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The Pressing Issue of Global Immigration

Olivia Capasso '19, Editor-at-Large
Currently, a global conversation centers around the controversial crisis of immigrants fleeing their native countries and arriving on the shores of foreign nations in search of a better life.
Most notably in Europe, Middle Eastern and African refugees arrive on boats by the thousands over the course of only a few days. Italy and Greece primarily bear the brunt of this tragedy. Most other European countries have shut down their borders and constructed barriers to prevent the arrival of these refugees to the European Union, leaving these vulnerable countries on the Mediterranean in desperate need of a more considerate approach in managing this pressing issue. This year alone, nearly 84,000 refugees have reached Italy by sea, most of whom are either feeing the wars in Iraq and Syria, or escaping poverty and oppression in Africa.

This catastrophe is not centralized solely in Europe. Recently, a convoy of immigrants convened in Central America, most of whom are from Honduras, in a unified march to the United States, because they are unable to live peacefully under their corrupt and dysfunctional government. The group began with over 7,000 people, all determined to escape the drug violence and gangs that strangle their political institutions and economy. These immigrants are moving in search of more fulfilling lives for their children; however, the United States government declared that the members of this caravan must first apply to enter the country in Mexico before seeking refuge across the border.

In 2017, over 68 million people fled their homeland due to government corruption, poverty, war, and natural disasters, according to The United Nations Refugee Agency’s Annual Global Trends study. This immigration crisis is arguably the most pressing global issue today, and is in desperate need of a coordinated strategy in managing this mass displacement of individuals. In the near future, I hope to see a more involved approach on the part of the United States government in calling upon foreign governments to improve their management skills and abolishing their corrupt practices. The administrations of these problematic nations must reevaluate their fnancial, social, and political positions to ensure their citizens are not subject to violence and staggering rates of poverty. Within the European Union, all countries must agree to disperse the placement of these refugees throughout the member states so that Italy and Greece are not drowned by the constant fow of the immigrants who arrive on their shores daily.

Refugees are fleeing their homes because they are no longer safe and secure in their native environment. The staggering number of individuals who feel threatened by their governments or no longer see a financial future for themselves in their home must be acknowledged, and the issue can only be solved with full cooperation by the leaders of all nations involved. There is no defnite solution to the global influx of immigration, but it can only begin to be addressed if all institutions work in unison to end corruption and extensive poverty.
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