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Evan Migdole: Terrific Track Runner

Amir McFerren '24
Evan Migdole ’22, co-captain of Boys Track and Field, had years of experience with competitive running even before Hopkins.
He said, “I started running track when I was around 10 years old for the New Haven Age Group Track Club in New Haven. I was able to run in USATF [USA Track & Field] and national meets.” Migdole recalled his first experiences with Hopkins track: “I really enjoyed the social atmosphere and just being able to run for a high-school team when I first came.” As a co-captain, his responsibilities now include “facilitating and running warm-ups, helping to organize team dinners, and leading by example.”

Migdole’s coaches and teammates cite his infectious enthusiasm and humor for his success as a captain. Coach Tilden Daniels said, “Evan is a caring teammate who connects with his fellow athletes through his good sense of humor, making him an excellent captain along with his co-captains. They make the team welcoming and fun.” Fellow co-captain Will Cooper ‘22 echoed Daniels: “Evan brings a lot to the team. Not only is he one of our fastest runners, contributing a lot of points at meets, but he also brings a lot of great energy and humor to the team, making people laugh and enjoy being around him.”

Migdole’s teammates credit him for keeping the team’s spirits high during practices and meets. Adam Hagens ‘23 said, “Evan is really funny, and I think his jokes hold the team together. He’s more of a team-spirit type of captain, I guess.” Hagens continued, “A lot of the underclassmen look up to him as a role model. He’s supportive and encouraging, but he also clearly loves running. I think his enthusiasm inspires a lot of the team to try their best.” Logan Matthews ‘25 called Migdole “a really good mix of a good leader and fun teammate. In every workout and meet he pushes me to do better and leads in a way that makes me feel like he and I are in the same boat. He leads as a companion, and through that encourages me and my teammates to work in a way many other people could not.” Migdole described his team as “close-knit, very supportive of one another, and a great group of kids that are focused and goal oriented.” Daniels attributed Migdole’s success as a runner to his unique combination of stamina and speed, saying, “Evan is a talented middle-distance runner, specializing in the 800 meters. His best times are around two minutes. Evan has the endurance of a distance runner with excellent speed in the 400 meters, making the 800 meters his best race.” Hagens said “Evan is a really good runner. His best time is his two-minute 800 meter, which he got recruited for. He says he hates long distance but I think that’s an exaggeration.” Cooper called Migdole a “fast, hardworking runner.” Matthews said “Evan is a great example of someone who has the natural talent to run fast, but goes the extra mile through technique and race strategy.” When asked about how he runs, Migdole simply stated, “I try to stay as focused as possible when I am running.”

Migdole holds another important position on the team, anchoring the boys 4x400 meter relay team. Hagens commented, “Whenever he runs the last leg of the 4x400, he has to deal with the expectations of the rest of the racers along with the entirety of our team. He always gives it his all, and tries his best not to let us down. If we don’t reach some goal, no one ever blames Evan.” Migdole said that being on the 4x400 team has been a highlight of his track team tenure: “My favorite experience at Hopkins was definitely Penn Relays. The 4x400 team came just a one hundredth of a second off the school record.” After Hopkins, Migdole will run competitively for Bates College. Daniels expressed confidence in his captain: “With hard work he should be an important contributor to the Bates College track and field team for the next four years!”
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