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Hopkins Announces New Access Control System on Campus

Sophie Denny '24 Lead News Editor
This fall, Hopkins will be rolling out a new access control system across campus that will require identification swipes at the main 28 entrances on campus.
School officials offered details about the changes. “All the main doors to each building will have access control systems,” explains Andrew Burke, Director of Community Safety. “Students, faculty, staff will be issued an ID which will act as your access card. You won’t have to swipe it, you will just have to get close to the pad, and the door will unlock,” Burke continues. The Hopkins-issued IDs do not limit other personnels’ access as Matt Glendinning, Head of School, says, "There is also now a video doorbell for visitors, so they will just have to ring the doorbell and Ms. Silk [and other administrators] can buzz them in. Those doorbells will be in Thompson, Hopkins House, and Baldwin.”

Glendinning acknowledges that there is some apprehension towards this new security system. At his previous school, Moses Brown, Glendinning recalled a similar concern about the system. “At Moses Brown, where we made this change some years ago, some were worried that creating this extra level of security would make the school feel like a fortress,” Glendinning said. “But every school we consulted with prior to making the decision indicated that was not the case, and that we’d barely even notice the change. I’m glad to say that was exactly our experience at Moses Brown.” Glendinning expects similar results at Hopkins and also mentions “that if something isn’t working out, it only takes one push of a button to change it.”

The implementation of a new access system was ongoing throughout the summer. The security team was hoping to roll out the system on the first day of school, but “there were some supply chain issues that forced our hand a little bit,” says Burke. “We are looking to get all the installation done through the next couple weeks, print out all the cards, and get trained on the system as well.” Burke expects that the system will
be up and running around mid-October and that the security team will introduce students and faculty to the
system and its use in the annual Hopkins Safety Week. While Hopkins students haven’t yet experienced the changes, the concept raises many different concerns. Soren Ekstrom ’24 expresses his perspective regarding
the system: “I think it might be an inconvenience to swipe into buildings every time, especially if I’m running late for something.” Further, Ben Simon ’24 worries that this new security system will actually decrease the feeling of safety on campus: “While I understand the thinking of Hopkins with the new security system, I believe it is misguided in how it implies ... that campus is a dangerous place where precautions are necessary to prevent attacks. I think, especially for younger kids, the feeling of danger on campus will only increase as more safety precautions are added.”

Despite apprehension about this change, students acknowledge the benefits of the new security technology. Annabel Zuse ’25 says that she feels “that it will make our campus feel safer and more sophisticated. I know a lot of colleges have these systems too so it’s definitely for the best.” James O’Dowd ’26 also notes that “it will make the school safer because... the cards, if they’re lost or stolen, can just be shut down by security.” While Hopkins’ previous ease of access might have been convenient, it was a point of concern for Glendinning. He said, “When I first arrived at Hopkins a year ago, the first thing I noticed was that we have excellent security infrastructure, but the one thing that stood out to me was that... anybody could get inside a building if they wanted to.” Burke echoed this idea, “I’ve been here for seven years and it’s always been a gap for me that these doors were left open...It is really industry standard to have a school-wide access control system.”
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