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  • Sara Chung ’19

    Finding Myself on the Field

    Sara Chung ’19 Voices Editor
    Over ten summers on a softball diamond, I have mastered the fundamentals of survival: wrapping centimeter-wide blisters from countless hours of batting, timing 60-mph riseballs and knee-buckling changeups, and packing provisions to last 8-hour game days.
  • Saira Munshani ’20

    The Importance of Small Moments

    Saira Munshani ’20 Voices Editor
    Every moment that passes becomes a smaller fraction of my memory and is probably why time feels like it moves faster as I get older.
  • Theo Tellides’19 put in hard work erging, which transferred to his success on the water.

    Every Meter Earned

    Theodore Tellides ’19 Editor-in-Chief
    I slap my legs a few times.
  • Rayane Taroua ’20 and Zoe Kim ’20 enjoying a soccer game looking as healthy as ever!

    The Environment of Illness at Hopkins

    Rayane Taroua ’20
    During her first game of the season, Varsity Girls Soccer captain, Zoe Kim ’20, tore her ACL.
  • Katherine Takoudes ’20, Simon Asnes ’20, Alex Schuster ’20, and Tomas Gordon ’20 fundraise outside Romeo and Caesar’s.

    An Intangible Good: The Importance of the Connecticut Food Bank Fundraiser

    Burton Lyng-Olsen '20, Campus Contributer
    As the days get shorter and the first snow falls, the Hopkins community enters a brief period of weekly working frenzy. During the weekends, however, many students won’t be found at home studying, but instead outside in the cold partaking in the annual Connecticut Food Bank Fundraiser campaign.
  • Ella Fujimori ’21 competes against King during the 2018 fall season.

    Comfortable in My Own Skin

    Ella Fujimori '21, Campus Contributer
    When I was 12 years old I decided to donate my hair.
  • Graley Turner ’21 at work in Heath Commons.

    Infectious Stress

    Graley Turner '20, Campus Contributer
    I’m sitting in the hallway in the basement of Thompson and I’m about to have an anxiety attack.
  • Voices on The Hill: What Makes You Think of Home?

  • “Don’t think of introversion as something that needs to be cured.” - Susan Cain

    A Quiet Melody

    Melody Parker ’19
    I’ve always been quiet.
  • A cartoon by Arthur Masiukiewicz ’20: Falling into Exam Season

    Falling into Fall

    Parker Connolly ’20
    It’s June. You’ve been in your bird-cage for months and months, and finally, you fly free.
  • Importance of Voting

    Madeleine Walker ’19
    When I was standing at the [purposely unnamed, politically partisan] club table at the activities fair and asking passersby to sign up, at least a dozen responded with “Nah, I don’t get into that stuff. I don’t mess with politics.” 
  • Along with using fountain pens, Hutchinson '21 also enjoys rowing on the Hopkins Crew Team.

    A De-pen-dably Enjoyable Tool

    Joseph Hutchinson '21
    Writing is essential to our role as students, day in and day out.
  • Slager '21 climbs an indoor rock wall in his free time.

    A Rocky Climb to Happiness

    Noah Slager '19
    This week I quit rock climbing competitively.
  • Miya Segal ’21 at Kinkaku-Ji in Kyoto, Japan

    Intersecting Paths at the Shibuya Crossing

    Miya Segal ’21
    I had just crossed the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan, perhaps the busiest pedestrian intersection in the world where thousands of visitors come to see its magic every day.
  • Gigi Speer ‘18 playing shortstop for the Hopkins Varsity Softball team.

    The Importance of Maroon Friday

    Genevieve Speer ’18
    Sometime this year, Athletic Director Rocco DeMaio made an announcement in Assembly, creating a recurring weekly event called “Maroon Friday.” This may have seemed like a silly dress-up at first, but I think it is exactly what we need.
  • Isabel Vlahakis ’19.

    A Habit of Self-Hate

    Isabel Vlahakis ’19
     All around me, I see intelligent young women succeeding and thriving in a world that is constantly evolving, for better or for worse.
  • Mike Lazarre ’18 poses on a golf cart.

    Am I Too Black, or Not Black Enough?

    Mike Lazarre ’18
    Am I too black, or not black enough?
  • Voices On The Hill

    Brought to you by The Voices Staff
    “What qualities do you look for in a new friend?”
  • Madeleine Walker ’19 competes at the Penn Relays.

    Madeleine’s Story: A Walker Running

    Madeleine Walker ’19
    I knew I was dependent on running when I eagerly climbed into a tank pumped full of -264 degree liquid nitrogen in an attempt to heal a persistent running injury. 
  • Simon Bazelon ’21 refects on US politics.

    The War on Democracy: The Impact of Gerrymandering

    Simon Bazelon ’21
    I’m too young to vote, but I follow politics, and I can see that there is a war belong waged in this country.
  • A Letter to an Outrageous Overdecorator

    Connor Pignatello ’19 Op-Ed Assistant Editor
    Dear Esteemed Acquaintance,
  • Saloni Jain ‘19 contemplates self-respect.

    Embracing Self-Respect

    Saloni Jain ’19, Voices Editor
    Everyone always says, “Treat others the way you want to be treated,” so people focus their efforts outwardly, trying to spread positivity around them. But what about the other way around?
  • Pictured above is Emma DeNaples ‘19, posing with a dog.

    Trying to Be Kind, One Step At a Time

    Emma DeNaples ’19
    When we’re little, everyone tells us to be kind to each other, the same way we tell our pets to be good. And, when we’re little, we are kind.
  • Jake and George Wang ’20 stand together, highlighting their twin similarities.

    Twin Life Exposed: Our Separate Identities

    Jake Wang ’20
    What’s your brother thinking right now? Who’s smarter? If I were to hit your brother, would you feel it as well?
  • Voices on The Hill

    Brought to you by The Razor Staff
    Do you have any winter holiday traditions? If so, please describe them.
  • Michelle Medina ’18 speaks about her academic experiences at Hopkins (Editors’ Note: She’s really NOT a burnout).

    Confessions of a High School “Burnout”

    Michelle Medina ’18
    I’m afraid that I’m a high school burnout.
  • Hop’s Digital Sphere

    Henry Fisher ’20
    With our increasingly tech-centered lives, keeping track of assignments and schedules illogically becomes less manageable; there is undoubtedly an element of over-complication in the overlap of Classroom, Drive, and Gmail.
  • George Kosinski ’19 poses on the stairs in front of Lovell.

    The Me You Cannot See: George Kosinski

    George Kosinski ‘19
    I wish my skin was not such a lie. I think my skin is tan. Someone else might describe it as a light pink, or maybe just as beige. In late August, I might go so far as to say that it looks olive. My skin tells people who I am before I have the chance to do so. It tells them that I am white, and I am nothing else besides white.
  • Hopkins’ Relationship with Slavery

    Elijah Sabin ’18
    The last few weeks have revealed, yet again, that our nation is deeply conflicted about its racial history. After a white supremacist march in Charlottesville, Virginia, devolved into a violent confrontation pitting a mix of neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members, and other far-right groups against counter-protesters, America turned its collective eyes towards the complex issues of free speech, racism, history, and heritage.
  • Donasia Gray ’18 speaks about her experience at Hopkins.

    I Was My Own Worst Critic

    Donasia Gray ’18
    Sophomore year, while surrounded by a group of people, one of my friends asked me what my favorite movie is. It was and remains to be Easy A.
  • The Banality of Individuality

    Evan Gerritz ’20
    If I were to look in the mirror (before quickly shielding my eyes), I’d see a person who had molded himself to his interests.
  • Several Seniors enjoy the 2016 Back to School Bash

    Seniors Slide Back into Hopkins Memories

    George Kosinski '19, Sam Phelan '18, Editors-At-Large
    Many agree that attending Hopkins is one of the most meaningful and memorable experiences that any teenager eager to learn could hope for. Over the course of their time on The Hill, one makes many memories and long-lasting friendships.
  • Voices: Overcoming the Pressure to Conform

    Arnaaz Khwaja '17
    Up until my senior year I tried so hard to be a person I thought others wanted to be friends with. 
  • Creative street-art exhibits at the Spring 2016 Westville Village Artwalk.

    Nearby Festivities

    Sara Chung '19, Beat Editor
    Spring has sprung on The Hill, and many fun-filled events surround our Hopkins campus as the weather gets warmer and the countdown to summer begins! The Beat staf has put together a list of go-to’s for this spring season.
  • Hopkins students enjoy competing during the annual decathalon at Field Day 2016

    Spring Highlights on The Hill

    Elena Savas '19 and Allie Sokol '18 Assistant Beat Editors
    As spring arrives, glimpses of the sun prompt a full strip, down from the four layers of sweaters to t-shirts and tank tops.
  • This sketch by the Art Department’s Beth Lovell depicts the Women’s March at Yale on January 21.

    What Do Teachers Do In Their Free Time?

    George Kosinski '19
    As students, it is easy to forget that teachers have lives outside of school.
  • The exterior of Anaya Sushi on Chapel Street is framed by cherry blossom trees and features an outdoor menu.

photo credit: Izzy Lopez-Kalapir '20

    Fishing for New Haven's Best Sushi

    Serena Ta '20 and Izzy Lopez-Kalapir '20
    Are ShopRite California rolls just not satisfying your taste buds any more? Are you a sushi lover looking for new places to try? This article will advise any sushi enthusiast on the premier sushi locations of Hopkins’ hometown.
  • Saloni Jain '19 stuns in jeans from American Eagle and an off the shoulder top from LF.

    "Style Watch" on The Hill

    Connor Hartigan '19 and Elena Savas '19
    Who spent their Black Friday in an overcrowded mall, or Cyber Monday on the couch with a laptop on their lap for hours? The winter fashion trends are here, from oversized sweaters to ripped jeans, to keep you warm and stylish this upcoming season. The Razor interviewed four Hopkins students about their clothing choices, their style, and the must-haves for this winter season. 
  • The exterior of Willoughby's is sleek and modern, with big glass windows and a concrete-and-marble structure.

    A Hidden Haven of Coffee

    Nathaniel Stratton '19
    Some people may consider New Haven’s claim to fame to be only its status as the pizza capital of the area, but scattered around the city is also a wide variety of coffee shops to satisfy every person’s craving for caffeine. Each has a unique design and flavor: whether it’s a classic French cafe, an old-timey New Haven shop, or an international coffee supplier New Haven’s got them all. This is your guide to New Haven coffee beyond our own little cafe in Upper Heath.
  • Mr. DeNaples is eager to hand out an A to any Knicks fan.

    How to Get an A, Guaranteed

    Olivia Capasso and Sara Chung '19, Assistant Beat Editors
    It is widely believed that all students at this school strive to excel in their classes and to earn an A grade. To explore this issue, The Beat consulted Hopkins teachers, who provided first-hand insight into attaining the GPA of your dreams. So take a look, read it twice, and the secrets to academic success will be yours!
  • The Sugar Food Truck sells delicious cupcakes all over New Haven. If the food truck legislation passes, the truck may soon pay higher fees to vend downtown.

    The Future of Food Trucks in New Haven

    Zander Blitzer '18, Beat Editor
    The vibrant New Haven dining scene boasts famous pizza places, cozy cafes and, more recently, scores of food trucks. Food trucks and carts have become incredibly popular in the area, offering a wide range of foods from Thai to cupcakes.
  • Many New Yorkers wait in line at the Halal Guys for a taste of the Middle Eastern fare (

    Explore New Cultures in New Haven

    Ellery Saluck ’17, Beat Editor
    Before you get back into the school year groove, take a moment to experience what New Haven has to offer.
  • (photo: Melody Parker '18)

    Make Studying Great Again

    Zander Blitzer ’18 and Sara Chung ’19, Beat Editor and Assistant Beat Editor
    The Beat put together a Back to School Survival Guide for students.
  • Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives airs on the Food Network Fridays at 10/9 central. (

    Razor Reviews: TV and Movies

    Zander Blitzer '18
    Razor Reviews captures the staff's opinions and suggestions regarding a recent meal we've eaten, movie we've seen, or product we've used.
  • Seniors Christy Lano, Damini Singh, and Claire Yin '16 pose at their softball practice. (

    Seniors Sign-Off on Hopkins

    Ellery Saluck, Beat Editor
    The Beat Editor Ellery Saluck ’17 asked Hopkins seniors this question: What will you miss most about Hopkins next year?
  • Zootopia is a PG, family-friendly movie that is now playing in theaters. (

    Razor Reviews

    Sara Chung ’19 and Olivia Capasso ’19, Assistant Beat Editors
    Razor Reviews,  a new installment of The Beat, captures the staff’s opinions and suggestions regarding a recent meal we’ve eaten, movie we’ve seen, or product we’ve used. 
  • These colorful M&M cookies are similar to Saluck’s, which caught the eye of Riley and  Roberts, who deemed it “Best Appearance.” (

    Roberts vs. Riley: The Culinary Challenge

    Zander Blitzer ’18, Beat Editor
    The Beat staff, like most of Hopkins, enjoys bake sales. Hopkins bake sales are especially rewarding because we get to enjoy a sweet treat while supporting a worthy cause. We wondered what the best selling treat would be at a Hopkins bake sale. To find out, we turned to the palettes of Barbara Riley, Head of School, and John Roberts, Assistant Head of School. To carry out our study, each of the four Beat staff members baked an item. Each of our items were then tasted and evaluated by Riley and Roberts. 
  • Tikkaway Grill owner Gopinath Nair and another employee prepare a customized Indian flatbread “roti” for a customer. Their wraps are inexpensive and toppings include many healthy options. (

    A Taste of India: A New Haven Food Review

    Olivia Capasso ’19
    Though New Haven is commonly associated with authentic Italian cuisine, the city also teems with Indian restaurants. 
  • A group of refugees comes together through IRIS, the organization that has provided immigrant families with education and support in their new lives in America. (photo:

    IRIS: A “New Haven” for Refugees

    Ellery Saluck '17, The Beat Editor, and Clara Merrill '17, Assistant Beat Editor
    In the past few years, as immigration rates have reached new heights, immigration policy has also become increasingly controversial. For the past five years, America has been receiving approximately 70,000 refugees annually, of whom Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services, or IRIS, resettles about 250 per year. 
  • History Teacher Errol Saunders stands victorious after successfully ambushing his opponents in the second Annual Junior School Snowball Fight. (photo:

    Traditions That Weather the Winter

    Emilia Cottignoli '18 and Helena Lyng-Olsen '18, Assistant News Editor
    Winter is a busy time for Hopkins students and faculty. Students tackle an increase of work, faculty busily manage their schedules, and every Hilltopper’s life is interrupted by the occasional snow day, which Assistant Head of School John Roberts said “are the best part of winter!” Whether enjoying the snow or cooking with family, Hopkins students and faculty find ways to bear the harsh winter.
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