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Lovable Lacrosse Leader: Kristen Wich

Hana Beauregard ‘26 Campus Correspondent
At the end of the 2022 season--her first season as head coach of Hopkins Girls Lacrosse--Kristen Wich, Hopkins’ Assistant Director of Athletics and Coordinator of Auxiliary Programs, and her team finished 7-5, “including three incredible one-goal wins against tough competitors.”
Wich played lacrosse in high school, and earned a scholarship to play defense at the University of Connecticut, a Division I school. Wich started coaching Hopkins lacrosse in 2009. “I was the assistant Varsity coach for a decade before taking over as head coach last season,” said Wich. Her most cherished memory was from the first home game last season, where Wich said “I was able to get my first win as head coach at home with my daughter Violet ’25 starting as our rookie goalie and my husband, Scott, working as our goalie coach.”.

Although winning is important, Wich said, “Our motto was to take care of the ball and take care of each other, and I think we accomplished that every time we stepped onto the field.” The team also focuses on values like communication and trust. “You can only succeed on the field when you talk to your teammates and play together. “I try to prepare the girls physically, mentally, and emotionally to handle whatever transpires on the field,’’ she said. Coach Wich encourages the incoming team to “approach each practice with gratitude that you get to play this amazing game with friends, because there is nothing like being outside on a beautiful day putting your worries aside and working towards a common goal with people you love.”

Co-captain Lily Scheps ‘23 commented on Coach Wich’s outstanding leadership abilities: “What makes Kwich so great aside from her calming presence, her admirable amount of patience, and her drive to show up each day better than the previous, is her ability to foster unparalleled connections between the girls and the sport of lacrosse itself.”

According to Wich, the life lessons lacrosse teaches you can be carried with you throughout your life: “to get up when you get knocked down, to set a goal and work towards it, to be vulnerable, and to celebrate when others succeed. Lacrosse is a true team sport. Sometimes you can score a goal or defend against a goal completely on your own, but more often than not you have to rely on others. We are better when we work together!” 

Last year, the team graduated nine seniors. Wich said the incoming team “[needs] to replace some outstanding midfielders and incredibly talented goal scorers.” Due to the young team, she said, “I’m looking for young players to step up and be willing to take risks. Practice reps will be crucial to [the team’s] success.” She plans to “honor the legacy that last year’s senior class left. They were focused and hilarious and dedicated to each other. We’ll work early to re-establish that culture with a new group of athletes, and then we will never stop working on our communication, motion offense, transition, and team defense.”

Wich’s goals for her tri-captains are to continue what their predecessors started last season: “Create a positive team culture where everyone feels supported and where hard work and happiness go hand in hand. I want them to choose a core value for this team to focus on. Last year’s captains chose ‘work’ and I’m excited to see what this year’s captains choose.” 

Wich added, “In my time as head coach, however long that may be, I want to build a strong foundation of a winning culture. There is a difference between wanting to win and believing we can win. I’m not referring only to the scoreboard.” Wich continued, “I’m talking about a mindset. I want our players to believe in themselves. It is as important as having incredible stick skills. Above all, we want to end the season feeling stronger, healthier, and more connected to each other than when we started.” 

Scheps said, “[Wich] has grown our love and passion for lacrosse more than anyone else. Hopkins is beyond lucky to have Coach Wich as a coach and mentor, she truly is the backbone of this program.”
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