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  • May

    Connecticut restaurant owner Bob Cooke sets up outdoor dining areas in preparation for the reopening of his restaurant.
Credit: Cloe Poisson

    Connecticut Rolls Out Reopening Plans

    Melody Cui '23, Assistant News Editor
    After three months in quarantine and with summer quickly approaching, the reopening of Connecticut is finally beginning. But is it too early for restrictions to be lifted, especially as the total number of cases continues to increase?
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  • Borussia Dortmund forward Erling Haaland celebrates a goal for the first time without fans in the stadium.

    How the Coronavirus Affects the Business Side of Sports

    Tanner Lee '23 Assistant Sports Editor
    For the last two and a half months, professional sports seasons have been postponed or cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.
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  • Banners on display at a past Commencement ceremony.
Photo by Jody Rosenthal.

    Seniors Struggle to Carry On Banner Tradition

    Zach Williamson ’22 Lead Arts Editor
    With the Hopkins community thrust into uncertain territory amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, beloved senior traditions are in limbo.
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  • Chinese Teacher Lan Lin helps to deliver masks to the New Haven community. Photo credit: Hopkins Instagram.

    Students and Adults Volunteer Amidst Crisis

    Vivian Wang ’23 Assistant Features Editor and Sophie Sonnenfeld ’21 Lead Features Editor
    After reading through articles and posts online about the coronavirus pandemic, Sara Kenyon ‘23 got to work.
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  • April

    Students in Concert Choir connect before warming up in class. Photo by Orly Baum ’22

    Performing Arts at Hopkins Tackle Zoom Learning

    Zach Williamson ’22 Lead Arts Editor
    With the recent move to online learning through Zoom, the Arts Department faces a unique challenge.
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  • Cartoon by Jon Schoelkopf

    Quarantine: A New Way of Life?

    Abby Regan '22, Lead Op-Ed Editor
    When I thought about the spring of sophomore year, I imagined walks with friends during G blocks, working on the spring play, running track, and enjoying my favorite time of year at Hopkins; I never imagined our last day of the 2019-2020 school year would be on March 6. 
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  • Mathias Dias '22 getting ready to workout with his homemade bench press bar. Photo by Mathias Dias ‘22

    Spring Sports Canceled by COVID-19

    Sophia Zhao '23 Assistant Sports Editor
    Before leaving campus for March break, many spring sports teams had just begun training, or had been holding preseason practices for a few weeks, looking forward to a promising season.
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  • In early April, Ms. Kelly’s Our Mythological Heritage Course was able to “meet” British poet Dr. Ben Morgan. The two sections had recently finished reading his collection Medea in Corinth and were able to ask him questions about the work as well as about his process as a whole. Photo by the Hopkins School Instagram @hopkinsschoolct

    Virtual Classes Challenge Students and Adults

    Anushree Vashist '21 Lead News Editor, Emmett Dowd '21 Features Editor
    Hopkins has switched to virtual classes for the final quarter of the school year.
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  • March

    The new library policy causes controversy among students.

    "Free the Library!": Students Rally Against New Silent Policy

    Sophie Sonnenfeld '21 Op-Ed Editor, Vivian Wang '23
    "There would be 50 to 60 kids in this space and kids all over the floor” was how Head Librarian Faye Prendergast described the Calarco upper library on a typical day.
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  • Drawn by Arthur Masiukiewicz

    Academically Advanced, Socially Sheltered

    Sarah Roberts ’20 Managing Editor
    Throughout the four years of my high school education, anytime I complained about the rigor of Hopkins academics, a deluge of adults assured me “But you’ll be so prepared when you get to college!”
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  • Drawn by Arthur Masiukiewicz

    Academically Advanced, Socially Sheltered

    Sarah Roberts ’20 Managing Editor
    Throughout the four years of my high school education, anytime I complained about the rigor of Hopkins academics, a deluge of adults assured me “But you’ll be so prepared when you get to college!”
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  • Emerson DelMonico ’21 poses in her costume for the show.

    Dance-a-lot, Sing-a-lot, Spamalot!

    Eleanor Doolittle ’20 Editor-in-Chief
    On February 27, 28, 29, and March 1, the Hopkins Drama Association kicked off their winter season with Spamalot, directed and produced by Hope Hartup.
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  • Encarnação directs HARPS students through an experiment.

    Science Teachers Discuss Women in STEM

    Veronica Yarovinsky ’20 Senior News Editor
    Only a quarter of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math workers are women, but many educators are hoping to change that.
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  • Brandon Smith ’20 surveys the baseball field as he awaits a pitch.

    Smith Shines as Sole Tri-Varsity Captain

    Maeve Stauff ’21, Teddy Glover '21
    Brandon Smith ’20 was the class of 2020’s sole tri-Varsity captain, which he attributed “to working hard, the love of the game, and of course the assistance [he] was so fortunate to receive from [his] coaches.”
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  • February

    A Reflection on Faculty Reflections

    Juan Lopez '22 Assistant News Editor
    A chance for teachers to volunteer to speak at Assembly has newly arisen this year at Hopkins; the speeches are called Faculty Reflections.
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  • Jon Schoelkopf ’22 depicts the suffering wildlife in Austrialia

    Surviving the Senior Grind

    Eleanor Doolittle ’20 Editor-in-Chief
    First term senior year has come to a close, and having lived through the grueling college process, copious amounts of work, and the crushing blow of rejection (or deferral) I write to those who may be stressed, defeated, or cautious of the future beyond the security gates of Hopkins.
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  • Sophomore Ty Eveland ’22 has over 5.5 million likes across all of his TikToks.

    The Rise and Conquest of TikTok at Hopkins

    Katherine Takoudes ’20
    In an era when attention spans are shrinking, Tik-Tok, a video-sharing platform, is infiltrating every aspect of student life.
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  • Adeebah Alnemar, Naji Aldabaan, and Ibrahim Aldabaan visited Hopkins to share their journey and talk about Welcome to the New World.

    Welcoming New Artwork to the Keater Gallery

    Lily Meyers ’20
    On Friday January 10, writer Jake Halpern and artists Michael Sloan and Adeebah Alnemar visited Hopkins and spoke with the community through assembly speeches, panels, discussions, and time spent in the Keator Gallery.
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  • Coach Adam Sperling gives pointers to Pearson Hill ’23.

    Wrestlers Rally Throughout the Season

    Cyrus Sadeghi ’23
    You have to fight to win. Though this is a figure of speech in most sports, it’s a reality on the wrestling mat at Hopkins
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