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  • Sara Chung ’19

    Finding Myself on the Field

    Sara Chung ’19 Voices Editor
    Over ten summers on a softball diamond, I have mastered the fundamentals of survival: wrapping centimeter-wide blisters from countless hours of batting, timing 60-mph riseballs and knee-buckling changeups, and packing provisions to last 8-hour game days.
  • Saira Munshani ’20

    The Importance of Small Moments

    Saira Munshani ’20 Voices Editor
    Every moment that passes becomes a smaller fraction of my memory and is probably why time feels like it moves faster as I get older.
  • Theo Tellides’19 put in hard work erging, which transferred to his success on the water.

    Every Meter Earned

    Theodore Tellides ’19 Editor-in-Chief
    I slap my legs a few times.
  • Rayane Taroua ’20 and Zoe Kim ’20 enjoying a soccer game looking as healthy as ever!

    The Environment of Illness at Hopkins

    Rayane Taroua ’20
    During her first game of the season, Varsity Girls Soccer captain, Zoe Kim ’20, tore her ACL.
  • Katherine Takoudes ’20, Simon Asnes ’20, Alex Schuster ’20, and Tomas Gordon ’20 fundraise outside Romeo and Caesar’s.

    An Intangible Good: The Importance of the Connecticut Food Bank Fundraiser

    Burton Lyng-Olsen '20, Campus Contributor
    As the days get shorter and the first snow falls, the Hopkins community enters a brief period of weekly working frenzy. During the weekends, however, many students won’t be found at home studying, but instead outside in the cold partaking in the annual Connecticut Food Bank Fundraiser campaign.
  • Ella Fujimori ’21 competes against King during the 2018 fall season.

    Comfortable in My Own Skin

    Ella Fujimori '21, Campus Contributer
    When I was 12 years old I decided to donate my hair.
  • Graley Turner ’21 at work in Heath Commons.

    Infectious Stress

    Graley Turner '20, Campus Contributer
    I’m sitting in the hallway in the basement of Thompson and I’m about to have an anxiety attack.
  • Voices on The Hill: What Makes You Think of Home?

  • “Don’t think of introversion as something that needs to be cured.” - Susan Cain

    A Quiet Melody

    Melody Parker ’19
    I’ve always been quiet.
  • A cartoon by Arthur Masiukiewicz ’20: Falling into Exam Season

    Falling into Fall

    Parker Connolly ’20
    It’s June. You’ve been in your bird-cage for months and months, and finally, you fly free.
  • Importance of Voting

    Madeleine Walker ’19
    When I was standing at the [purposely unnamed, politically partisan] club table at the activities fair and asking passersby to sign up, at least a dozen responded with “Nah, I don’t get into that stuff. I don’t mess with politics.” 
  • Along with using fountain pens, Hutchinson '21 also enjoys rowing on the Hopkins Crew Team.

    A De-pen-dably Enjoyable Tool

    Joseph Hutchinson '21
    Writing is essential to our role as students, day in and day out.
  • Slager '21 climbs an indoor rock wall in his free time.

    A Rocky Climb to Happiness

    Noah Slager '19
    This week I quit rock climbing competitively.
  • Miya Segal ’21 at Kinkaku-Ji in Kyoto, Japan

    Intersecting Paths at the Shibuya Crossing

    Miya Segal ’21
    I had just crossed the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan, perhaps the busiest pedestrian intersection in the world where thousands of visitors come to see its magic every day.
  • Gigi Speer ‘18 playing shortstop for the Hopkins Varsity Softball team.

    The Importance of Maroon Friday

    Genevieve Speer ’18
    Sometime this year, Athletic Director Rocco DeMaio made an announcement in Assembly, creating a recurring weekly event called “Maroon Friday.” This may have seemed like a silly dress-up at first, but I think it is exactly what we need.
  • Isabel Vlahakis ’19.

    A Habit of Self-Hate

    Isabel Vlahakis ’19
     All around me, I see intelligent young women succeeding and thriving in a world that is constantly evolving, for better or for worse.
  • Mike Lazarre ’18 poses on a golf cart.

    Am I Too Black, or Not Black Enough?

    Mike Lazarre ’18
    Am I too black, or not black enough?
  • Voices On The Hill

    Brought to you by The Voices Staff
    “What qualities do you look for in a new friend?”
  • Madeleine Walker ’19 competes at the Penn Relays.

    Madeleine’s Story: A Walker Running

    Madeleine Walker ’19
    I knew I was dependent on running when I eagerly climbed into a tank pumped full of -264 degree liquid nitrogen in an attempt to heal a persistent running injury. 
  • Simon Bazelon ’21 refects on US politics.

    The War on Democracy: The Impact of Gerrymandering

    Simon Bazelon ’21
    I’m too young to vote, but I follow politics, and I can see that there is a war belong waged in this country.
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