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  • Protests against new abortion laws underway in Texas.

    Hypocritical Texas Abortion Laws Target Women’s Rights

    Abby Regan ’22 Lead Op-Ed Editor
    A recently-passed law in Texas bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, or when the first signs of cardiac activity can be detected.
  • HAAPI club heads, Rachael Huang ‘23, Julia Fok ‘23, and Amanda Wang ‘23 promote their cause at the Activies Fair.

    New Clubs Enrich Student Life

    Vivian Wang’23 Lead Features Editor
    Each year, Hopkins students take the initiative to start their own clubs in support of the diverse interests of the student body. Hopkins welcomed the addition of 33 new activities this year, each representing various fields of interest, ranging from sustainable fashion and environmentalism to Tetris tournaments and E-Sports competitions.
  • Chick-fil-A: Cancel Culture Calls for Justice

    Anika Madan ’24 Assistant Op/Ed Editor
    This past June, corporations like LEGO and UGG celebrated Pride Month by launching themed ad campaigns and donating to pro-LGBTQ organizations.
  • Anand Choudhary '22

    Cultivating Young Artists: Hopkins Students Teach Drama

    Rose Robertson '24 Assistant Arts Editor
    As Hopkins students have spent their summer in pursuit of new outlets through which to serve the community, Anand Choudhary ’22, Orly Baum ’22, and Will Schroth-Douma ’23 brought drama to students at the Discovery Interdistrict Magnet School in Bridgeport, CT.
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  • What is your favorite thing about coming back to Hopkins?

    • My friends!
    • Sports and watching games!
    • Seeing my teachers again!
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    • Other
  • What is your favorite thing about coming back to Hopkins?

    • My friends! (15.38%, 2 Responses, 13 Total)
    • Sports and watching games! (0%, 0 Responses, 13 Total)
    • Seeing my teachers again! (23.08%, 3 Responses, 13 Total)
    • Being on campus! (7.69%, 1 Responses, 13 Total)
    • Other (53.85%, 7 Responses, 13 Total)

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  • Submit for the Razor x RealTalk Collab

    RealTalk and the Razor are collaborating to create a space in the Razor for community members to share a short reflection that highlights any aspect of their identity or experience. We hope this platform will promote discussions on campus that lead to powerful conversations and create meaningful change. Entries are not meant to be long essays, but rather written or artistic work on a topic of our choice. Submissions for the RealTalk x Razor Collab will be considered separately from the RealTalk Speaker Series submissions. Submissions will be reviewed by a small group of RealTalk and Razor members, who may reach out to you for clarification or to workshop your submission as needed. You may choose to submit you work to be published anonymously or have your name published alongside your entry. Submit through this link.

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  • Songs of the Issue

    1. "Hurricane" - Kanye West
    2. "Champagne Poetry" - Drake
    3. "Una Nota" - J Balvin ft. Sech
    4. "Shivers" - Ed Sheeran

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    Bequeath: leave (a personal estate or one's body) to a person or other beneficiary by a will. (verb)

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    The White Lotus (2021): "The exploits and misadventures of various guests and employees at a tropical resort over the course of one week." Staring Murrary Bartlett and Connie Britton
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