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Ryan Meury ’17, Assistant Sports Editor
Ladies and gentleman, the spring sports season at Hopkins is upon us. Two teams at Hopkins are especially excited to embark on another journey to success this year: baseball and softball.
Ladies and gentleman, the spring sports season at Hopkins is upon us. Two teams at Hopkins are especially excited to embark on another journey to success this year: baseball and softball.  Let’s take a look at what each team is excited about for the upcoming season.

Coming off of a 6-10 season, the baseball team is determined to improve its record from last year Middle infielder Kyle Meury ’19 expressed his excitement for the season, saying, “This season I’m excited to make a run for the league championship, and to make this a memorable season for our departing seniors.” Senior outfielder Dan Jaques ’17 said “I’m excited for the upcoming season for two reasons. First, we got horses in the stable. We have the best pitching staff we have had in a while. Secondly, our lineup has a lot of experience. At least five kids have two years of experience under their belts.”

The team also wants to see some students at the games this year. Captain Alexis Galinovsky ’17 said, “We have a legitimate chance to win it all, and it would be great if we could get some support along the way.” Shortstop Chris Borter ’19 added his thoughts, saying, “I think people should come to the games this year because we have the best looking middle infield (Shortstop and Second baseman) in the Fairchester League.”

Hopkins Varsity Softball is excited for the upcoming season as well. This year, the softball team will aim to surpass its 6-6 record of last year, and the team is confident they can do so. Donasia Gray ’18 said, “We’re mostly composed of returning players and our development over the past few years as well as our team fam dynamic is sure to make us a powerhouse on the field.”

Gray also mentioned that she is excited to have, “some good-old fashioned fun hitting dingers and practicing run-downs with such a tenacious group of individuals.” Captain Jessica D’Errico ’18 is also fired up for the upcoming year. She said, “I’m super excited for softball season! I love bonding with the girls and getting to play the sport that I love. I’ve played on a lot of different softball teams, but playing for Hopkins has been one of my favorites.”
Softball also wants to see the Hopkins fan base support them on their mission for a Fairchester League Championship. “We have eight starters returning. I feel we are good enough to seriously compete for a Fairchester League championship,” said Coach Jack Ayer. Sarah Chung ’19 said, “It looks like we’ll have a pretty strong team this year, so people should definitely come out and watch!”
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