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    • John Aslanian ’21 watches Disney+ in Upper Heath.

A Flood of Streaming Services

Chiu Yen Vergara ’23
According to a CNBC survey, 57% of Americans have some form of streaming service. Big entertainment streaming companies such as Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ compete for viewership while trying to differentiate themselves from the others.
Netflix is amongst one of the most popular streaming services due to its large assortment of binge-worthy films, including Netflix originals. However, the amount of content can be overwhelming. History teacher Sarah Belbita said, “There’s just too much. We’ll say ‘there’s nothing to watch’ and have literally thousands of shows at our fingertips.” When comparing Netflix to other streaming services, Assistant Director of Admissions Carolyn Traester said, “there’s better original content and so much of it. Also no hidden costs, everything is included. You don’t have to pay extra for certain movies or shows.” Netflix has a variety of genres users can choose from; however, Channing Malkin ’23 said, “Netflix is taking everything off, specifically The Office and Friends and adding more Netflix originals.” In terms of pricing, Netflix leans toward the more expensive range, charging 12.99 a month.

Hulu is a streaming service filled with a variety of different TV series and movies. The streaming service provides the user with new episodes shortly after they air. Ava Littman ’23 enjoys the service because “you can watch the Bachelor right after it comes out.” Hulu offers a basic subscription plan for 5.99 a month but the charges for Live TV are higher. However, the Live TV option presents some enticing opportunities, like the ability to stream sports games when they air. For example, Sebaga ’23 enjoys it because “I can watch the Australian Open live.” Shoshana Epstein ’23 “Hulu has a variety of shows and different networks like ABC; however, some shows require you to watch ads.” Also, compared to other streaming services, Hulu lacks engrossing originals. Amalia Tuchmann ’23 pointed out another setback: “Hulu has so many shows, but you can’t download films.” A Hulu Premium account provides an option to download films for users who are willing to pay a higher subscription price.

Disney+ is the newest streaming service. It debuted in November of 2019. Disney+ is quite popular among the younger audience. Reagan Botti ’23 described the streaming service: “Disney+ has all the throwbacks; the shows we grew up watching.” The streaming service has tons of Disney content available for users to stream. Arts and Math teacher Chris DeVona said,“Disney+ is my favorite streaming service, but the content selection is somewhat limited.” Recent movies and new content such as Disney originals will be added to the streaming service in 2020. Disney+ charges 6.99 a month. The user will have access to Disney originals, Pixar movies, Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic, and other Disney Channel shows/movies. When asked why he likes Disney+, Jonathan Leite ’23 replied he “enjoys watching The Mandelorian and Marvel movies.”

Sarah Roberts commented that while she loves the variety between the different services (she has Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+), the plethora of sources bas brought some unseen challenges: “I can’t remember all my passwords!” Head of School Kai Bynum commented, “So many options and so little time.”
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