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Spring Captains Give Advice to Teammates

Arielle Reider ’23, Assistant Sports Editor
Interviews with spring captains conducted by Assistant Sports Editor Arielle Reider ’23.
Girls Tennis: “Don’t be late (ever) unless you emailed one of the coaches. When warming up for a match, do not fool around and get a good warmup in. Work hard at practice and be focused. Obviously, have fun but make sure you are focused and trying hard to improve your game. Also, when Mike says to be on the courts at a certain time, make sure you are there at that time, not even two minutes late!” - Allison Fehmel ‘22

Golf: “I wish I knew that, while golf is seen mostly as an individual sport, high school golf is team-based and being on the Golf team means having a team-first mentality, playing for the teammate on the hole in front of you and the person behind you. This is a mentality that you learn as soon as you start playing matches. I'd recommend practicing your short game a lot. That is what I'm struggling with the most right now, and I would have benefited from preseason practice. ”- Owen Lamothe ‘22

Softball: “Going into my final season I was hesitant about our team, but I wish I knew the passion and dedication each player was going to bring. Although we have a young and new team, we are a family and support each other. Every player brings something to our team and there aren't any other people I would want to be surrounded by in my final season than my teammates this year. I would tell next year's softball team to enjoy every moment they have on the field playing softball. After each game, I always think about how many games I have left playing the sport I love. As a senior, my time playing softball is coming to an end, but to the softball team next year-playing softball doesn't last forever, take advantage of every time you step onto the field and play like it's your last game.” - JJ Drummond ‘22

Baseball: “I wish I knew how to communicate better with coaches. In my earlier years of Hopkins baseball, I was very hesitant to ask questions about certain plays or situations that I was unsure about. I realized this past season that all of the coaches are willing to help with whatever you felt was unclear. You only get to play high school baseball for four years of your life and you create some of the best memories with that group of kids. Really cherish the fun practices and team dinners you have with that team so you can look back on a positive high-school baseball experience.” - Ethan Piazza ‘22

Girls Lacrosse: “I wish I knew how quickly each season flew by and that I should appreciate every time I get to play. Some tips for next year's team would be to just enjoy the time you have on the team and work hard. Sometimes on a team you can tell when people aren't putting in the most work, so I would say don't treat it like an athletic requirement, show up and act like you really want to be there.” - Caroline Meury ‘22

Crew: “One thing I wish I knew about the Crew team is that we row in good and bad weather. Something else I wish I knew is that rowing on an erg (rowing machine) is very different from rowing on the water. On an erg, you don't have to worry about setting the boat, squaring the blade, and executing the proper entry of the blade in the water. My number-one piece of advice to next year's team is to never take any days off. Even if you aren't having the best day, you can't let any negative energy get the best of you. Another piece of advice is to train hard in the off-season. The work you do before the season begins really pays off. Most importantly, have fun.” - Will Blumenthal ‘22

Boys Lacrosse: “When I was an underclassman on the team, I wish I knew to use the resources around me more effectively. What I didn’t do enough of, and what I suggest that the underclass men now do, is asking the upperclassmen for advice. Whether it be homework help, tips on how to work out safely and effectively or even social stuff, they are always great resources and are happy to help.” - Zach Bleil ‘22
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