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Laudable Lacrosse Captain: Eli Ratner

Elaina Pakutka ’27 Assistant Sports Editor
Eli Ratner ’24 is co-captain of the 2024 Hopkins Varsity Boys Lacrosse team alongside Brendan Cafferty ’24 and Toby Scheps ’24.
Eli Ratner ’24 is co-captain of the 2024 Hopkins Varsity Boys Lacrosse team alongside Brendan Cafferty ’24 and Toby Scheps ’24. Ratner began playing lacrosse during his freshman year: “I decided to try something new, and the lacrosse team seemed warm and inviting.” Since then, Ratner has fulfilled many roles and
positions for the team, starting out as a defensive midfielder and a backup goalkeeper, and progressing to the two-way midfielder position, where he plays both offense and defense. He also starts in the face-off to begin the games, where the ball is placed on the ground and one representative from each team fights for possession.

Ratner recalled many memorable moments playing Hopkins lacrosse. His favorite on-field memory was in his sophomore season, during a game against King School. To secure a spot in the playoffs, the team needed a win. They ended up winning handily to make the playoffs for the first time since before the pandemic. Ratner stated, “It was such a great atmosphere, since everyone knew that if we won this game, we would clinch the play- offs.” He also emphasized some of the memorable team bonding experiences, such as the spring training trip to Florida over this past break. His favorite memory was from the final night, when the team gathered together around the firepit after a long day of training: “We sat and talked about everything going on within the season, and got a lot closer as a team.”
So far, Ratner has enjoyed his time as captain, describing it as “really rewarding and really difficult.” This year, the team has a new head coach, Robert LoRicco. The captains have to take on a much larger leadership role, Ratner emphasized: “We’re helping the coach lead the team, and figure out how everything goes.” Ratner also explained how he enjoys being the one to lead the team after years of hard work: “It’s really a byproduct of all of the work I have put in over the years.”

Ratner’s teammates and coaches appreciate his hard work and dedication. Head Coach Robert LoRicco praised Ratner for his impact on the team: “No matter what the task is, Eli will get it done to make sure our team gets better, which is why our team looks up to him.” LoRicco also remarked on Ratner’s commitment to the team: “He demonstrates to our team what it means to be a true Hopkins Hilltopper, as an honorable student and team member who is always encouraging others to do their best.” Co-captain Brendan Cafferty
’24 described Ratner as a fierce competitor and hard worker: “[He is] always willing to eat a shot or devour ground balls for his team.” Cafferty also emphasized Ratner’s commitment off the field, “Always the first to suggest a team dinner at BDubs, Eli is willing to go the extra mile for this team.”

When asked for advice he would give to younger players, Ratner recalled something told to him by Zach Bleil ’22, when he began playing as a freshman: “You will get out what you put in, and you can be as useful and as
good as you want to be.” He also mentioned the importance of practice: “If you focus, no matter how much skill you have coming into it, you can do whatever you want to [do] for the team.”

Ratner says that the main goal for the team this year is a deep playoff run, and ultimately to win the FAA championship: “We have our eyes set on making the playoffs after missing it last year.” He would also like to leave a lasting legacy on the team. He stated, “I hope to help this be a transition year and lead the team to a stronger foundation in the program, and hopefully build back to the team we had in the past.”

After graduating from Hopkins, Ratner said that he is more likely to play Division III football than lacrosse, but he plans to play club lacrosse at his next school.
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