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The Student Newspaper of Hopkins School


Grade 12

Mary Brewster Thompson Scholar:
Ethan Silver

Norman L. Stone Award:
Elisa Aslanian

Donald Ferguson Award:
Charles Mason

Donald Ferguson Award:
Sarah Lopez

Michael J. Theobald Prize:
Samuel Jenkins

John A. Wilkinson Award:
Nathaniel Stratton

F. Allen Sherk Award:
Madeleine Walker

Gerald F. Stevens Memorial Scholarship:
Jordan Shand

Edward A. Bouchet Scholarship:
Michael Christie

New Haven Spotlight:
Zachary Blake, Caitlyn Chow, Bruno Moscarini, Margaret Mushi, Noah Sobel-Lewin, Benjamin Washburne
Grade 11

Mary Brewster Thompson Scholar:
Sarah Roberts

George Blakeman Lovell Award:
Alex Weisman

Harvard Book Prize:
Yasmin Bergemann
Yale Book Award:
Elizabeth Roy

Andrew Rossetti Prize:
Deniz Tek
Mount Holyoke Book Prize:
Rayane Taroua
Kenyon College Presidential Book Prize:
Margaret Czepiel  

Smith Book Award:
Sophie Cassarino
Wellesley College Book Prize:
Julia Tellides
Ellen Patterson Brown ‘62 DPH Award:
Courtney Banks
The University of Chicago Book Award:
C. Burton Lyng-Olsen
St. Lawrence University Book Award:
Anne Marie Dooher

William and Mary Leadership Award:
Lilliana DeLise
George Washington University Book Award:
Emma Regan
Grade 10

Mary Brewster Thompson Scholar:
Abigail Fossati
Stanley Daggett Award:
Ella Zuse
Grade 9

Mary Brewster Thompson Scholar:
Cyrus Kenkare
Stanley Daggett Award:
Lucas Alfaro
Grade 8
Lydia von Wettberg Award:
Laila Samuel
Simeon E. Baldwin Leadership Award:
Ingrid Slattery
Kristin Ridinger Taurchini Award:
Tanner Lee
Grade 7
Lydia von Wettberg Award:
Jonathan Perez
Simeon E. Baldwin Leadership Award:
Rose Robertson

The Arts
Paul W. Schueler Prize for the Visual Arts:
Francine Giaimo

Drama Award:
Sam Jenkins 

The Charles Ives Music Prize:
Sophia Colodner

Choral Music Award:
Katherine Broun

Scholastic Art Award National Silver Medal in Photography:
 Kate Loffredo
The Classics
Clare McNamee Latin Prize:
Noah Schmeisser

Junior School Latin Prize:
Isabel Clare

Jeremiah Peck Greek Prize:
Clare Chemery

John B. Smith Prize for Excellence in English in Grade 8:
Ingrid Slattery

Brown University Book Award:
Anna Simon

Elizabeth Tate Prize for Excellence in English in Grade 11:
Katherine Takoudes

Elsie Church Award for English and Dramatics:
Leul Abate

Elizabeth Lewis Day Prize for Excellence in Imaginative Writing:
Naomi Tomlin

The Susan E. Feinberg Prize for Excellence in Critical Thinking Through the Written Word:
Emma DeNaples

George Gillespie Prize for Excellence in Literary Scholarship:
Maliya Ellis

Helen Hope Barton Prize for Excellence in English in Grade 12:
Sofia Schroth-Douma

The Karen Lee Pritzker Prize for Creative Writing:
Lizabeth Bamgboye

Major James Dudley Dewell Letter Writing Prize: Melody Cui

Baldwin Prize Essay, Middle School: Maisie Bilston

Baldwin Prize Essay, Senior School: Alexandra Zyskowski
Kenneth Hopkins Rood History Prize:
Miko Coakley

Julia B. Thomas History Prize:
Julia Kosinski

DeLaney Kiphuth Prize in History:
Elena Brennan

Gerald F. Stevens Award:
Connor Hartigan
Edgar M. Babbitt Junior School Mathematics Prize:
Rhea Ahuja
Edgar M. Babbitt Middle School Mathematics Prize:
Sam Brock
Edgar M. Babbitt Senior School Mathematics Prize:
Ethan Silver

John M. Heath Mathematics Prize:
Amber Jaffe

Modern Languages
Edward R. DeNoyon French Prize:
Connor Hartigan
Denise M. Katz French Prize:
Yoon-Young Kim

The Spanish Literature Prize:
Maliya Ellis

The Hispanic Letters Prize:
Siraj Patwa

The Chinese Letters Prize:
Liana Tilton

The Italian Letters Prize:
Olivia Capasso

Harold Shelton Kirby Science Prize:
Jasmine Simmons

Rensselaer Medal:
Parker Connelly

Aracy Belcher Biology Prize:
Cameron Murray

Josiah Willard Gibbs Prize:
Siraj Patwa

Fairfield University Excellence in Science and Math Award:
Nathan Ahn

Upper School

Dorrance Award:
Jack Dove

The Hopkins Award:
Maliya Ellis

Robert Wyant Memorial Award:
Michael Christie

Jerri Trulock DPH Sportsmanship Award:
Paige DeVoe

William DeGennaro Outstanding Male Athlete Award:
Owen Sherman

Outstanding Female Athlete Award:
Sara Chung

John A. Doughan Award:
Sana Patel

John A. Doughan Award:
Olivia Capasso

Jordan William Sebastian Award:
Elise Aslanian

Jordan William Sebastian Award:
Jordan Shand

Jordan William Sebastian Award:
Douglas Guilford  
Junior School
Walter Camp Award:
Arcadio Cerezo-Lizarribar

DPH Sportsmanship Award:
Miko Coakley  
Editor in Chief 
Eleanor Doolittle

Managing Editor 
Sarah Roberts 

Zoe Kim 
Anushree Vashist
Juan Lopez
Orly Baum
Katherine Takoudes 
Julia Kosinski
Anjali Subramanian
Emmett Dowd
Lily Meyers 
Ella Zuse
Zach Williamson 

Saira Munshani
Sophie Sonnenfeld
Kallie Schmeisser

Veronica Yarovinsky
Teddy Glover
Abby Regan
Maeve Stauff
Izzy Lopez-Kalapir

Arthur Masiukiewicz 

Arushi Srivastava
Nick Hughes

Business Managers
Sophia Fitzsimonds
Sophia Cerroni 

Faculty Advisers
Jenny Nicolelli
Elizabeth Gleason
Sorrel Westbrook-Wilson 
The Razor's Edge reflects the opinion of 4/5 of the editorial board and will not be signed. The Razor welcomes letters to the editor but reserves the right to decide which letters to publish, and to edit letters for space reasons. Unsigned letters will not be published, but names may be withheld on request. Letters are subject to the same libel laws as articles. The views expressed in letters are not necessarily those of the editorial board.
The Razor,
 an open forum publication, is published monthly during the school year by students of: 
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