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Co-Lead Sports Editor Tanner Lee ’23 and Assistant Sports Editor Sam Cherry ’23
Girls Fencing: “I’m really excited for this season! We’ve got a big team full of enthusiastic people, and we have great captains and coaches. A personal goal for this season would be to feel more confident in my skills as well as support and encourage the newer fencers. As a team, I hope that we motivate each other to get better, spread our love for fencing to the younger members, and crush it at states!” - Harini Thiruvengadam ’23

Girls Basketball: “I’m really looking forward to the season especially after not having one last year. There are a lot of new young players, and I’m excited to get to meet everyone as the season continues. I can’t wait for team dinners and for games to start. The team has a lot of potential and a great work ethic, so I’m looking forward to having a great season with them.” - Clara Zuse ’23

Wrestling: “I'm excited for the season because it has been a while since I have been able to compete for this team. For myself, I am trying to make a run at Nationals, but as a team, I just want to make sure everyone gets something out of this season. Wrestling isn't easy, and I especially hope the new [wrestlers] learn a lot and enjoy some success.” - Dominic Roberts ’22

Boys Squash: “I'm excited to have a brand new team. My goal this year is to create a strong foundation for future teams to come.” - Samuel Mason ’22

Skiing: “I’m excited to finally be back on the mountain, not just personally, but as a team. I hope we can do better than the 2019-2020 ski season and have both teams go to finals. It will certainly be harder with a lot of new skiers, but I have faith that we will do better and possibly win.” - Ryan Schatz ’23

Boys Swimming: “We lost some fast swimmers over the past few seasons but we have 20 new freshmen! It's going to be a building year, and I'm looking forward to watching the newer swimmers improve.” - Andrew Woolbert ’22

Boys Basketball: “I’m just excited to get back on the court after a two year intermission. Covid messed a lot of things up, but I’m glad to finally get back on the court with my [teammates]. I’m also really excited that we have a young core; a lot of younger players are going to have to step up this season and play a bigger role than they have in past years.” - Arman Hyder ’22

Girls Swimming: “I’m most excited for the team unity that we haven’t had a chance to have since Covid. All the team dinners and bonding activities had to be put on hold, and I think those really make the team what it is: a close knit family. In terms of some goals for the team, Top 5 at New Englands and Top 3 at FAAs. Honestly, just to have everyone achieve their personal goals would be great for the team. We have a lot of younger talent this year, and I’m excited to see how they improve this season.” - Ava Hamblett ’22

Girls Squash: “We are a young team with a lot of potential. Two years ago, we were amazing. We had really good team spirit. The highlight of the year was watching Love Island UK and Lemonade Mouth at Nationals. I am excited for the upcoming season because we have a new coach, Lee Belknap, and she pushes us to work hard. I am hoping we can make [it to] Nationals.” - Rhea Ahuja ’23

Boys Fencing: “I'm really excited about the upcoming fencing season. We have a good mix of returning fencers and new faces, so I'm eager to get to work with the team and see what we can accomplish. In terms of goals for the season, I would like to see everyone grow as a fencer and athlete in some way. I also really want us to be able to establish a strong [team] bond. Especially coming off of last season when we didn't really get to bond much, I think my biggest goal for this season is to have a strong sense of community among the fencing team.” - Lucas Alfaro ’22
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