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    • Several Seniors enjoy the 2016 Back to School Bash

    • The class of '17's Student Council: yosef Kim, Sean Gao, Sanaea Bhagwagar, Caroline Simon, Annie Nields, Phil Ross

Seniors Slide Back into Hopkins Memories

George Kosinski '19, Sam Phelan '18, Editors-At-Large
Many agree that attending Hopkins is one of the most meaningful and memorable experiences that any teenager eager to learn could hope for. Over the course of their time on The Hill, one makes many memories and long-lasting friendships.
Before graduation, members of the Hopkins Class of 2017 were asked to describe some of their favorite memories and experiences at Hopkins.

Daniel Zackin '17 described the excellent teaching at Hopkins, saying, “one of the things I am most thankful for at Hopkins is the quality of the teachers. They are always willing to go the extra step and make personal rela
tionships with their students. When Mr. DeNaples met with me before I was absent for a while, our conversation on the classes I was missing transformed into an hour long discussion of the issues in the Middle East. His depth of knowledge and understanding amazed me, and it is representative of many teachers at Hopkins: they really care, and are deeply passionate about what they are teaching. Nothing excites them more than having a student discover a love for their topic.”

Caroline Laplaca '17 appreciated Hopkins teachers for their fun side, declaring her favorite senior memory to be “When Dr. D’Angelo brought us donuts every Tuesday and Thursday!” Gabby Olshan-
Cantin ‘17, member of the Hopkins Girls Varsity Tennis Team, explained how athletics also play a large part in the Hopkins experience. This was reflected when Olshan-Cantin described her favorite memory as “definitely Senior Day for the tennis team, this year. There were balloons, posters, shirts, and water balloons. We also won the match! It was sick,” reflecting the fun that Hopkins students have while participating in athletics.

Other seniors had memories related to the fun t
hey had at Hopkins sponsored events. Annie Nields '17 remembered a particular S.U.R.E. dance: “One of my favorite memories at Hopkins is from the S.U.R.E. dance of 2016. The last hour or so, only Phoebe, Charlie Blair ‘16, Lauren Antonelli ‘16 and I were still dancing. We were wearing sparkly pants and glitter on our faces, dressed like aliens because the theme was outer space. This memory is so vivid to me, I think because it was one of the first times I felt like a senior: dancing to ‘Last Night’ by the Strokes, with all of Malone to ourselves, driving to the Hamden Stop & Shop with music blasting along the way, buying watermelon with my own money, talking in a kitchen late at night, the freedom of driving in a friends’ car. All of these pieces I think describe senior year, and all the fun that we’ve had together.”

When asked about her fondest Hopkins memo
ries, Razor Editor-in-Chief, Emeritus Sanaea Bhagwagar '17, recalled her experiences at Pumpkin Bowl and Five Golden Rings, saying that her favorite memories at Hopkins were “Competing, unsuccessfully, in the one-legged race at Pumpkin Bowl in seventh and being unable to walk for the rest of the day.” Also, “When Dr. Bynum came running down the bleachers at Five
Golden Rings and tackled four seniors.”

Performances, such as Marcelo [de la Mora '17] dabbing, were also a theme 
with Bhagwagar remembering “singing Christmas carols in a StuCo Meeting to celebrate the end of the Canned Food Drive at Swenson House.”

As graduation nears, and their time at Hopkins comes to an end, many seniors will shift their focus to 
their pursuits after Hopkins. Watching her peers achieve their dreams as they leave Hopkins was a highlight for former Razor Editor Toella Pliakas ‘17, who said: “Some of my favorite memories from my senior year have been when my friends got into their favorite colleges.” Now that their time is coming to an end here on The Hill, the Class of ‘17 seniors are reflecting on both their social and intellectual experiences at Hopkins that impacted their lives. Whether this was a specific class, their friends, coaches or teachers, our seniors will hold onto this relationships and lessons long after they turn the tassel on graduation day in June.
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