella Ip- To get into the college I want.
Ella Zuse - For Mr. Roberts to let me decide snow days this winter.
Ella Norwitt - To have a bench named after Mr. Werrell on the quad. 
Ellie Miller - For all seniors to be on campus together in the spring. 
Emerson DelMonico - That Livy would get her license already.
Emma Breahna - To become a carrot. 
Emma Cahill - For Ms. Doval to come to school one day dressed as Mama Hen.
Emma Hotchkiss - To see Ms. Schroth and Sam brock sing a duet. 
Emmett Dowd - To have my own Jack Lubin food day but it's with chicken nuggets and pineapple juice. 
Erin Kelleher - to have a senior wish.
Ehtan Evans - To see Mr. Sperling do a backflip. 
Ethan Woolbert - To go back to school this year.
Ethan Yan - To go on a date with Lola Panagos. 
Evan Alfandre - That we were allowed to talk in the upper library. 
Finn Day - To be able to play basketball after lunch again. 
Fiona O'Brien - To build a model volcano with Emmett Dowd and Ethan Yan, Similar to the one that we made for our group project in Science 7. 
Geneva Cunningham - To go down the Heath stairs riding a mattress. 
Georgia Rivero - For a surprise sleep-in one day second term.
Gonzalo Santiago de la Mora - To race Dr. Bynum in the 100m on the track at schools. 
Grace Rhatigan - That there were a "Best Advisory Group" superlative.
Graham Selby - To have Hopkins sports come back.
Greysen McCormack - For Hopkins to not sell Insomnia cookies at 1--% of their retail price. 
Hannah Szabo - ..|.--.. ... ....| -- --- .-. .| .--. . --- .--. .-.. .| ..- -. -.. . .-. ... - --- --- -..| -- --- .-. ... .|-.-.--- -.. .|
Hudson Berk - For Dr. Bynum to Arnold pose. 
Izzy Melchinger - To switch a full day with my dad (he takes my classes I teach his).
Jack Kealey - That Clara would drive better,. 
Jasmine Simmons - For Homecoming in the spring. 
Jason Chung - For Dr. Stewart to show us his films. 
Jason Holler - To free Bobby Shmurda. 
Jenny Gidicsin - For a singular pipette stand to be named after me.
Jessica Hensel - To see two pretty best friends.
Joanna Wei - To be able to bring my pet chicken, Buck, to school.
Joey Rebeschi - For a new theater. 
John Aslanian - For a third Yash.
John Hui - To have Mr. Smithg play a Star Trek theme (on viola) in a virtual Assembly with his Star Trek costume.
John Keegan - For spinrg sports. 
John Stanley - For Max Papadatos to wear his famous red Under Armour shirt.
Johnny Mills - To have the class schedule from spring 2020.
Johnathan Hwa - That the squash courts were open. 
Joesph Hutchinson - For broad textbook reform. 
Julia An - To DJ music for the quad from the balcony of Thompson!
Julia Davis - To still have snow days this winter. 
Julia Kosinski - To form a rock band with Han and Izzy 
Juliette Henderson - For Mr. Roberts to sing a song he made himself with no instruments for all of Assembly. 
Kaila Spearman - To have my parking space money reimbursed.
Kate Collier - That the cafe would bring back the cappuccino muffins from 8th grade so I can split one with Mary Halvorsen one more time.
Kate Seiter  - For one day, let me sleep through all my classes in the library. 
Katie Park - To go back to school soon!
Lexie Lewis - To eat peanut m&ms's in Ms. Parente's office. 
Livy Burdo - For the entire class of 2021 to have a flash mob to High School Musical at graduation. 
Lola Panagos - To go on a date with Ethan Yan.
Madi Mettler - To meet all of Dr. Coz's pets and get into college.
Maeve Stauff - For Hopkins to get an ice hockey team. 
Margaret Toft - For another StuPro show!
Mary Halvorsen - For a prom.
Matt Broder - To be able to talk in the upper library again.
Max Papadatos - For all to be back in school by the end of the year.
Maya Junkins - To go to my first concert of 2020, if and when COVID-19 allows.
Michael Iaccarino - To see my friends in Grey Cohort soon.
Michael Imevbore - That COVID-19 would just go away.
Milan Yorke - That each senior has a chance to pick a lunch special!
Monish Kumar - For Dr. Stewart to run a Twitch stream where he plays hearthstone.
Nick Wilkinson - To do a dancing Tik Tok with Anajah.
Noah Stein - For Bobby Smith to play League of Legends with the orchestra students!
Noam Benson-Tilsen - To prove once and for all that then Thompson Hall bell is really just Mr. Roberts hitting a gong really hard. 
Nora Schmitt - to stop getting jump-scared by the bell
Poppy Hanson - To get an A in precalc. 
Prairie Resch - For the history office to be named the "Mama Resch-Vashist History Office" after its two biggest fans. 
Ramey Harper-Mangels - For a time turner (a la Hermione Granger). 
Ranease Brown - To drive one of the Bobcats or golf carts around campus.
Riley Lipman - That the cafe would give me their granola recipe.
Riley Tooker - To get my English accent back.
Rochelle Wange - For a will to live idk.
Rishi Gottumukkala - For the pool not to be so cold during the winter. 
Sam Brock - For a virtual board game night with Ms. Kelly, Ms. Abraham, Dr. Zelinksy, and Mr. Young!!! Or the start of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with Dr. Zelinsky!
Samuel Rivera Jr. - To pass my swim test.
Sara Francis - For a normal graduation and prom!
Sawyer Maloney - To change Malone to Maloney for a day.
Siraj Kalaria - To be able to talk in the library.
Shizah Mangi - That I could think of a wish.
Sophie Sonnenfeld - That we could have a Woofstock where everyone at Hop brings their pets. 
Spencer Cipriano - For a new car.
Spencer Littman - The Jets could win one game. 
Steven Broun - To have a drum battle with Mr. Gutherie.
Teddy Glover - That we go Filet-O-Fishes from McDonald's one day for lunch.
Toby Leiserowitz - To have the 2 biggest gamers at Hopkins (Dexter and Sara) have a Minecraft 1v1 to determine the actual biggest gamer. 
Tommy Lasersohn - For this wish to not be granted.
Tommy Wimmer - That my schedule had at least once let me stay in the same building for my next class.
Troy Prinz - For COVID-19 to be over before summer so we could leave it in 2020 and have a normal end of senior year and a normal beginning to college.
Tyler Forman - To have a graduation.
Victoria Ye - For love & peace.
Warren Jaffee - For new speakers for my record player.
Will McCormack - For Dr. Gries to create a math-themed TikTok, a la @SutherlandPhys.
Yahn Galinovsky - For a senior sweatshirt, athletic long sleeve shirt, crew neck, AND a 1,00,00 dollar donation to my bank account.
Yash DiMauro - For IMBL to come back so I can get that golden ticket to D1 basketball.
Yash Thakur - To finally be able to use the new track for an actual track meet. 
Zane Franz - For everyone to listen to my music.
Zoe Smith - For senior spring fully on campus.

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