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    • Brennan Gollaher ’19 sleeps of 15 grilled cheeses in the lower library.

    • Phoebe Schechner ’21 and Drew Slager ’21 show of their ability to nap in almost any environment.

    • Cameron Michaelson ’19 is caught napping with his eyes open.

Napping at Hopkins: Do Not Sleep on this Article

Places to Nap:

“The lower library is a great place to nap because it is always silent, creating an optimal sleeping environment.” Yash Thakur ’21

“I have [napped] in Heath, but it was a bad idea.” Nic Burtson ’20

“If you can sleep sitting up, lower library chairs are the best. If you’re buds with the head advisors, they all have couches in their offices.” Izzy Melchinger ’21

“Go to the comfy couches in the library.” Dani Rodriguez-Larrain ’23

“I personally don’t sleep at school. The buses are where it’s at.” Drew Slager ’21

“I go to the couches in Upper Heath.” Madi Mettler ’21

“Heck, yeah. Faculty reading room.” English Teacher Alex Werrell

Times to Nap:

“Before school. The lower lib chairs are always open.” Hannah Szabo ’21

“Right after lunch, because you’re tired from all the food. Food comas.” Katherine Takoudes ’20

“I like sleeping at school in the morning because it gives me a burst of energy for the rest of my day.” Maria Cusick ’20

“I take five minute power naps during tests so I can stay focused.” Theodore Tellides ’19

“No H block - just naptime.” Arjun Aggarwal ’23

“I accidentally napped during A block once” Dania Zein ’21

Reasons Not to Nap

“Personally, I’ve never slept at school but I can understand why people do it. The senior section couches look comfortable for sleeping.” Sam Jenkins ’19

“I don’t sleep at school. I don’t like sleeping in public spaces.” Deniz Tek ’20

“I do not sleep at school. Sleep is for the weak. Am I weak? No.” Livy Burdo ’21

“It would be fun, but then I wouldn’t get any work done.” Yaqub Bajwa ’22

“In the junior school, there’s not really any time to do something like that and there’s not enough freedom during the day to be able to.” Miko Coakley ’23

“I never have time to sleep at school so during the rough days I drink 3 cups of coffee a day.” Veronica Yarovinsky ’20

Napping Advice:

“It’s easier with earphones in.” Adrian Horsley ’20

“I sleep at school all the time. I bring a blanket every day.” Sana Patel ’19

“It’s always easier to nap when you are snuggling with a friend” Julia Kosinski ’21

“Don’t tell your friends where you nap...” JR Stauff ’19

“I usually pull my hat down low and crash in the lower library arm chairs.” Audrey Braun ’20

“Drink coffee right before you nap so when you wake up you have a lot of energy.” Sarah Roberts ’20
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