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Senior Holiday Wishes

I wish...
Leul Abate - To have a key to Lovell
Kara Amar - For my dog, Congo, to participate in our graduation ceremony with me
Sara Amar - For a senior-class sleepover
Lady-Karen Asamoah - To get Wednesdays of
Elise Aslanian - To play a school-wide Kahoot in Assembly
Nina Barandiaran - For a shuttle that takes you back and forth from Siberia
Zachariah Blake - That I could fnd the motivation to complete the math homework I am doing
Chris Borter - To pay for Kyle’s surgery to give James his pancreas
Audrey Braun - For Ayuka to pick up my Facetime calls
Katie Broun - To have a Shakespeare Rap Battle with Mr. Drummond
Kenly Burton - For a frst date with Kyle Meury
Liv Capasso - For Minjae to love me as much as I love him
Eliot Carlson - To wear a scarf to school and not get bullied for it
Clare Chemery - To sit in the Malone elevator for an entire day
Ashley Chin - For “The Grams” group chat to go on forever
Caitlyn Chow - To get the granola recipe from the kitchen staf
Michael Christie - For world peace
Tyler Cipriano - To be loved
Sophia Colodner - To be a member of every single Hopkins ensemble at the same time
Emma DeNaples - To have Kenny Lu serenade me with a Disney love song
Paige Devoe - To have panini presses at lunch
Jamie Donovan - To be back in AP Bio
Jack Dove - To one day be as athletic as Aaron “Kleem the Dream” Kleeman
Erin Ellbogen - For a cafe rewards card for buying so much coffee
Maliya Ellis - For an ice rink
Coco Fath - That Tim Sullivan would stop asking me to hang out
Gigi Fulginiti -For people to stop mixing me and Liana up
Francine Giaimo - To bring my dog into school for a day
Brennan Gollaher - To have another meat truck at Hopkins
Zaryah Gordon - To DJ a dance
Doug Guilford - For people to stop calling me Jordan
William Hall - For at least one decent song at Prom
Devaughn Hamm - To bring my pet goat to school
Lien Har - To adopt Chuck’s beagle, Molly
Alex HarrisonFor people to not be afraid to care for, and lean on, one another
Connor Hartigan - For free donuts at the Cafe
Beth Hartog - To have that pizza party with Mr. Thornburgh that he promised us in F block AC1
Sydney Hirsch - “Peace, love, and harmony. Wait, potatoes!” -Dr. Gries
Alex Hughes - For Charles Mason’s beard
Cyrus Illick - For two squash managers
Amber Jaffe - To go a full semester without falling down the stairs
Saloni Jain - To get more sleep
Priyanka Jain - To not have to take the swim test
Rob Jaques - For another grilled cheese and curly fries day
Aaron Jaynes - For ski team to be considered a true Varsity sport
Sam Jenkins - For the ticket table to be moved back downstairs in Heath
Zubin Kenkare - To bring an actual goat onto campus for Homecoming
Minjae Ko - For Liv to love me as much as I love her
George Kosinski - For Mr. Werrell to be a Track Coach
Sara Kranzlin - To get JSchool snack everyday
Catey Lasersohn - To use my parking spot
Ben Levine - For there to be no modern language requirement
Raven Levine - To have an actual, fun, non-academic class trip
Tamara Lilenbaum - For money
Emma Lipman - To have Bring your Dog to School Day
Sarah Lopez - To have a fun class trip
Kenny Lu - To watch Mr. Sacchetti race against Rocco in a sprint
Savir Madan - To bring back freshman Yuki
Cam Maquat - To be able to play a sport for my school
Charlie Mason - To play Yoony Kim in a game of chess
Kyle Meury - To give James my pancreas
Cam Michaelson - To be back in AP Bio
Bruno Moscarini - For Pritchard’s red pants
Maddie Mulligan - To take a picture with my friends on the Thompson balcony
Margaret Mushi - For someone to actually come to the Writing Studio while I’m there for once
Thomas Noto - For the sweet release of graduation
Melody Parker - To be intimidating to the freshmen
Sana Patel - That Caroline would stop asking Spirens to sing High School Musical
Siraj Patwa - To do a fip of of the Malone balcony
Connor Pignatello - To watch Brennan eat 15 grilled cheeses in one sitting
Rob Pitkin - To grow a beard like Savir
Carter Richards - To see Will Hall swordfght again
Elena Savas - To teach Kai Bynum to fip of a diving board at Assembly
James Schaefer - To get a pancreas from Kyle
Noah Schmeisser - For a new weight room
Katrina Schmier - For ski team to have a female captain
Nick Schoelkopf - For Mr. Werrell to sing opera to me
Fi Schroth-Douma - For the U.S. to reaffirm its commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement
Eliz Schutte - To have sushi at lunch
Brian Seiter - For Noah Schmeisser and Thom Peters to read a Bible verse together in front of the whole school
Lauren Seto - For bubble tea days at Hopkins
Jordan Shand - For people to stop calling me Doug
Owen Sherman - To prevent Kyle from giving James a pancreas
Elliot Siegel - For my senior wish to come true
Ethan Silver - For People To Use Tinyurl With Acronyms More
Ayuka Sinanoglu - For Aud to stop Facetiming me
Noah Sobel-Lewin - To have a beard as beautiful as Charlie’s
Devon Spiars - For a hammock in the Thompson atrium
Josephus Robertus Stauff - To never get an “R” on a test
Hannah Stelben - For everyone to bring a reusable water bottle (especially for sports)
Matt Stevenson - For whole milk to replace skim milk in the cafeteria
Nate Stratton - That my senior spring will be easier than trying to think of something better to write for this quote
Tim Sullivan - For Coco and Sara to hang out with me
Theo Tellides - To play squads with sevies in the lower library
Liana Tilton - For people to stop mixing me and Gigi up
Naomi Tomlin - To use the faculty bathroom
Caroline Viselli - For Spirens to sing a High School Musical song
Isabel Vlahakis - To bring my dog to school
Madeleine Walker - To bring my smallest chicken to Hopkins so she can make friends
Ben Washburne - To park in a visitor spot every day
Alex Zhang - That the old promise of a new Hopkins performing arts center be fulflled
Morgan Zippo - For someone to listen when I tell a story about camp
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