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  • September

    Map of drought severity in Connecticut as of August 23, with darker shades indicating greater intensity.

    Intense Heat Waves Surge Across the U.S.

    Anya Mahajan '25 Assistant News Editor, Sophie Deny '24 Assistant News Editor
    As the joys of no school, sunny skies, and long days arrived this summer, so did the grueling heat.
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  • Results from DivBo's Curriculum Committee survey of Hopkins students' thoughts on classroom activity

    Letter to the Editor: Curriculum Survey Results Stress Need for Reform

    Rhea Ahuja ’23
    This past April, the Hopkins Curriculum Committee, a subcommittee of the Diversity Board dedicated to making the curriculum more representative of all of the different identities within the student body and ensuring that students are exposed to different religious and cultural ideas, collaborated with Next Generation Politics  to send a survey to the Hopkins student body. 
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  • An F1 driver prepares for a race

    Formula 1 Racing Rolls to New Popularity on The Hill

    Arielle Rieder ’23 Assistant Sports Editor
    Formula 1 (F1), originally created in 1950, has recently started gaining popularity in the United States, and many Hopkins students are paying close attention to the outcomes of this season.
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  • Alvaro Cerqueira

    Alvaro Cerqueira

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  • Silas Webb '24 acting in rehearsals for The Chance of a Lifetime.

    Behind the Scenes with Abigail Murphy '23, Creator of the HDA Summer Show

    Daniela Rodriguez-Larrain '23 and Amalia Tuchmann '23
    While most Hopkins students were away from campus on their summer vacation, members of the Hopkins Drama Association (HDA) were busy producing the annual student-directed summer show.
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  • Beth Cutler

    Beth Cutler

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  • Isabelle Wendt

    Isabelle Wendt

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  • Jason Nevis

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  • Kevin Molinelli

    Kevin Molinelli

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  • Results from DivBo's Curriculum Committee survey of Hopkins students' thoughts on classroom inclusivity.

    Letter to the Editor: Curriculum Survey Results Stress Need for Reform

    Rhea Ahuja ’23
    This past April, the Hopkins Curriculum Committee, a subcommittee of the Diversity Board dedicated to making the curriculum more representative of all of the different identities within the student body and ensuring that students are exposed to different religious and cultural ideas, collaborated with Next Generation Politics to send a survey to the Hopkins student body.
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  • Sarah Cussler

    Sarah Cussler

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  • Sergio Lopez

    Sergio Lopez

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  • Matt Glendinning

    Matt Glendinning

    The Razor welcomes new faculty and staff to Hopkins. Here are some personal introductions and tidbits. Be sure to give them a warm welcome!
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  • June

    Bynum addresses students at the 2021 Back to School Assembly.

    "If a Task Is Once Begun": Bynum Bids Hopkins Farewell

    Zach Williamson ’22, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Anand Choudhary ’22, Lead Arts Editor Emeritus
    On June 30, Dr. Kai Bynum will end his tenure as Hopkins’ 109th Head of School after six years in the role.
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  • The cast of Romeo & Juliet onstage for a party scene.

    A Shakespearean Success: HDA Presents Romeo & Juliet

    Rose Robertson’24 Arts Editor Shriya Sakalkale ‘24 Arts Editor
    Countless iterations of Romeo and Juliet have graced the stage since the sixteenth century, now including Hopkins Drama Association’s own production. On April 28, Hopkins premiered a modern take on Romeo & Juliet, directed by Drama teacher Mike Calderone.
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  • Jeffery performs in church.

    Artist of the Issue: James Jeffery ‘22

    Daniela Rodriguez-Larrain Fernandez ’23 Arts Editor
    James Jeffery ’22 is the product of an upbringing surrounded by music. 
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  • Calarco Canines

    Mira Krichavsky ’24
    As end-of-year stress ramps up, so does Calarco Canines, Hopkins’ therapy dog program.
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  • Students from Betts’s poetry class introduce him to the audience.

    Dwayne Betts Performs Felon: An American Washi Tale

    Sophie Denny ’24 Assistant News Editor
    Reginald Dwayne Betts is a poet, a Yale Law graduate, the founder and director of Freedom Reads, and the most recent Hopkins Writer in Residence.
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  • Evan Migdole ‘22 starts his leg of a relay race.

    Evan Migdole: Terrific Track Runner

    Amir McFerren '24
    Evan Migdole ’22, co-captain of Boys Track and Field, had years of experience with competitive running even before Hopkins.
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  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signs the Parental Rights in Education Bill.

    Fascism in Florida? The “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

    Eli Ratner ‘24
    On March 28, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education Bill.
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  • The James Webb Space Telescope orbits the Sun
1.5 kilometers from Earth.

    Interstellar Overdrive: Astronomers Discover Farthest Galaxy

    Anya Mahajan ’25 Assistant News Editor
    On April 7, astronomer Yuichi Harikane of the University of Tokyo reported the discovery of the farthest astronomical object recorded: a galaxy known as HD1, 13.5 billion light-years away.
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  • Mykaila Meunier ‘22 prepares for a race.

    Mykaila Meunier: Courageous Crew Captain

    Maggie Russell ’25
    Mykaila Meunier ’22 is an essential member of the Girls Varsity Crew team, serving as co-captain this season with Nana Donderful-Amos ’22.
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  • Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown of the Celtics celebrate during a first round game against the Nets.

    NBA Teams Look to Finals, Draft, And Next Year

    Connor Tomasulo ’24
    Connecticut is a state without an NBA team (although there is a WNBA team, the Connecticut Sun).
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  • Customers refuel in Washington, D.C. on April 11.

    Oil Companies are Thriving While Americans Suffer

    Teddy Witt ‘24
    Gas prices are continuing to hit record highs this spring.
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  • A poster featured at a reproductive-rights protest.

    Reproductive Rights Threatened by the Supreme Court

    Sophia Neilson ’23
    With the impending decision regarding the overturning of Roe v. Wade, women across the country are feeling a mix of emotions: Fear, outrage, and disbelief are only a few of the negative feelings plaguing our nation.
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  • Yuki Ma ’22 and Jiyun Jiang ’22 teach about monsters from Chinese folklore through translated texts, drawings, and clay sculptures.

    Seniors Share Passions with Hopkins Community

    On May 24, more than fifty seniors gathered in Upper Heath to share the senior projects they had pursued during the last quarter of the
    school year. Members of the Hopkins community stopped by during their lunch waves and after school to take in the diverse array of projects.
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  • Spring Captains Give Advice to Teammates

    Arielle Reider ’23, Assistant Sports Editor
    Interviews with spring captains conducted by Assistant Sports Editor Arielle Reider ’23.
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  • Construction of the library, then the “Learning Center,” circa 1970.

    The History Behind Hopkins Buildings

    Vivian Wang ’23
    One of the most defining aspects of Hopkins is the campus: Distinguished brick buildings sit scattered atop the hill, surrounded by trees and expansive athletic fields.
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  • Lily Panagos ’23 and Mia Smith ’23 ask Ezra Fearon ’24 to prom.

    The Promposal: A Diverse Tradition of Love

    Hanna Jennings ’24, Anika Madan ’24
    Prom is characterized by extravagant outfits, extensive photoshoots, and the possibility of dancing. Before Hopkins Senior Schoolers participate in this rite of passage, however, many find themselves involved in a promposal.
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  • The graph shows the math score distribution by race or ethnicity and highlights the race gap in SAT mathematics

    The Real College Board: Inequalities in Standardized Testing

    Zoe Sommer ’23
    On May 13, students across the country breathed a sigh of relief as AP (Advanced Placement) exams officially ended.
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  • April

    Red Cross Club co-Heads Diya Aggarwal '22 and Essie Gao '23 at the Hopkins Club Fair in September 2021.

    Hopkins Fights Blood Shortage Epidemic

    Aanya Panyadahundi '23, Lead News Editor
    After just over two years trapped in the COVID-19 pandemic, America finds itself facing an epidemic: the nation’s blood bank is in crisis.
    Currently, blood donations are reaching an all time low, hospitals all over America feeling the effects. 
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  • Jackson is sworn in during Senate confirmation hearings.

    Ketanji Brown Jackson Makes History

    Evie Doolittle '23
    In January 2022, at age 83, Justice Stephen Bryer announced his retirement from the Supreme Court. In response, President Biden nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson, who would be the first justice since Thurgood Marshall with experience as a public defender. She was then confirmed on April 7, 2022.
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  • Loffredo and her partner dancing.

    Artist of the Issue: Julia Loffredo

    Rose Robertson '24 Assistant Arts Editor
    Julia Loffredo ’22 began dancing as a toddler, and dance has become an integral part of her life ever since. Currently, Loffredo studies at Westport’s Academy of Dance, where she takes eight dance classes.
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  • French teacher Sarah du Plessis shows her appreciation for the Washington Nationals.

    Hopkins Shows Support on Opening Day

    The MLB season had its Opening Day on April 10 and Hopkins students showed support for their teams. Many Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees fans showed up in their best baseball gear to celebrate their teams. Hopkins hopes for an exciting season to come!
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  • Leela DeSilva ‘22 prepares for a match.

    Leela DeSilva: Winning Water Polo Captain

    Maggie Russell ‘25 Assistant Sports Editor
    Leela DeSilva ’22 is a prominent member of the Girls Varsity Water Polo team, serving as co-captain this season alongside Lara Jasaitis ’22.
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  • Students work on painting a banner together.

    Student Art Comes to the Forefront of Climate Activism

    Amalia Tuchmann ’23 Lead Arts Editor Sarvin Bhagwager ’24 Assistant Arts Editor
    In honor of Earth Week 2022 (April 18-22), The Razor discussed the role of art in the climate crisis with youth from the Hopkins community and beyond.
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  • Barcelona and Napoli players stand together for peace before their match.

    The War in Ukraine Impacts Sports

    Arielle Rieder ’23 Assistant Sports Editor
    The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, has raised several contentious issues within sports.
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  • A self-portrait by Makaio Toft ‘21.

    Women Alumni Share Their Art

    Shriya Sakalkale ‘24 Arts Editor
    Hopkins is home to a thriving arts community, with a diverse selection of art courses and organizations contributing to the education of countless young Hopkins students. In honor of Women’s History Month, The Razor had the unique opportunity to connect with alumnae who have gone on to work and study in art fields.
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  • Zach Bleil ‘22 with possession of the ball.

    Zach Bleil: Legendary Lacrosse Player

    Amir McFerren ‘24 Sports Editor
    Zach Bleil ‘22 began playing on the Boys Varsity Lacrosse Team in the eighth grade. He recalled, “It was honestly very daunting, and I have a lot of respect for the junior schoolers playing with us this year.”
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  • February

    Remember Me by Mickalene Thomas.

    150 Years of Women at Yale: An Interview With the Curator

    Amalia Tuchmann '23 Assistant Arts Editor
    Arts recently had the opportunity to interview Lisa Hodermarsky, the Sutphin Family Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Yale University Art Gallery, about her work as the organizer of the recent exhibition, On the Basis of Art: 150 Years of Women at Yale. The exhibition ran from September 10, 2021 to January 9, 2022 and showcased work by Yale-trained women artists.
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  • Joanna Lu ’22

    Artist of the Issue: Joanna Lu

    Anand Choudhary ’22 Lead Arts Editor
    After Joanna Lu ‘22 was encouraged at the age of five by her mom to pursue the piano, music became one of the most important aspects of her life.
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  • Female STEM teachers have inspired female students to take science-related courses and get more involved in the field.

    Diversity Board Interviews Women in the Science Department

    Megan Davis ’23 Features Editor
    This term, Hopkins Diversity Board (DivBo) members Harini Thiruvengadam ’23, Nia Lampley ’24, and Ishani Vallabhajosyula ’24 interviewed several of the female teachers in the science department to gain insight into what it is like to be a woman in a male-dominated field. By conducting these interviews, DivBo hopes to spread awareness, empower women in STEM fields, and help readers get to know their science teachers a bit better.
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  • Stephen Sondheim photographed for Vogue

    Hopkins Celebrates Stephen Sondheim

    Sophia Neilson '23 Arts Editor
    On November 26, 2021, American composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim passed away at the age of 91. Sondheim composed many well-known musicals such as Into the Woods, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and Company. His death has impacted our community greatly.
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  • Miko Coakley ’23 practices yoga poses on the quad.

    Hopkins Combats Stress Through Yoga

    Vivian Wang ’23 Lead Features Editor Melody Cui ’23 Lead Sports Editor
    The recent flood of yoga-related posts from fitness influencers on Instagram and YouTube has caused the ancient practice to make a comeback. This recent revival of yoga has been observed on the Hill: yoga has found its place in the curriculum, in extracurricular activities, and in the daily routines of many members of the Hopkins community.
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  • A snapshot of Mecha Noodle Bar in New Haven during rush hour.

    Hopkins Students Review Local Food Hotspots

    Evie Doolittle '23 News Editor
    With Hopkins’ proximity to downtown New Haven, students frequent restaurants in the area. Eating out at local restaurants strengthens the school’s connection with the city.
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  • Massoia and the Girls Varsity Softball Team.

    New Faculty Coaches- Angelina Massoia

    Hanna Jennings ’24 Assistant Sports Editor
    Only a year after graduating college in 2016, Varsity Softball coach, Head Adviser to the Class of 2025, and science teacher Angelina Massoia joined the Hopkins community.
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  • Marcus enjoying her free time with a side of ice cream.

    New Faculty Coaches- Becca Marcus

    Hanna Jennings ’24 Assistant Sports Editor Eli Ratner ’24 Assistant Sports Editor
    Becca Marcus came to Hopkins in 2020 to teach English and coach crew. Marcus “began rowing as a freshman in high school, the age that many kids at Hopkins begin as well.”
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  • The current Justices of the Supreme Court.

    SCOTUS Rules No on Federal Vaccine-or-Testing Mandate

    Riley Foushee ‘23 News Editor
    On January 13, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the Biden Administration could not enforce a vaccine-or-testing mandate on large employers.
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  • The movie poster for the film Jules et Jim.

    Society Lacks Reform 50 Years Later: Feminism in Jules et Jim

    Anjali Subramanian ’22 Managing Editor
    I recently watched the 1962 French New Wave film Jules et Jim. The movie follows the friendship between two men, Jules and Jim, and the woman who enters their lives, Catherine. Immediately, Catherine’s commanding presence, free-will, and bravado captured me. But even more so, I was drawn to her overt disregard of gender norms and her challenge to traditional femininity.
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  • Chase Stevens-Scanlan ’22 fills her room with decorations that reflect her personality and interests.

    Students Express Themselves through Decor

    Maggie Russell ’25 Campus Correspondent
    During the past few years of quarantine and social distancing, numerous students took it upon themselves to decorate their bedrooms out of boredom. As a result, self-expression became both a trend and common theme in many bedrooms. From pink walls to flaunt one’s favorite color to loud music that represents a person’s bursting personality, their rooms became more than just a domain for sleep and studying.
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  • Students Petition for a Virtual Learning Option

    Kallie Schmeisser '22 Lead News Editor Amir McFerren '24 Assistant News Editor
    Hopkins’ decision to return to campus for in-person learning has been controversial amid the Omicron surge.
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  • Hopkins Boys Varsity Basketball enjoys dining out after a tough practice.

    Team Bonding Creates Hopkins Sports “Families”

    Eli Ratner '24 Assistant Sports Editor
    At Hopkins, sports teams create a vibrant family-like environment for student-athletes. The sense of community, gained through team bonding, surrounding these athletes can affect the individual players and the team’s performance.
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  • Stores stock up on excessive amounts of candy and
decorations on February 14 annually.

    Valentine’s Day: A Holiday of Capital

    Abby Regan ’22 Lead Op/Ed Editor
    I am a hopeless romantic and I love those candy conversation hearts, so you’d think I’d love Valentine’s Day.
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  • Charcoal Landscape Study
Artist: Katherine Tombaugh ’24
Statement: “[This piece was] made to strengthen my skills in proportion, perspective, texture, and most importantly value. For the charcoal specifically, the process was definitely a challenge in terms of detail and texture due
to charcoal’s tendency to blur and smudge.”

    Visual Arts Showcase: Student Work from Fall Semester

    Rose Robertson '24 Assistant Arts Editor
    With Term I art classes coming to a close, The Razor collected submissions from Hopkins’ visual arts students. Even more student pieces are on display at!
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