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Thoughts on The Hill: The Super Bowl

Maeve Stauff ’21
Many members of the Hopkins community take part in the cultural phenomenon that is the Super Bowl. The rivalry between Patriots and non-Patriots fans, the music, and the commercials have all become embedded in the Hopkins culture. Razor Sports asked the Hopkins community about their experience with the game:
On the first Sunday in February, the cultural phenomenon known as the Super Bowl brings together the largest group of television viewers in the US, for reasons more than just the football game itself. Razor Sports asked the Hopkins community about their experiences with the game:

Josh Young: “In the past, I have gone to my friend’s house for half the game because my son is young and gets tired. I put him to bed and then listen to the fourth quarter on the radio because I don’t have cable.”

Caroline Meury ’22: “Every year during the Super Bowl I spend time with my family and friends. During the day I play football with my brothers and the rest of my family. After it gets dark we have a buffet of food. We all put on Patriots jerseys and watch the game together.”

Fiona O’Brien ’21: “I normally host a party with my family friends. My family and I hate the Patriots, but our family-friends love them. We still invite them over because we love the friendly rivalry, but make them eat last.

Some Hilltoppers watched the Super Bowl specifically for the Halftime Show:

Jack Kealey ’21: “I love music, and the Halftime show is one of the most celebrated pop culture music events of the year. It makes the Super Bowl a fun-viewing experience for people who don’t like the game as much.”

Leah Miller ’20: “As a performer, I understand how nerve-wracking it can be performing in front of large audience and I admire them for that. I absolutely like the Halftime show most because it is exciting seeing whoever they choose. It adds to the morale and general spirit of the event.”

Sara Chung ’19: “Adam Levine is my soulmate.”

Theo Tellides ’19: “If Travis Scott does not go SICKO MODE on ‘Sweet Victory’ it will be a sad day for all Spongebob fans.”

The commercials are also a large draw to viewership of the Super Bowl. Both sports and music fans enjoy the ads. The commercials are unique every year and Hopkins students appreciate them for their creativity and comedy:

Chase Scanlan ’22: “The commercials are my favorite part because they are creative and hilarious. Last year, the M&M commercial was the best.”

Saira Munshani ’20: “Commercials during the Super Bowl are my favorite part because they are often based on a story or funny joke which draws me in. They are a good contrast from the football. The ads are different and better made than normal commercials due to the funding.”

Ashley Chin ’19: “I like to see how the commercials turn out because of all the companies spending millions of dollars just to show their brand during the Super Bowl. The advertisers know there are tons of viewers, so it’s interesting to see how they capture the audience in the short amount of time they are given.”

The game is a very important part of the event to fans because it serves as a source of pride that their hometown team is competing in the Super Bowl. Some Patriots fans have become so confident they have suggested changing the name of the Super Bowl to the “Tom Brady Invitational.” Many Hopkins Patriots fans were confident that they would win the game again this year:

Kyle Meury ’19: “While hanging out with family and friends is fun, there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching the GOAT, TB12, walk onto the field year after year. To watch a god, disguised as a man, step foot onto the turf ready to tear apart your team’s defense is the best feeling.”

Annie Burtson ’21: “I love watching the Super Bowl because I feel really close to the Patriots. Our mascot is a Hilltopper, and Tom Brady is the absolute GOAT.”

And some students just hoped to watch the Patriots lose the game:

JR Stauff ’19: “As a Steeler fan, I want to see Tom Brady and the Pats’ downfall.”

George Kosinski ’19: “The Ravens deserve to be in the Super Bowl. Lamar Jackson is the future of the NFL.”
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