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    • Varsity Golf Captains: Max Wile ’19, Cyrus Chemery ’21 “This year we have a fairly young but promising group of players, and I think that with hard work, we can establish a good position for ourselves among the schools that we compete with. Only two of our players are above sophomore year but we have many talented individuals only just joining the team who will have the opportunity prove their mettle in the coming season.” -Chemery

    • Girls Varsity Tennis Captains: Catey Lasersohn ’19, Caroline Viselli ’19 “After having such a great season last year, we’re so excited to continue our success and play some new teams. And of course, build our team chemistry!”-Lasersohn

    • Boys Varsity Baseball Captains: Chris Borter ’19, Jack Dove ’19, Kyle Meury ’19 “Our goal is to win both the regular season and postseason FAA titles. Our team is loaded and ready to beat Brunswick for a chip. Come watch the best looking (middle) infield in the league this spring as we chase a ring.” -Dove

    • Boys Varsity Lacrosse Captains: Matt Stevenson ’19, Alex Hughes ’19 “We’re looking forward to shaking the rust of our spoons and having a fun season. We’ve got a lot of talent and tenacity this year so I’m excited to see what we can do.” –Hughes

    • Boys Varsity Tennis Captains: Alex Zhang ’19, James Schaefer ’19 “The Hopkins tennis team is working really hard to maintain our fading reputation, and I’m really excited to see how much better everyone’s become over the year. There’s a lot of talent spread across the ladder this year, so we’re coming at old rivals for a shot at redemption, and we’re coming at them hard.” –Zhang

    • Girls Varsity Water Polo Captains: Paige DeVoe ’19, Katie Broun ’19, Mackenzie Peters ’20 “We have a lot of new potential this week and are very excited for a spirited season of rebuilding. More importantly, we are looking forward to playing the game we love.” -DeVoe

    • Girls Varsity Lacrosse Captains: Liv Capasso ’19, Audrey Braun ’19 “With great new coaches and a lot of new talent, we’re ready to grow the game. We’ve got killer managers, a killer team, and a killer playlist.” –Braun

    • Varsity Girls Softball Captains: Sara Chung ’19, Sam D’Errico ’20 “This season we are welcoming many new players (and a new assistant coach!). It will be very exciting playing together this season and re-working defensive positions. We are facing a few tough teams this season like St. Lukes and Suffield, and we hope to make it to the FAA Championship once more this season and bring home the win!”–Chung

    • Girls Varsity Track Captains: Elise Aslanian ’19, Maliya Ellis ’19, Inge Hughes ’19 “We are so excited to welcome new talent to the team and continue to foster the impeccable talent of our returning athletes. We are also motivated to work hard in preparation for our first FAA championship meet. We foresee infinite success for the girls team this spring.” -Aslanian

    • Boys Varsity Track Captains: Michael Christie ’19, George Kosinski ’19 “Boys Track hopes to have an unprecedented sweep of new school records this year. The 4 most highly sought records are to break the 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 400 meter dash, and 800-meter run records. As long as we stay healthy and smart, you will enjoy TRACKING our progress this year.” –Christie

    • Girls Varsity Crew Captains: Gigi Fulginiti ’19, Casey Dies ’20 “This year we’re hoping to do more to speed up the learning process for novices, so we can all spend more time getting ready for races. Our other goals include winning at regattas like Founder’s Day and having all our boats qualify for the NEIRA regatta. Te team is looking pretty big, so I hope we can all really bond over team dinners, Wet Wednesdays, and Nutella this season!” –Fulginiti

    • Boys Varsity Crew Captains: Zubin Kenkare ’19, Ben Washburne ’19 “The boys team is in position to be the best crew team in Hopkins history. We have nine strong seniors and a huge pool of younger rowers. If we can establish ourselves as fat ergos and translate that to the water, we can do some damage.” -Washburne

A Preview of Spring Sports on The Hill

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