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  • October

    Carson Hill ‘24 prepares to run a play

    Energetic Eighth Graders Play Varsity Sports

    Abby Regan ’22
    Playing a Varsity sport as a junior schooler is a special opportunity at Hopkins. This fall, several eighth graders were given the chance to participate in high school athletics.
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  • Petey Graham ’20 acts out his role as Hamlet for a 

    Hopkins Drama Association Performs Hamlet

    Zach Williamson '22
    On October 17, 18, and 19, the Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) will perform the fall show Hamlet, Shakespeare’s renowned tragedy, directed by Hope Hartup and Assistant Director Leah Miller ’20.
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  • Omnia members (from left to right) Alexis Chang ’21, Alejandro Lopez ’21, and Steven Broun ’21 after performing at Back to School Bash.

    Q+A With Student Band Omnia

    Elle Zuse '21
    Omnia is a band made up of three Hopkins students: Alexis Chang ’21, Steven Broun ’21, and Alejandro (Ale) Lopez ’21. Their most recent performance was at Back to School Bash where they performed “Goodie Bag” by Still Woozy, “Some” by Steve Lacy, and “River” by Leon Bridges.
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  • September

    ERRO heads speak about the importance of consent in
Assembly during the 2018-2019 school year.

    ERRO Statement on Consent

    Anna Simon ’20, Yasmin Bergemann ’20, and Elizabeth Roy ’20
    Anna Simon '20, Yasmin Bergemann '20 and  Elizabeth Roy '20 gave a speech about consent last year at a school-wide assembly and now are adding to their speech with a statement.
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  • Captain Julius Herzog ’20 blocks the ball.

    Fall Captains Weigh In On the Upcoming Season

    Maeve Stauff ’21
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  • CJ Chiu

    Welcome to The Hill!

    The Razor welcomes new faculty and staff to Hopkins. Here are some personal introductions and tidbits. Be sure to give them a warm welcome!
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  • March

    Varsity Golf Captains: Max Wile ’19, Cyrus Chemery ’21 “This year we have a fairly young but promising group of players, and I think that with hard work, we can establish a good position for ourselves among the schools that we compete with. Only two of our players are above sophomore year but we have many talented individuals only just joining the team who will have the opportunity prove their mettle in the coming season.” -Chemery

    A Preview of Spring Sports on The Hill

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  • A Typical Friday Morning...

    Theo Tellides '19, Editor-in-Chief
    Picture yourself in Friday morning Assembly.
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  • Gabby Gerstenfeld displays her Still-Life Series of Close-up
Fruits in the Keator Gallery.

    Faculty Showcase Their Talents in The Gallery

    Katherine Takoudes ’20 Arts Editor
    Last month, the Hopkins Keator Gallery opened a new exhibit showcasing the hidden talents of staff and faculty members on The Hill.
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  • Sara Chung ’19

    Finding Myself on the Field

    Sara Chung ’19 Voices Editor
    Over ten summers on a softball diamond, I have mastered the fundamentals of survival: wrapping centimeter-wide blisters from countless hours of batting, timing 60-mph riseballs and knee-buckling changeups, and packing provisions to last 8-hour game days.
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  • Michael Hemby (left) and Patrick Byrne (right)

    Hopkins' Delightful Dining Staff

    Connor Pignatello '19, Features Editor
    Connor Pignatello ’19 has befriended Hopkins dining staff over the years in part due to his numerous allergies. The following is an interview with Head Chef Michael Hemby and Sous Chef Patrick Byrne.
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  • February

    Gabriela Gerstenfeld has taught at Hopkins for fourteen years. (Photo credit: Gabriela Gerstenfeld.)

    Faculty Profile: Gabriela Gerstenfeld

    Connor Pignatello ’19, Features Editor and Veronica Yarovinsky ’20, Assistant Features Editor
    Spanish teacher, architect, math teacher, or linguist? Gabriela Gerstenfeld, a Spanish teacher on The Hill, gives us an insight into her adventurous life of teaching, designing, and travelling.
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  • Outstanding Legislators

    Connor Hartigan ’19, Op/Ed Editor
    Are you ready? If you’re reading this, I have a special request. On the count of three, I want to hear three cheers for Martin Looney and Josh Elliott. One...two...Who?
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