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    • Captain Julius Herzog ’20 blocks the ball.

    • Captain Luca Richo ’20 celebrates a goal in last year’s FAA final.

    • Cross Country stretches before practice.

    • Field Hockey receives help from the Yale team.

    • Lily Kaiser ’20 sets the ball like she will set the tone for the season.

    • Captain Philip Delise ’20 is excited for the new season.

Fall Captains Weigh In On the Upcoming Season

Maeve Stauff ’21
Boys Soccer Captain Avi Shein ’20:
“We trained hard during the offseason and have very capable players coming to the team. We are aiming to win both the FAA regular season and playoffs for the third year in a row.”

Water Polo Captain Will Randazzo ’20:
“I anticipate a great season with the foundation of fundamentals and chemistry. We have a great group of guys this year, and I’m excited to try to accomplish our goal of winning New England’s for the second time in Hopkins history.”

Girls Volleyball Captain Ally Wang ’20:
“I’m super excited and I have a pretty good feeling about the season. We have some amazing hitters, and Casey Goldberg, the setter, is back. We all get along very well and are supportive of each other. I can’t wait to bond more during team dinners!”

Football Captains Phil Delise ’20 and Brandon Smith ’20:
“This past spring, we had a dedicated group of individuals who trained regularly at 6:30 am. We were humbled by the commitment that was shown by these individuals to go the extra mile. We’re excited to teach our young players what it takes to be part of the Hopkins football team: heart, grit, and team over self.”

Field Hockey Captains Courtney Banks and Amanda Leone ’20:
“We’re super excited for our new coach, Jen Morgan. What we love most about field hockey at Hopkins is the people. During games and practices, we constantly motivate each other. Everyone gives their total effort when battling challenging opponents, practicing skills in drills, or doing sprints. Most importantly the level of support between teammates and coaches is truly unbeatable. After wins and losses, we are there for each other, excited to grow and to prepare for the next game.”

Boys Cross Country Captain Nic Burtson ’20:
“I think this year we have a really strong core of returning athletes who did well at the JV races. They will definitely step up and fill those Varsity roles. We are also looking for a good spot in New England’s this year.”
Girls Cross Country Captain Kat Toukedes ’20:
“Featuring a beautiful new track and a large group of senior girls, we’re looking to defend our title as FAA champs for yet another year and to bond as a team during workouts, on the trails, and at team dinners.”

Girls Soccer Captains Lilly Fagan and Sophia Fitzsimonds ’20:
“We think the season will go pretty well. We have a lot of talent on this team already, and, with our new head coach, Ben Joiner, we hope to build this team, and the girls soccer program as a whole to have a very successful season this year.”
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