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The Student Newspaper of Hopkins School

Class of 2020 College List

American University (2) 
Amherst College (1) 
Babson College (1) 
Barnard College (2)
Bates College (1) 
Boston College (4) 
Bowdoin College (1) 
Brandeis University (1) 
Brown University (2) 
Bryant University (1) 
Bryn Mawr College (1) 
Bucknell University (2) 
Case Western Reserve University (1) 
Chapman University (1) 
Claremont McKenna College (2) 
Clark University (1) 
Colby College (5) 
Colgate University (4) 
College of the Holy Cross (1) 
College of William and Mary (1) 
Colorado College (1) 
Columbia University (3) 
Cornell University (2) 
Dartmouth College (2) 
Denison University (1)
Dickinson College (1) 
Emory University (1) 
Georgetown University (1)
Goucher College (1) 
Hamilton College (2) 
Harvard University (2) 
Haverford College (1) 
Kenyon College (1) 
Lafayette College (1) 
Lehigh University (1) 
Loyola University New Orleans (1) 
McGill University (1) 
Mount Holyoke College (2)
New York University (2) 
North Eastern University (4) 
Oberlin College (1)
Oxford College of Emory University (1) 
Pennsylvania State University (1) 
Princeton University (2) 
Perdue University (2) 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1) 
Rollins College (1) 
Sacred Heart University (1) 
Siena College (1)
Simmons University (1)
Skidmore College (2) 
Smith College (1) 
Spelman College (1) 
Swarthmore College (1) 
The University of Edinburgh (1) 
The University of Texas Austin (1) 
Trinity College (2)
Tufts University (5) 
Tulane University of Louisiana (1) 
Union College (1) 
University Chicago (5) 
University of Colorado Boulder (2) 
University of Connecticut (3) 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1) 
University of Michigan (2) 
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (3) 
University of Pennsylvania (4) 
University of Rochester (1) 
University of Southern California (1) 
University of St. Andrews (1) 
University of Vermont (3)
University of Virginia (1) 
Wake Forest University (2) 
Washington University in St. Louis (3) 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (1) 
Yale University (14)
Editor in Chief 
Julia Kosinski

Managing Editor 
Teddy Glover 

Anushree Vashist
Anjali Subramanian
Aanya Panyadahundi
Melody Cui
Sophie Sonnenfeld
Emmett Dowd
Vivian Wang
Evangeline Doolittle
Zach Williamson
Craigin Maloney
Anand Choudhary

Abby Regan
Riley Foushee
Sophia Neilson

Maeve Stauff
Kallie Schmeisser
Tanner Lee
Sophia Zhao
Juan Lopez

Emmett Dowd
Jon Schoelkopf

Nick Hughes

Business Manager
Sophia Cerroni
Luca Vujovic

Faculty Advisers
Jenny Nicolelli
Elizabeth Gleason
Rebecca Marcus
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