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Senior Holiday Wishlist

I wish...
Tyler Bahamonde - I had ten toes
Zack Putnam - Thigh-Day Friday was a world recognized holiday
Neal Sarin - To defend the proletariat
Colin Flaumenhaft - To seize the means of production
Jonathan DeLeon - To hold hands with Oliver Zane
Galen Smith - To go a month without getting banned from the library
Naomi Roberts - To have a bigger bladder
Grace El-Fishawy - To make it through the year without getting injured
Emily Prister - For Caitlin Gilroy and Triple Trio to serenade me
Olivia Schaffer - For a Civil War elective
Chantel Malin - For a miniature horse, a pet goat, and all of the dogs
Jennifer Horkovich - For Mike Lazarre to keep a Snap- chat streak
Hunter Fossati - To not have to make a senior wish
Lucas Henderson - For organizational skills
Madison Howard - To make frosted tips illegal
AJ Marks - To hug a baby wolf
Abigail Miller - For a day to bring your pet to school
Andrew Treat - For Ski Team to be a Varsity sport!
Jimmy D’Amato - To graduate
Unique Parker - That my friends would like me as much as they like my younger brother
Benedikt Arnarsson - To understand
Zoe Butenhoff - For Cait and me to be serenaded by Owen Rahr
Caitlin Gilroy - For Zoe and me to be serenaded by Owen Rahr
Ana Sotelo-Emery - For Owen Rahr to sing me HBD
Drew Mindell - For Ginger’s muffin recipes
Kieran Anderson - To have a cat petting day at school
Spencer Lockhart - For a Wing-T team that can run buck
Quinn Schneider - For Spencer Lockhart to catch a pass
Jake Rizzuti - To have Pat back as a trainer
Emily Calderone - For a robot uprising
Olivia Conway - For a never-ending cup of coffee
Georgia Doolittle - We could have made more chara-
Conal Mueller - For Maya Karlan to give me my $5
Jacob Wolfe - For it to start snowing soon
Abigail Chow - For tax-free week at the Cafe´
Kyle Burton - For holiday lights on campus
Tatiana Perez - For Bring-Your-Pet-to-School day
Jeffrey Basta - To meet Mr. Levy’s donkey, “Burrito”
Michelle Medina - For Mr. Werrell to go to a squash match
Helena Lyng-Olsen - To go to faculty meetings and HILL!
Alex Kane - For the return of Mr. Yale at assembly
Amy An - To ride a golf-cart around campus
Clara Everett - For a lifetime supply of peanut butter
Jason Alfandre - For the students to respect the football team
Clay Wackerman - For a good life
Zander Blitzer - For a growth spurt
Jack Atkins - To be on Survivor
Skyler Sugar - To open the Hopkins vault
Morgan Noonan - For a Senior trip to Disney World
Mitchell Delfini - To be serenaded by Coach Faust
Leigh Melillo - For even more theater 
Gigi Speer -To perform with Harmonaires
Evan Schott - For Gyan to shave his beard into a goatee
Josh Goldstein - To play guitar with John Mayer
Annie Banks -
To have Rocco as my advisor for four more years
Emily Yin - For an extra ACL for safekeeping
Erin Knox - To be serenaded by Harmonaires
Jack Batchelor - For whole milk at lunch
Madison Reynertson - To be the Honeywell alert voice
Izzy Potash - To sit in the back row at Assembly
Deepak Gupta - To not get impeached
Collette Mourier - To #ImpeachDeepakGupta
Hannah Volk - For the food at the Cafe´ to be free
Emily Lawson - For an a capella solo to a Christmas carol
Liam Day - To beat Brunswick in Cross Country
Owen Rahr - To become a pro Luchador
Sasha Starovoitov - To bring back shutter shades
Julia Cusick - To forget J-School
Sonni Fitzsimonds - For a Mr. Cronin Batman reprisal
Karyn Bartosic - For a working scoreboard in the pool
Lilly Tipton - To swim in the reservoir
Samantha Dies - To have more time to think about my wish
Emilia Cottignoli - To own an otter
Olivier Kibbey - For new glasses
Lissy Stanley - To be the tall friend
Catherine duBoulay - For the Cafe´ to make churros again
Edward Martin - For Ray Wang to make me dumplings
Thor Illick - For a 2002 Ford Freestar minivan
Eli Sabin - For the ability to fall asleep anywhere
Sophia Vranos - To be friends with Kai Bynum
Jonah Norwitt - To get Hopkins a track
Gyan Maria - For Bryan Gu to keep on following his dreams
Claire Abate - That X-block didn’t exist
William Badrigian - To win Fencing Team States
John Blumenthal - For a maintenance golf-cart ride
Jessica D’Errico - For an escalator from Baldwin to Heath
Mike Lazarre - To play badminton with Mrs. Weisner
Isabella Feder - To be serenaded by all three a capella groups at once
Grace Barket - To be a fish for one day
Steve Prinz - For Hopkins to start an educational business program
Donasia Gray - To turn Maroon Fridays into Gray Fridays
Dylan Sloan - For my second-term grades to stay up better than Lucio’s receding hairline
Lucio Moscarini - For a memorable, stress-free, final semester at Hopkins
Alexandra Sokol - To regain my quad
Bryan Gu - To be Hopkins’ best French student
Samantha Phelan - For chicken-noodle soup to be the soup of the day every day
Aislinn O’Brien - For a flash mob
Kristina Yarovinsky - For underwater speakers for the pool
Raymond Wang - To have a four-course dinner date with Micah Wolfson
Jeff Gu - For Sam Phelan to say “What’s Gu?” every time she sees me
Neil Madhavani - For Mack to be able to swim
Mack Reiferson - For Neil Madhavani’s wish not to come true
Charles Paraiso - To build a wall and have Hamden Hall pay for it
Andrew Roberge - For the school to build a new theater 
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Theodore Tellides

Managing Editor 
Katie Broun

Sarah Roberts
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Connor Pignatello
Izzy Lopez-Kalapir
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Veronica Yarovinsky

Ellie Doolittle
Katherine Takoudes
Leah Miller
Connor Hartigan
Saloni Jain
Simon Bazelon

Audrey Braun
Alex Hughes
Teddy Glover
Anushree Vashist
Sara Chung
Saira Munshani
George Kosinski

Olivia Capasso
Elena Savas
Noah Schmeisser
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Casey Gleason
Melody Parker
Arthur Masiukiwicz

Nina Barandiaran
Arushi Srivastava

Business Managers
Caitlyn Chow
Sophia Fitzsimonds

Faculty Advisers
Elizabeth Gleason
Jennifer Nicolelli
Sorrel Westbrook
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